Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Internet Famous

Spider-Man decides to take part in an extremely dangerous Internet show where you have to scan QR Codes
Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Internet Famous -1
  • Starting location: Harlem
  • Available: Complete Couch Surfing Main Mission
  • Rewards: 1,500 XP

There is a woman on the rooftops in Harlem. She'll offer you to take up the challenge from the streamer Screwball. Your task is to snap pictures of the QR Codes to find the location of a kidnapped person. Spider-Man can't leave the victim in danger, so he has to follow the rules.

The first code is on the wall, not far from the starting location. The second code is a bit tricky – it has been displayed at an angle of the building, so it's necessary to find the perfect camera angle. Get on to the roof of the building to the East and take the photo.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Internet Famous -4

Instead of getting a reward for this you will just get into trouble – some Screwball's fans were waiting for Spider-Man and now they are going to beat him up. There are some shooters and a Brute among them but you just need to use Web Bomb to freeze the enemies and take them out.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Internet Famous -5

The third QR code is split across two different buildings. You need to climb to the side of a building North of the code you’re trying to photograph. Stick to the wall (see the screenshot above), move up and keep checking your camera lens until you can take a picture.

Again, the criminals won't just let Spider-Man be excited about the nice shot – they will tell him about three bombs on the nearby rooftops. You have enough time to prevent the bombs from blowing up. When you approach it, press and hold L1 + R1 to toss it into the air and neutralize the explosion by tapping R1.

Repeat it three times and you'll get the address to the kidnapping victim. Upon arrival, rip open the door of the repair shop (L1 + R1) and you'll see Screwball who made this show just to get more views. But it's early to celebrate success, as a group of thugs came to the party.

First, toss a Web Bomb or Electric Web to freeze the enemies. Next, take out the Brute, otherwise, he'll run after you and beat you up at the first opportunity. It's better to fling him back and web to the ground or wall.

At some point more thugs will get into the fight, so stay focused and keep checking the arrows. They prefer to stand back and shoot from a safe distance. A high power level allows you to eliminate the shooters by dodging a bullet.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Missons Walkthrough: Internet Famous -10

Finish the fight, and Screwball will be sent to prison. The only thing is, she probably won't get a long prison sentence.

John Davis