Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Men

Someone in New York is pretending to be Spider-Man. In this mission you have to find out whether it’s Spidey's friend or enemy
Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Men-1

Starting location: Harlem

Available: Complete The Mask Main Mission

Rewards: 1,500 XP

You’ll find a butcher shop owner on one of Harlem streets. If you talk to him, you’ll get to know that his daughter was saved from muggers by Spider-Man (or someone who looks like him) just a few minutes ago. She was attacked near the theater, not far from here. Curiosity got the best of Spider-Man, and he decides to go there.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Men-2

There is a police barricade at the scene of the failed mugging. Talk to the policeman and the shop owner's daughter. You should also examine the beaten criminals. The doppelganger did a great job, and it seems that he didn’t stop there. The woman says that Spider-Man is checking out a fire.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Men-3

Head down South until you see the smoldering building. Firefighters and a woman whose friend you saved will applaud your bravery. After listening to all these compliments, go round the building counterclockwise and you’ll see an empty extinguisher behind the trash can.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Men-4
Solution for the puzzle from the Spider-Men side mission

To track down the doppelganger you need to identify a unique suppressant of this extinguisher by solving a spectrograph puzzle. Your task is to match the left fragments of unknown suppressant with the pattern.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Men-5
You can even find out that the doppelganger got a free hot dog for his costume

When it’s done, Spider-Man will adjust his lenses and will be able to see the chemical trail left by the pretender. Move along the blue line until you reach a thug in custody who is another victim of your double. He’ll bitterly say that the drug deal will take place on the roof.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Men-6

After climbing the wall to the roof top you’ll see some beaten thugs. The doppelganger even left the drugs behind, so he might be a good fella. Then come to the fire-escape nearby to start a splash video.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Men-7

Now Fisk’s thugs are really going to beat your double up. Disarm the henchman who is attacking a fake Spider-Man and get ready to fight. Now you have a lot of enemies to fight with, and even more of them will appear.

The doppelganger will be closely involved in the first part of the combat. However, he is reasonable enough to get away from there when more of thugs appear with guns. Keep an eye on the shooters and try to neutralize or at least disarm the enemies as fast as you can.

Keep in mind that the Dodge move is the most effective in such big combats. You can also use Web Throw or Web Attack to knock out someone near the wall. And don't forget to use your costume.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Spider-Men-8

After the fight, the double will admit that he went too far and promise not to wear Spidey costume – you don't need it to just help people. There it goes!

John Davis