MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force: Starting Guide

A guide on how to master the basics of the game, characters and game modes, so you will quickly become a superhero yourself.

MARVEL Strike Force is a popular tactical game with RPG elements that was created for mobile. The gamer must resist the forces of evil. To do that, he’ll have to assemble a good team with various MARVEL superheroes. The game also allows to fight real opponents, so the stronger your team is, the more winning chances you have.


Let’s investigate the game’s interface. We begin with the main screen of the app.

MARVEL Strike Force: Starting Guide-1
  1. This is the leader of your squad. Any hero that has the most power can become a leader. Also in this corner, you can see the gamer’s nickname and the experience bar.
  2. In this tab, you’ll see heroes that you already have as well as heroes that can be opened in the future.
  3. Buy and integrate supplies into your heroes to upgrade them.
  4. Achievements tab.
  5. Newsletter.
  6. Special offers.
  7. Game chat.
  8. Daily tasks. You’ll get some experience and money when you complete these tasks.
  9. Game settings tab.
  10. In-game currency and energy tab.


  • Each time you get a new level, you can improve the level and characteristics of each available hero. For example, if you reached 8th level, you can upgrade your heroes up to the 8th level.
  • To improve the power of the hero, activate up to 6 special items. Such items can be found during the campaign.
  • Each character has a special ability. Take this into account when composing a team.
  • If you gather all 6 hero items, you’ll get the opportunity to improve the category of the hero.
MARVEL Strike Force: Starting Guide-2


  • Battles in the game are turn-based. Each hero has a maximum of one active attack. To use it, choose the opponent and click on the preferred ability in the bottom right corner. You can transfer the attack to another opponent unless the ability “Provocation” is activated.
  • You’ll see two bars above each hero – the health bar and the energy bar. Some abilities will be limited until the energy bar is full.
  • Sometimes, you’ll have to eliminate certain primary objectives. Such objectives are highlighted by yellow arrows (as in the picture).
  • Don’t engage in combat without a medic, as he is the only chance for the victory in difficult battles.
  • Each battle can be put in the auto mode. In this case, the computer coordinates the actions of your team and gives instructions regarding the attack or treatment of your heroes.
MARVEL Strike Force: Starting Guide-3


  • Completion of campaigns is the main source of gold. Also, it allows to open better heroes for your squad as well as to get more experience. You can go through each location several times: once you have won in the battle with the maximum rating, you can activate the auto win as many times as possible.
  • There are three types of campaigns: hero campaigns, villain campaigns and mixed campaigns.


  • Here, you can earn training modules, materials of abilities, gold, medication and other useful things. Some trials are given after a certain amount of time has passed, others are available solely on certain days.


  • This section is opened after you complete the first chapter of the campaign. Here, you can open certain heroes and villains as well as earn a little gold. After the completion of one task, another one will emerge soon. Each subsequent event is more difficult than the previous one.
MARVEL Strike Force: Starting Guide-4


  • Main PvP battles take place on arena. To fight here, you should choose any five characters. Start a battle with one of the opponents from the list. If you win, you’ll get a certain amount of rating points. The only downside is that you can’t have more than five fights per day.


  • The second PvP type. Players put their squads to battle. Before the fight, you can reject two opponents. This regime has its own shop and own currency – “raid credits”, which are used to buy fragments of heroes. It’s important to know that after one fight all members of the squad will get a disqualification of a kind for 6 hours. To use them during this period of time, you’ll have to pay 5 “raider charges” for each fighter. The exchange rate is not great so we advise to wait or to recruit another squad.

Alliance raids

  • Group PvP which is open for alliance characters. Complete quests in the cooperative regime and get various rewards.

John Davis