MARVEL Strike Force

How to Make Money in MARVEL Strike Force


Take part in PvE and PvP battles each day as this is the main way to get in-game currency and fragments of heroes. Don’t forget that you can complete campaigns several times, and each episode will bring the same amount of gold bars and unique items regardless of whether you have previously completed it or not. However, if you need power modules as well as gold, we have prepared two effective methods of getting them without putting real money to work.

How to Make Money in MARVEL Strike Force-1

Bonus for daily login

Each month, the bonus for daily login into the game is changed. You can easily calculate the approximate amount of gold bars, energy kernels, training modules, premium-spheres fragments and fragments that increase the rank of characters that you will get:

  • Gold bars – 130,000
  • Energy kernels – 470
  • Training module (level 2) – 2
  • Training module (level 3) – 10
  • Training module (level 4) – 15
  • Fragments of heroes – 51

These are great incentives to play your favorite game every day!


How to Make Money in MARVEL Strike Force-2

Open the achievements tab to get rewards. Currently, there are few rewards, but developers constantly add new ones. The system is simpler that in most other apps. For example, you get 500 energy kernels, 100 fragments of the character “Daredevil” (you can recruit him immediately!) as well as 50,000 gold bars. You should keep in mind that the higher is the reward for the achievement, the more difficult is to get it.

John Davis