Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away

In the thirty-third mission, Mary Jane and Spider-Man try to prevent Martin Li’s plans on the central station
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Having lost the Devil’s Breath in the previous mission, Spider-Man chases Martin Li. After the incident with the armored carrier, he moved to a black sedan which was found in the parking lot in Hell’s Kitchen. Having arrived at the site, the hero won’t find anything useful and will try to contact MJ, but she will not pick up the phone.

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What is Mary Jane busy with that she cannot answer the call? She has just arrived at the central station to find out what demons are looking for (Standish gave her a tip on this). An exhibition of Oscorp technical achievements takes place in the main hall – why not start with it?

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Go down the stairs and look at the exhibits – interactive screens, tables, phones with wireless charging (what a nonsense!), smart ammo, optical camouflage and many other interesting things. The Gaia Microbe Dispersal Device is of utmost interest to you. The presence of this device on the exhibition does not bode well for future developments.

Li and his demons will suddenly appear from behind. They will seize the station, confiscate the microbe dispenser and insert the sample of the Devil’s Breath into it. Terrorists’ demands are simple: mayor Osborn must arrive at the central station within half an hour, alone.

MJ must do something, so she contacts Spider-Man. By the time their conversation ends, the superhero will already be near. However, he needs more information before he can break into the room. You should tell him about potential dangers (patrol drones) and show an appropriate exit from the ventilation.

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However, Spider-Man won’t be able to move far enough – the ubiquitous drones prevent him from doing this. MJ will advise to arrange a sabotage and to steal the tablet that controls flying robots. When ready, click on the ‘’square’’ to distract the attention of the guards and try to grab the gadget.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-9

The heroine will steal the device but won’t be able to leave the scene unnoticed – one restless hostage will try to escape and will be caught by demons together with MJ. The journalist will promise to call mayor Osborn to the station in exchange for the hostage’s life. Demons will decide to isolate her from other civilians, a certain mistake.

Once you have control of Mary Jane, move in the specified direction until your guard is neutralized by Spider-Man. Despite the fact that superhero will be very close, you’ll be controlling Mary Jane for some more time. Jump over the fence to get to the first floor and bypass the guard using one of the side stairs.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-12

Leaving the demon behind, move forward. Your way is blocked by the drones. MJ will use the stolen tablet to turn them off. After a brief dispute, the heroes will decide to act together: now you can ask Spider-Man to neutralize the enemy (‘’square’’) if no one sees him.

You can test the new ability of Mary Jane on two bandits who stand on both sides of a newsstand. Throw the bait behind the building – the first thug will go to clarify the source of noise, leaving the second one without a cover. Eliminate both demons one by one and descend to the main hall.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-15
If you stand on the platform using optical camouflage, enemies will not be able to see Mary Jane

A couple of talkative demons stand in front of the exhibition with large screens. Divide them using the lure and pull them with the web. Start with the one who did not move and then proceed to the curious one. Don’t rush to the right: we’ll start with cleaning the left side.

A guard stands a little further down the left side of the hall – lure him closer to yourself to be able to ‘’dump’’ Spider-Man on the enemy. Having dealt with this side of the room, move to the opposite one.

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You won’t need to divide two guards to the right of the screen zone – the route of one of these guards is long enough to be able to pull up first and then the second bandit using your web. Having eliminated this pair, run (R2 button) a little forward and take cover behind the rectangular flowerbed with Oscorp’s logo.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-19

Your task is to get to the bomb which is located next to hostages. Two demons block the path to this part of the hall (see screenshot above). Distract one of them using your lure, neutralize the one who did not move and then deal with the remaining bandit.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-20

When both thugs are eliminated, sneak to the boxes highlighted by a yellow marker. Li will come out of the nearby gate accompanied by two demons. Ask Spider-Man to overturn a huge screen in the nearby – this will bring both bad and good news.

Martin will order to start the timer on the bomb, but all his fighters will be too busy searching for the superhero to pay any attention to you. Press R2 and run to the bomb – it is located on the counter in the center of the hostage zone. Mary Jane has a little less than two minutes to neutralize the device.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-21

You don’t have much time but don’t panic. First, turn the bomb so that you can see its back to learn what different colors of wires mean: blue – battery, yellow – fan, red – mechanism itself. Spider-Man will advise starting with disconnecting the device from power.

To do this, rotate the bomb to track where each wire goes – they all look black in the central part of the device. Set the device in a position where detachable parts of the cables are on the left side, and the timer is on the right side.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-22
Wires that lead to the battery can be disconnected in any order

According to heroes’ logic, you first need to disconnect the ‘’battery’’ wires – the first one and the third one from the above. After they are turned off, the timer is reset for 30 seconds – everything is fine. The ‘’fan’’ is located between two ‘’batteries’’, next to the red bulb while the red one is at the very bottom.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-23

If you have done everything correctly (see here what happens in the opposite case), the bomb will be defused. You’ll only need to save hostages, but they will not be able to leave the building as long as there are so many armed people around. You need to reduce the number of criminals in the area. This is a task for Spider-Man, and the player will finally be able to control him.

Strangely enough, you do not need to neutralize all the enemies in the area for the completion of this mission. Eliminating the majority of them will be enough for success. Thus, since the central part of the first floor is so crowded, we’ll start to clean the station from the second and third tiers. Let’s go counter-clockwise from the above-mentioned newsstand.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-24

Two guards are walking along the platform while the third one stands near the stairs that lead to the third floor. First, isolate the ‘’walkers’’ from each other, eliminate them, and then finish off the remaining guard. There’s a big chance that a demon from the main hall will start investigating the loss of comrades. However, he’ll be an easy target.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-25

Now, it’s time to climb higher, to the eastern wing of the station. First of all, we need to remove two guards at the stairs from both sides, and then proceed to the guard near the fence. Having done this, we need to wait when two talkative demons disperse to neutralize them one by one. If you are in a hurry, you can distract one of them by shooting web in the trash can and pull the second one to the ceiling.

