Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Wheels Within Wheels

In the fifteenth mission, Spider-Man meets one very brave policeman and fights against demons

In absence of Fisk, the ‘’demon gang’’ decided to take control of the property of the New York’s criminal authority. One of the potential targets of the bandits is the abandoned shipyard in Portside. Yuri Watanabe advises Spider-Man to go there.

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Having arrived at the site, the hero will find armed Fisk’s people guarding the building – they do not want to hand over another cache of the boss. To find out what they are trying to protect, you first need to get rid of guards. We advise starting with snipers.

Theoretically, you can deal with Fisk’s thugs in an open battle, but the shooters will turn the fight into a nightmare. If you’ve been suddenly discovered during the stealth section, don’t rush into the fight. Instead, hide from enemy eyes and wait out the alarm.

So, there are four snipers around:

  1. Stands on the roof of the warehouse to the left of the shipyard. He is not visible, so you can safely neutralize him from any distance.
  2. Is located on the roof of the building opposite the shipyard. This shooter has a guard. Stick him to the nearby tower or stun from behind, and then remove the sniper.
  3. Hides on the roof of the shipyard itself. He is not visible, so don’t hesitate to stun him.
  4. Keeps the position on the tower. He is not visible, so use web attack from the nearest lamppost.

As for the rest of the guards, you can also get rid of them in a secretive way. There are many interactive objects for stealth attacks on targets, and distracting maneuvers (shoot the web in the ground to raise a thug’s suspicions) allow to neutralize the remaining enemies.

The alternative option is to kill everyone manually. There’s nothing complex in this battle – there are some machine-gunners among bandits (deal with them first) and a couple of electrified baton fans.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Wheels Within Wheels-6
The alternative entrance to the building is located on the roof

At the end of the fight, a police car will approach the shipyard. Your partner for the current mission – officer Jefferson Davis – will get out of the car. The front entrance to the shipyard is closed, so you’ll have to get in from the backdoor. The ventilation grate awaits you on the wall from the opposite end of the building.

Once inside, go down to the front door. In order to open it, you’ll need to reboot the switchboard on the right. Spider-Man does not have a tool for this, but, fortunately, Davis will share his shocker. With its help, you’ll be able to craft a new device – an electric web.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Wheels Within Wheels-9

Select the necessary gadget using the gadget wheel (L2) and shoot the board (R1) to finally let officer Davis in. Follow the policeman after you have watched a short cutscene.

Ultimately, you’ll find a container with a veiled section that will not open until you provide power to the door. The necessary switchboard is located on the second floor of the building. Having examined the opened cache, Davis will conclude that there is another one in the nearby.

This is true. Another cache of Fisk people is located on the second floor of the shipyard, at the opposite side from the first cache. The policeman cannot get upside by himself, so you’ll have to drag a broken elevator to the second floor (see the screenshot above).

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Wheels Within Wheels-14

Just like the previous container, this one is locked, so you’ll have to search for the switchboard. It is located under the ceiling of the shipyard behind a working fan. Aim at it – time will slow down – and shoot with an electric web when a gap forms between the blades.

Return to Davis. Apparently, this cache uses a dial scheme – you need to look for the second switchboard. Jump on the first floor and go to another broken elevator. Pull it up with a web – the switchboard was hidden in the shaft.

A passage to the basement will be opened thanks to your actions. Open its cover and follow Davis until you arrive at a dead end. Turn to the left and go close to the wall in order to climb on it. Crawl along the corridor through the debris.

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Once you are on the ceiling (also with the help of the left stick), move on until you see a boarded exit. Hold L2 and point the sight on the floor behind the obstacle, then press R2 to make Spider-Man free.

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Follow Davis until you reach the weapons warehouse that has already been cleared by demons. Inspect the door at the far end of the room – there’s nothing to do in the vault itself. A cutscene will be launched, and you’ll see that bandits are preparing to escape on trucks with their loot.

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However, Spider-Man won’t allow them to escape freely and will stop one of the trucks. This time, the hero will fight with the help of officer Davis, who can throw a smoke/stun grenade and use electric shocker.

Apart from this, the fight will go without surprises. You’ll encounter a few shooters, a couple of bandits with pick hammers charged with demonic energy (beware of their long-range attack) and a handful of ordinary enemies. A little later, they’ll be joined by a dozen of their comrades, but this will not change the situation.

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At the end of the battle, one of the surviving demons will sit behind the wheel of a truck and rush away. You’ll have to catch him. Use the web to follow the truck – you won’t be allowed to crash into its roof ahead of time, so just keep up and dodge missiles.

As soon as Spider-Man loudly expresses his fears about the safety of citizens, web attack will become available. After landing, deflect the left stick to slide into one of the sides of the truck. When the bandit leans out of the truck, press ‘’■’’ to neutralize him.

Repeat this procedure twice, and the hero will get to the driver himself. Dodge his attack by pressing ‘’■’’ — you’ll see a cutscene where you’ll need to pull a towing vehicle from railroad tracks.

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When you think that the danger has passed, a truck will get on the road and head straight to Spider-man. Fortunately, officer Davis will come out of nowhere and save the hero at the last moment.

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At the end of the cutscene, in which the policeman will meet Mary Jane and will agree to give her an exclusive interview, you will get 2500 experience points. In the following mission, Peter will have to search for a new home, but we’ll discuss it in the following article.

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