Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Home Sweet Home

In the sixteenth mission, Peter Parker will chase garbage trucks in search of his personal belongings

After a tough night and a few days without sleep, Peter decides to go home to have a rest. The hero’s apartment is located on the other side of the city compared to the place where the previous mission ended, so the game will mercifully allow you to instantly transfer to the target location.

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Speed travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man is done in a subway. Having selected the necessary point on the map (this could be a police station or an important object), the hero will descend underground and will travel with New Yorkers like himself.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Home Sweet Home-2

Upon arrival, Peter will find out that he has lost access to his apartment due to failure to pay the rent, and all his personal belongings – including a flash drive with years of research – has been thrown out. What does he do in this situation? Of course, he goes to the nearest garbage box and starts searching for his belongings.

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In despair, the protagonist contacts authorities, and the dispatcher advises him to look in the municipal garage. In theory, the garbage truck, which could have taken Peter’s things, should have already arrived there. Having hastily changed into the spider suit, the hero hurries to the garage.

After arriving at the site, you (no surprises, it all happens in the night) will find a locked building. Go around it counter-clockwise to find the entrance to the ventilation on the wall, which will lead the hero to the garbage truck. However, Peter won’t find his belongings there.

Another call to the dispatcher will provide a new hope – another potential truck is most likely located in the area of the western Chinatown. On the way there, Eddie (that’s the name of the operator) will recall that workers sometimes visit ‘’Leo’s’’ pizza place before unloading.

Spider-Man will find two garbage trucks near the pizza place, but none of them contains his belongings. Peter’s last hope is the incinerator near the Manhattan bridge, where a pickup could have stopped due to changes in the route.

Get to the specified location to find a garbage collector who is being beaten by three hooligans. Deal with them and, after getting permission from the saved worker, scatter (L1 and R1) bags that were piled on Peter’s own bag. Among personal things, Peter will find a draft of a new gadget – Web Bomb.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Home Sweet Home-10

This device covers all enemies with web within its range of action and also throws them back. You can instantly check how it’s working: several more bandits will appear near the incinerator.

This is useful: if opponents stood next to the wall or any other suitable surface before the explosion, the web bomb will neutralize them. Thus, the fight will be completed in no time.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Home Sweet Home-11

After the fight, Peter will still have to find a place where he can spend a night. One of the most perspective options is Mary Jane. Initially, the hero will head to her, full of doubt and uncertainty.

However, after learning that her interview with officer Davis has already been published, the protagonist will change his mind and decide not to distract her from work. The reward for this politeness is 2500 experience points.

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