Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Strong Connections

In the thirtieth mission, Peter goes to the lab to see his boss who is on the verge of a great discovery
Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Strong Connections-1

Soon after the scene in the Central Park, Otto will contact Peter and will remind him of his readiness to test the advanced prosthesis. The hero has nowhere to hang out this evening, so hurry to the lab. There, a new set of scientific mini-games await you. Octavius (you) needs to bring the neurosensors’ response time to an acceptable level.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Strong Connections-2

The first problem is power supply. This task should not be difficult – the required voltage is equal to one, and, as there are no blocks with a negative value in this chain, you simply need to get the “snake” through the only positive block using all available elements.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Strong Connections-3

The second problem is calibration. Do not pay attention to the fixed negative block (it will not solve the problem), set +3 elements on two predefined positions and a -2 element on the remaining negative slot. Now, you’ll only have to pave the way from the beginning of the chain to its end.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Strong Connections-4

The remaining problem is the neurochip. This chain is a one big “snake”. Theoretically, you can reach the final element bypassing some fixed blocks, but to get the required voltage, you’ll need two negative blocks (-1 and -2) and three positive ones (two +2 blocks and one +4 block).

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Strong Connections-5

Now that you have a working prototype you can start a test. The test will be more than successful, but after its end Octavius will tell Peter that he suffers from a neurodegenerative disorder – the muscles slowly stop working while there is no threat to the brain.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Strong Connections-6

At the end of the discussion, the doctor will advise the hero to visit his office where he can find a magazine with an interesting article on neural interfaces. The above-mentioned edition awaits you on the coffee table to the left of the entrance to Otto’s office. Peter will state that connecting directly to the basal nucleus is very dangerous, but Octavius is not intimidated by risks.

Following the examination of the magazine, Peter receives an SMS from his aunt. You can leave the lab now, but before you do this, we advise you to check everything: the final projects at the stations, the new voice recordings and the objects hinting at further development of the plot. The completion of this mission will bring you 500 experience points.

John Davis