Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout

In the twenty-fifth mission, Spider-Man will save the financial director of Oscorp from demons

Spider-Man hurries to the apartment of the financial director of Oscorp, Charles Standish, which was broke open. In all likelihood, this is the work of demons, which try to learn about the secret project of Norman Osborn called “Devil’s Breath”. Otherwise, there’s little information, so you’ll have to get more clues when you arrive at the place.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-1
You can crash scaffolding on two shooters in the lane

Once you arrive at the multistoried building, you’ll witness a confrontation between policemen and demons. Without the help of Spider-Man, a clear winner in the shootout cannot be determined, so rush into the battle. Criminals are armed – dodge and use your ejectors to get the upper hand.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-2

Get inside the building through the garage door. Go forward until you find the wounded Standish’s guard. Apparently, the demons captured Oscorp’s financial director and dragged him to the top floor. The route to this floor lies through the two-story parking, which is full of enemies. You’ll have to clean it up before you can proceed further.

On the way to the elevator, Spider-Man will meet all types of demons (except for demons with whips) that he has seen before, so prepare to use gadgets, suit function and your wit. A successful web shot will nail the bandit to the wall, while the timely used electric web can stun a whole group of enemies for a while.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-3

Don’t forget to throw opponents, which are armed with cold weapons, into the air and, if possible, to take the guns and pistols from shooters and shields from criminals with a shield. When the first floor is cleaned, a brute with a pair of assistants will walk out of the elevator. Throw a web bomb at them and nail the brute down to the wall with blows or shots from the web shooters.

At the end of the fight, Spider-Man will decide not to use the elevator and will choose a less conventional way to get to the upper floor. The shaft is divided into three segments, and your task is to simply get to the ventilation at the top of each section. So, if stealth is not an option, you can just rush to your goal, dodging enemies.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-4

To the rest of you, we advise acting slowly, throw off the demons that lean out of entrances and evade elevators that fly up or down as they will crush you. If you want, you can even avoid touching your enemies – just sneak around them at a sufficient distance.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-5

In the second segment of the shaft, demons will appear on the opposite side. You won’t be able to reach these shooters, but you’ll have to dodge the rays from their guns. If necessary, use short runs (R2) to get out of the area of potential damage.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-6

In the last segment of the shaft, you can forget about stealth – demons will drop fire bombs on you through entrances. Press R2 and run all the way up, dodging missiles and elevators thrown by bandits. You can hide from them behind the numerous beams that are separating some floors.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-7

Ventilation at the top of the last shaft will take you directly to Standish’s penthouse. The two-storied apartments are captured by Li’s thugs who terrorize the owner of the apartment at his office. We’ll get to Standish later, but now we must get rid of his ‘’guards’’.

It is easier to start with two patrol men who will be directly below you. Wrap the backward one in the web, and then pull the second one to his friend or knock him out with a web attack. Your next target are the two demons next to Standish’s office. They stand far enough from each other and everyone else to get rid of them stealthily.

Five demons are located on the first floor of the penthouse. Two are standing and talking near a large window under the office of the owner of the apartment, while the remaining three are walking around the perimeter, sometimes getting together under the interactive (meaning that it can be thrown down) chandelier in the center of the apartment.

You can stealthily pick up the bandit near the piano, while dealing with the remaining patrol men one by one when they will be visiting secluded rooms like the kitchen. As for the two chatterboxes, you only need to distract one of them (a web shot into the vase in the nearby), knock out the second one and then deal with the first one.

While you are busy neutralizing (stealthily or with noise) enemies, four demons will run out of the door on the second floor of the penthouse and will spread out over the upper tier of the apartment. Two of them – the shooter and the brute – will settle near Standish’s office, while the second pair (a melee fighter and a thug with a pick hammer) will take a position near the front door.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-15
Brutes cannot stand against the knockout from above

Both duets are eliminated using the same scheme: wait until one of the thugs turns away/goes away and knock the other one out. In extreme cases, you can distract one of the bandits or drop a piece of art on him – there are plenty of them in Standish’s apartment.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-16

When all enemies in the apartment are neutralized, try opening the door to Standish’s office. Another dangerous enemy will run out of the above-mentioned door on the second floor – a demon with a sword. If you have two full focus charges, congratulations: you can eliminate him with one blow.

The swordsman can dodge your attacks and block gadgets, and his weapon deals significant damage at a fairly large radius. In addition, four more enemies – two shooters and two melee fighters – will soon appear from the same door.

In this regard, we advise getting rid of the swordsman as soon as possible. The fastest option is to throw an object at him right after gaining control of the character. It must be done very quickly, or the enemy will hit Spider-Man first. After getting hit, the enemy will fly to the floor, and you’ll be able to nail him to this floor with the web.

An alternative and slightly more time-consuming method of fighting against swordsmen is a waiting one. Wait for the opponent to hit and dodge him (if it’s a perfect dodge – well done!). After attack, this type of enemies becomes vulnerable for a few seconds – during this time, you can throw and neutralize the opponent using web shooters.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-17

If you get rid of the swordsman before reinforcements arrive, you can meet them with a web bomb. Due to the narrowness of the corridor, the gadget will eliminate at least half of the enemies while the rest will be immobilized. After you have dealt with all demons, go to Standish – he’s hiding under the table in his office.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-18

The name of Dr. Isaac Delaney will be mentioned in conversation with the director of Oscorp. Demons wanted to get information about him from Standish due to the former’s connection to the ‘’Devil’s Breath’’. There’s no time to deal with all this information now as a helicopter flew to the window of the office, and its machine-gunner is ready to destroy heroes if they do not hurry.

As we know, elevators don’t work, so you’ll have to descend in the shaft. An explosion will throw the characters down – during the fall, Spider-Man needs to pick up and push off the debris (point the sight at a piece and press R1) to eventually save Standish.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Up The Water Spout-21

You won’t get any information out of the financial director before the arrival of Sable, and after then you won’t be permitted to talk to him. However, you already have a clue in the name of Dr. Delaney, although it will take time to work it out. Meanwhile, enjoy the fruits of your labors – 3000 experience points for the completion of this mission.

John Davis