Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Picking Up The Trail

In the thirty-eighth mission, Spider-Man will follow the trail of Dr. Octavius, which will lead him to a battle with two bosses at once
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When all Peter’s loved ones are in relative safety, the protagonist is ready to track down Dr. Octavius. The epidemic of the Devil’s Breath started with an attack on Times Square. Here’s where Spider-Man should go first – the center of the square is already surrounded by the police.

Talk to the nearby officer and then inspect the site of the recent rally – you are interested in a banner with the inscription ‘’Norman Osborn: A Better Mayor For A Better New York’’. Take it in your hands and look at its back side to detect traces of an unknown substance.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Picking Up The Trail-4
The solution of the spectrogram puzzle in the mission ‘’Picking Up The Trail’’

The analysis of the substance follows a usual pattern: we transfer the fragments of the spectrogram to the cells on the right side in order to correlate the available elements with the template. Based on the results of the solution of the puzzle (see screenshot above), Spider-Man will be able to track the way of spreading the Devil’s Breath.

There are two potential areas for investigation – to the right and to the left. The first option will drive you into a dead end, but the second one will lead to the roof of a nearby skyscraper. Find a hatch under your feet and, having opened it, get down into the lair of Otto Octavius. Once inside, use electric web to hit the switchboard on the wall and turn on the light.

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This room is Otto’s operations base. Tables of each gang member stand along the wall. On them, you can find audio diaries and several objects indicating the connection of the villains with Octavius. You can closely inspect some items, for example, a piece of Rhino’s armor.

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However, if you visited the headquarters of the Sinister Six just for practical reasons, move along the tables until you see a map of Manhattan next to the ultraviolet lamp. The lamp does not is currently not working so you can’t see Octavius’ plans for the city.

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Unfortunately, there is no switch on the lamp itself, so you’ll have to look for the switchboard again. The one you need is located on the wall above Vulture’s table. Remove the cover, use electric web to shoot the switchboard and get back to the illuminated map.

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Each member of Sinister Six has his own duty: Vulture guards Times Square, Electro assaults power stations, Rhino is in charge of the coast, Scorpion is set to poison the water in the city tank, Mr. Negative deals with the medicine for the Devil’s Breath with the help of some unknown Icarus, and the ultimate plan of the villains is to storm Oscorp.

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Li’s activity presents the biggest interest – go back to the entrance and find a box with the inscription ‘’Icarus’’. There’s an unpleasant surprise inside – a sarcastic message from Octavius and a suitcase full of explosives. Spider-Man manages to escape at the last moment, but he is picked up by Vulture and carried away in an unknown direction.

Boss: Electro and Vulture

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Vulture won’t be around when Spider-Man frees himself. Instead, the hero will have to fight against Electro, at least at the first stage of the battle. He is not a difficult enemy. In addition, you have already learned his fighting methods in previous missions.

Most of the time, the villain will stay in the air and shoot energy charges at Spider-Man, just like during the chase in the Raft. It’s easy to dodge them – just don’t stand still and move around. To make sure you don’t get hit, press on the ‘’circle’’ when an indicator appears over the protagonist’s head.

As in the case with most bosses in Marvel’s Spider-Man, you can’t just beat Electro – the enemy is electrified, so a rushing attack will only result in a minor damage to you. Instead, come closer and shoot several charges of web into the enemy after Electro’s energy shot.

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To stun Electro, you’ll need five to six precise hits from ejectors. When the boss is immobilized, a ‘’triangle’’ icon will appear above him. Use web attack to get close to the enemy and then hit him properly. The enemy is not able to do anything during your combo so attack until you can.

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After the beating, the enemy will move to a large transformer. Bolts of lightning will regularly appear from this transformer. Your task is to avoid being hit (the distance between charges is big enough) and destroy the object. As in the previous mission, use ejectors to achieve the result.

At this point, Electro’s humiliation will end (temporarily). While Electro tries to recover, Vulture appears at the scene. The flying villain will immediately try to knock the hero down, but a timely dodge (‘’circle’’) will turn the situation in your favor: the boss will fly by and will become vulnerable for web attack.

Get close to Vulture and hit him several times. After this, the enemy will start circling the arena at a sufficient distance from the hero and will try to hit you with his feathers – knives. Theoretically, you can use them to stun Vulture (press L1 and R1), but in most cases it is not worth the effort.

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The alternative option is to make Vulture vulnerable by shooting web at him from a distance. This works just like in the case of Electro: you release several charges, wait for the ‘’triangle’’ to appear over enemy head and pull yourself to him using web attack.

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After a couple of such rounds Electro will recover, and you’ll have to fight against both supervillains in the penultimate phase of the battle. This sounds much worse than it really is, as bosses have nothing new to offer in terms of fighting methods.

It’s up to you to decide who you want to neutralize first, but you won’t be able to concentrate on just one target. To proceed to the final stage of the battle, you need to destroy another Electro’s transformer (that is, you’ll have to stun and beat him up) and hit Vulture three times.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Picking Up The Trail-20

If you have accumulated enough focus points, you can spend them on an effective counterattack

It is easier said than done: opponents will attack Spider-Man simultaneously, so he won’t have any time to rest. The most favorable attack is Vulture’s rush as you can easily turn it to your favor. During the beating, the flyer will try to get away from the hero. Don’t let him fly away and use web attacks.

Don’t forget that you can wrap up both bosses in web, making them vulnerable. It is harder to use this trick with Vulture as he constantly moves, so we advise you to wait for him to rush, and deal with Electro in between fights with the flyer.

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When both Electro and Vulture receive enough damage, you’ll see a cutscene in which Electro blows up the pipes of a nearby factory. You need to catch one of the fragments (move the cursor over the object and press R1) and then use it to hit the enemy by timely pressing L2 and R2.

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Vulture will come to help his friend. If you timely react to the ‘’circle’’ that will appear on the screen, the flyer will simply ram his colleague, and the battle will continue. If you are not in time to press the button, the boss will crash into Spider-Man with a fatal outcome for the hero.

The last phase of the battle is not much different from the penultimate phase: wait for Vulture to rush and counterattack while dealing with Electro in free time. As you need two serious beatings to neutralize Electro (wrap him up + hit him several times + destroy the transformer), we advise you to focus on him.

Losing the third charging station, Electro will be completely exhausted, and Spider-Man will seal him with the web until the end of the battle. You already know what to do with Vulture – this fight is no different from the very first battle with this enemy.

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When both villains are unable to continue the battle, they will be taken by the local police, while Spider-Man will contact the unhappy Dr. Octavius: two members of the Sinister Six are defeated, and there are four more left. After the battle, the tired hero will fall asleep and will wake up only the next morning with 5000 experience points in the pocket.

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