MARVEL Strike Force

How to Build a Strong Team in MARVEL Strike Force

If you are serious about building a strong team, this guide is for you. MARVEL Strike Force app is famous for its hero recruitment system. You don’t need to spend much money to do this. Sometimes, developers offer special promotions that allow you to buy sets with fragments of heroes and villains for half the regular price. Click on the tab “offers” from time to time and luck will ultimately be on your side!


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Let’s look at in-game classes. Each hero has his own abilities, and you should take this into account when you compose your team:

  • Brawler – this class has medium power and health. Characters with this tag in the description can deal much damage to enemies. Also, their energy recovery is very quick. They are short-distance attackers and can deal damage to only one target.
  • Blaster – in general, it’s a shooter armed with an assault rifle or a blaster. If this fighter is upgraded to a maximum, he can beat his opponents on his own thanks to the ability “Target Burst”. Don’t be a hero though: Blaster has few health points and you’ll have to cure him at least once for a win. Example of such fighter: “Chastener”.
  • Protector – a massive fighter with significant physical strength. His special ability is to provoke his opponents to attack him. If this is done, the enemy team will attack only the protector. He’s famous for the damage he is able to deal to his enemies.
  • Controller – the most difficult class in the game. This fighter may either attack the opponent or affect him with various debuffs (deprive of advantage, slow down the attack, etc.).
  • Support - heroes or villains can reanimate on the battlefield. Some healers can not only cure but also deactivate several negative effects of your teammates.

The team is better off with five different classes of fighters. It does not make sense to include two healers or two protectors in the team. You should use each heroes’ abilities wisely.

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Don’t forget to train your characters in order to improve their level. The category of the fighter also influences his development – collect all unique items for each fighter and raise his category. You can use fragments of heroes for this. You know how to collect such fragments if you have read the previous article.

John Davis