Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missions Walkthrough: Black Cat Stakeouts

How to find all cat mascots, unlock the Dark Suit and get Cat’s Out of the Bag and Cat Prints trophies

Black Cat Stakeouts is a side activity in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Each riddle is marked on the map as a cat’s head. You need to find all the black cat dolls through the lens of the camera. The difficulty is that these statues are too small for finding them in the big city. This article focuses on all the statues’ locations and the Dark Suit unlocking.

Black Cat Stakeouts side activity will be unlocked in the middle of the game story. During the main mission Stakeout, you’ll get the first figurine, as well as the bronze Cat’s Out of the Bag trophy.

Statue 2: Greenwich

Statue 3: Financial District (South)

Statue 4: Financial District (West)

Statue 5: Chinatown

Statue 6: Midtown (South)

Statue 7: Hell’s Kitchen (South)

Statue 8: Hell’s Kitchen (North)

Statue 9: Midtown (North)

Statue 10: Upper West Side

Statue 11: Harlem

Statue 12: Upper East Side

After getting all 12 statues, you’ll unlock the Cat’s Cradle side quest in Upper West Side. First, you’ll have to find Black Cat’s hideout. Go to the old train depot marked on the map as a square next to the circle. You’ll find a hidden entrance near the dog’s face graffiti.

Although Black Cat is not there, Spider-Man will get a fancy Dark Suit. Besides, you’ll take the silver Cat Prints trophy.

Note that the Dark Suit has no associated suit power but you can update it with other perks you already have.

John Davis