Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: And the Award Goes to…

In the twentieth mission, players meet a new playable character and one of the main villains
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Despite the big amount of time that was required for Spider-man to get to the town hall, the award ceremony for officer Jefferson Davis has not yet started. Having arrived at the site, Peter will meet with Mary Jane Watson to discuss the ongoing gang war among other things.

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At the same time, the happy laureate gives a thank-you speech, while mayor Norman Osborn listens to sinister threats on the phone. In less than a couple of minutes, the ceremony will turn into a big mess – suicide demons and their leader were in the crowd.

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Following a hasty cutscene, you’ll find yourself playing for Davis’ son Miles Morales (at this time, Peter cannot perform his heroic duties). The father mentioned him at the first meeting with the Spider-Man, and the character could have been seen at the end of the previous mission.

First of all, you need to find Miles’ mother – they have been separated in the chaos of the catastrophe. Move forward until an iron structure falls in front of you, then turn into a ruined café. Jump over the obstacle – you need to do it manually (stick + ‘’Χ’’) – crawl under the car and go back to the street.

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The hero’s mother was jammed under the rubble of an iron structure – if you do not release the woman as fast as possible, she will suffocate. Miles is not as strong as Spider-man, so you’ll have to put more effort to save the loved one. A paramedic who happened to be in the nearby will help you in this case – you’ll just need to simply hammer the ‘’■’’.

Having rescued his mother, Miles will also want to find his father. Climb up the twisted gates – by the time you are at the top, demons will arrive at the town hall and start killing everyone. You have nothing to defend yourself, so, having jumped on the ground, run (R2) to the right – the hero will crawl through the upturned car and get into a small fenced area.

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Wait until the demon, who stands with his back turned to Miles, goes away and rush to the aisle, which is under the sight of another bandit. When he turns, follow the first thug but do no jump over the barrier – in the other case, Miles will be detected, and the mission will be failed.

Two demons in front of you will be inspecting the area. When they leave, you’ll be able to explore it yourself. Having moved to the other side of the barrier, quickly hide behind the boxes, or an approaching bandit will detect Miles. Next, run forward until you see a car on the left. You can climb on its roof.

Get on the collapsed beam and use it to get into the tilting tent near the place where Miles’ father received his reward. When the demon with the machine gun leaves the area close to your location, jump out of the shelter and dash to the right, to the stairs.

From now on, you can ignore enemies as your goal to is get to the quest indicator. Once you reach it, you’ll see a cutscene, in which Miles will nearly lose his life but in the end will be saved by Martin Li, who is the organizer of the whole terrorist act.

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After a cutscene, which shows the funeral of Jefferson Davis and a formal meeting of Miles and Peter, the mission will come to end. You, already in the role of Spider-Man, will get 3000 experience points.

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