Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Out of the Frying Pan

In the thirty-sixth mission, Spider-Man searches for the missing sample of the Devil’s Breath
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Sable has again lost control of the Devil’s Breath sample – this time, it was not even possible to catch or at least identify the robbers who attacked the convoy. Having arrived at the site, Spider-Man will only find the corpses of mercenaries and an empty container where the dangerous sample has been carried.

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However, the hero won’t have much time to think about it. Yuri Watanabe, who flew over the crime scene, will tell Spider-Man about an assault on the Ryker’s floating prison. The Raft, which contains all main supervillains of New York, is still doing well.

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By the time you get to Ryker’s, the whole institution will be full of prisoners who escaped from their cells. The first group of convicts used a truck to break through the pier gates and hopes to leave the island on boats that are moored there. The convicts are unarmed so you won’t have any problems dealing with them.

Use the items which are scattered around the quay to fight with the mob. Don’t forget to throw your enemies into the air to avoid damage from “infantry” and do not hesitate to throw enemies into the water – they won’t get out of it. Keep in mind that some inmates are able to throw Molotov cocktails so watch out.

Having dealt with the first group of prisoners, you’ll hear about the second one, which managed to get into a weapons warehouse and properly supply themselves. If your Spider-Man has already learned to send rockets back to their ‘’senders’’, you’ll soon be able to use this skill.

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Start with a man with a rocket launcher who is located on the roof between two prison wings on the way to the courtyard. From this position, you’ll be able to examine the field of the future battle and plan your further actions. The obvious target is another inmate with a rocket launder on the police van.

Having dealt with him (try to land directly on his head), throw a web bomb in the prisoner crowd and get rid of immobilized shooters, then proceed to other fighters. At the end of the fight, you’ll be notified about policemen who are locked on the roof of the next building, but you’ll have to first start dealing with inmates in the courtyard.

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Run to the north from the place of the previous battle. You’ll see two cops trying to deal with prisoners. They need help: first of all, eliminate another fighter with a grenade launcher (he will stand next to another upturned car) and throw a web bomb at other prisoners – they stand close to each other.

In addition to obvious gadgets (the above-mentioned bomb, impact web), do not forget about the possibility to push off from the walls – this method deals decent damage and hits not only your target but also nearby enemies: just tilt (‘’circle’’) towards the appropriate angle and press on the attack button.

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After you have dealt with the prisoners in the courtyard, you’ll be ready to help the policemen. Hurry to the roof. There, five inmates will be waiting for the hero. One of them has an automatic gun, two have electrified batons. You know what to do – throw them into the air.

On the wall near the door that is barricaded from inside, you’ll see an electric switchboard (see screenshot above) – it is perfect for stunning opponents and also reducing their number. Having cleared the roof from inmates, tear out the unfortunate door – the policeman is saved but the whole thing is far from over.

A prisoner crowd has surrounded a car of a poor cop – as soon as Spider-Man comes close, the number of enemies will literally double. Two brutes are the most dangerous among those enemies. If you have managed to accumulate two concentration charges, use them and eliminate at least one brute.

In case you don’t have enough energy, use gadgets. The most useful gadgets in this situation are the web bomb and the electric web (they can immobilize a group of enemies). In addition, heavy objects are scattered across the arena – use them to stun brutes.

You should not hesitate to properly beat a disoriented brute – the full combination of hits will send the enemy to the ground which he won’t be able to leave if you have good reaction and sufficient ammo for your ejectors. Also, don’t forget about other enemies. Some of them are armed with assault rifles and batons.

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Having rescued the policeman, Spider-Man will see that a rocket has just hit the nearby observation tower. This situation deserves attention. The yard that you need is full of armed criminals. Fortunately, you can pull weapons out of criminals’ hands – just press on the ‘’triangle’’.

Fortunately, snipers don’t change their positions in this battle so, if you are having trouble with them, lure the remaining enemies around the corner of the building where sniper bullets won’t reach you. The alternative option to deal with snipers is to use the Payback skill which helps you eliminate the shooter if you’ve been able to perfectly dodge his shot.

After the neutralization of all enemies near the tower, Spider-Man will be notified about prisoners’ attempts to hijack the helicopter. While you’ll be pulling the aircraft towards yourself (quickly press on the ‘’square’’), a rocket will be sent at you from the cabin. Dodge timely (‘’circle’’) – and now the aircraft is back on the ground.

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Just when the heroes will start thinking that the situation is coming back to the norm, the helicopter with Yuri inside will be hit by Electro, one of the supervillains contained in the Raft. However, the life of the chief of New York police is out of danger – Spider-Man will help – but the prison security system has huge problems.

The characters won’t have the time to recover after a difficult landing when Electro will release all inmates in the block. While Yuri tries to get to the control center to find out what is happening, Spider-Man needs to deal with the convicts.

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At this stage, the only strength of your opponents is their numerical superiority, so Spider-Man has to deal with this problem as fast as possible. Use web bombs in combination with electric web and stunning wave to deal with large crowds.

Also, pay attention to the pipes which are located along the chambers. If you cut such a pipe (L1 + R1), the steam will instantly knock out everyone in the nearby, including inmates with unnatural skin color – despite their appearance, they are not followers of the Tombstone and do not have temporary invulnerability.

Having cleaned the block, run up the stairs and try to open the door to the next section – Rhino will do it for you. Get to the next gate where you will meet Scorpion. You will not have to fight with him (or with any other supervillain from Raft) in this mission.

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Currently, you’ll have to fight against another group of inmates who apparently visited the armory. Don’t worry about shooters – fighters with shields and electric batons will be among your opponents. Use gadgets and interactive items to quickly resolve the situation.

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Try to keep up with Electro – if you let him escape, the game will end

Electro will remind of himself at the end of the battle – he wants Spider-Man to chase him. Run up the wall and jump through the hole in the wall. Follow the bright yellow figure – pull yourself on the web (‘’cross’’) and do not fly too high as this reduces the speed of the hero.

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At this stage, Electro will only shoot at various nearby facilities, so you should only dodge the numerous ruins that he leaves behind. Ultimately, Spider-Man will catch up with Electro, but Vulture will appear out of nowhere and will prevent him from dealing with Electro.

The second round of the chase will be more interesting as Electro will start to aim at the hero. Before shooting, the enemy stops for a second – prepare to dodge. For this, you need to press on the “circle” and turn the left stick to the side you want.

Ultimately, Electro will land in the loading area – follow him. The villain will try to smash Spider-Man with electrified containers but instead will get hit in the stomach by the hero. When the villain tries to escape once again, run along the tower wall, jumping from one side of the structure to another to dodge the charges.

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Nothing good awaits Spider-Man on the roof of the building. Supervillains have gathered together: Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino, Electro, Mister Negative. The protagonist has no chances against such a ferocious crowd in a limited space, so after a couple of minutes he turns into a bag for beating.

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As if it is not enough, the main villain will soon enter the stage – Otto Octavius, also known as Dr. Octopus. The supervillain will tell Spider-Man not to get on his way and will throw him into the water, where he will be rescued by Yuri.

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The results of the second act of Marvel’s Spider-Man are disappointing, to say the least: supervillains are free, Otto Octavius released the Devil’s Breath in Times Square, provoking an epidemic of a city scale (for now), while Norman Osborn tries to put the blame on Spider-Man. A hunt for the friendly neighbor has been announced.

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By the time you see the notification of the end of the mission and get your 4000 experience points, the superhero will already get out of the secret hospital, to which he was put by Yuri, and will go to fight the crime, still having 14 broken bones.

John Davis