We move to the opposite side of the hall to the place where Spider-Man freed Mary Jane from demon’s hands. Here, two bandits stand on the ‘’bridge’’ in close proximity to each other. If you are not ready to show the miracles of cunning, just use the impact web – they’ll be thrown at the nearest fence.

Two more demons are located by the stairs on both sides of the ‘’bridge’’. They stand alone so you’ll have no problems eliminating them. There’ll be no enemies around the perimeter of the station hall once you are done with this duo, so you’ll have to relocate to the central hall.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-26

In case you haven’t missed anybody until now, you’ll need to neutralize just a couple of thugs. We advise you to pick them up on the outskirts of the room.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-27

After you have dealt with a sufficient number of demons, Peter will tell MJ about this, and a mass evacuation of civilians will begin. Of course, Spider-Man will have to cover the retreat of citizens, this time in an open battle. Start the fight with the web bomb – it will temporarily neutralize several opponents.

Be careful: swordsmen are among the attackers, so make them your primary target. To neutralize such an opponent, you need to disorient him (for example, by hitting him with a heavy object), then knock him down to the ground and nail him down using your web.

In general, do not hesitate to use your gadgets – you won’t need them in the near future – and do not forget about the ability to quickly neutralize the enemy on the floor or near the wall with several shots from the web shooters. Due to the large number of enemies in the arena, battle focus will come in handy.

After a while, fighters with grenade launchers will materialize on the balconies on both sides of the main hall. We advise you to eliminate them as soon as possible so that you do not have to dodge rockets in the middle of the fight. By the time you have dealt with them, Li will most likely announce his plans to board the train.

At this moment, the platform doors will open, and another wave of demons will rush into the arena. Despite the apparent urgency, Spider-Man does not need to hurry – you can finish off the remaining enemies if you want and then proceed to Mr. Negative.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-28

Once you are on the platform, press on the ‘’triangle’’ to jump on the bandwagon – and kick the door out – of the leaving train. Inside, another battle with the boss awaits you.

Boss: Mr. Negative

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-29

The battle with Mr. Negative starts simply: you just have to hit him in the face and dodge a few incoming attacks. Don’t be greedy and press the dodge button every time you see a warning sign above Spider-Man’s head.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-30
Don’t do this

If you want, you can wrap the enemy in web to conduct a guaranteed attack. When you see that the boss starts his attack and his fist is covered with negative energy, jump away. The enemy is preparing to conduct a series of several “charged” strikes. The last of these strikes will be a long-range one.

It is very hard to dodge this combination so be accurate. However, if the player is persistent enough, he can proceed to the next phase of the battle without seeing this attack from Mr. Negative.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-31
Transition into the second stage of the battle

Ultimately, when Spider-Man pushes the boss to the far end of the car and deals enough damage to him, the second stage of the battle will begin: the hero will push the opponent into the next car where two demons are already waiting for him. Mr. Negative will “charge” from them and will now use only long-range attacks against you.

The boss has two attacks at his disposal – a vertical one and a horizontal one. You need to go aside from the first one (just press on the “circle” when spider’s flair is activated). To defend yourself from the second attack, you need to be at the ceiling (jump in time by pressing on the ‘’cross’’). Don’t try to attack the boss while he shoots at you, concentrate on dodging his attacks.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-34
Time to attack!

This stage of the confrontation is divided into several rounds between which Mr. Negative takes a breather and becomes vulnerable to web attack or to a couple of basic attacks. Within each specific cycle, the opponent will use only one attack – either a vertical one or a horizontal one.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-35

Once you have dealt several blows to the tired boss, jump back to avoid falling under the “energy” combo and prepare for the next round. After a few such rounds, Mr. Negative will grab Spider-Man and throw him into the next train full of people. Fortunately, passengers will react quickly and leave you alone with the enemy.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-36
Mr. Negative is vulnerable at this moment

There’ll be nothing fundamentally new at this stage of the battle except for the fact that the boss can now alternate both types of his attacks in a random order and is charged with negative energy for a powerful counterblow at moments of his vulnerability. Don’t let enemy conduct this counterblow and go on the offensive yourself.

As in the previous phase, the general combat tactics is as follows:

  1. Dodge long-range attacks – try not to do it too early or you’ll get hit.
  2. As soon as you have an opportunity, attack – wait for the appearance of a “triangle” above the enemy’s head.
  3. Deal a few blows and jump away to avoid counterattack.
  4. Repeat until you have won.
Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-37

When Mr. Negative decides that he’s had enough of it, he will knock Spider-Man down and start beating him. You will need to timely press on the ‘’square’’ two times. In the first case, you’ll break out of the grip, in the second one you’ll knock out the boss. Hitting the control panel of the train, Li disables its braking system.

The hero will try to stop the train using his web (press L2 and R2 alternatively) but this trick won’t work, and you’ll have to come up with something new. Spider-Man will quickly come up with a new idea and, with the help from the player (quickly press on the ‘’square’’) will redirect the train to another way.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The One That Got Away-40

The result of the mission: Mr. Negative is in prison, Peter’s relationship with Mary Jane slowly gets better, and you get 3500 experience points for your effort. Before the next storyline mission appears on the map, you have some free time that can be used for exploration of the open world and completion of side quests.

John Davis