MapleStory M Beginner's Guide

An overview of the most important aspects of the game: classes, questing, in-game resources and tips on using them, dungeons, and equipment

Maple Story M is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG designed for mobile gaming. This game is a mobile-version throwback of the PC game MapleStory which was very popular in the 2000s.

For a 2D game, it has a surprisingly amazing depth, sleek graphics, and it brags MMORPG-defining features like expeditions (an 8-player raid against dungeon bosses). Except for being 2D, this game has the standard elements of any MMORPG game (chat, trade, guilds, pets and parties).

Choosing a Class

Currently, there are 5 available classes to choose from but the developers have already announced that they will be releasing new classes in the future. This game, being relatively new, is still in a fast development pace so there are constant changes in the classes and there can be new features anytime.

The ability pools of each class are very deep. Each class has 4 job levels and over 30 passive/active skills offering a wide variation of builds. If you want optimal builds for each class, check on the Class-specific ability guides.

Below, you will find a brief overview of each class:

MapleStory M Beginner's Guide-1
MapleStory M classes (from left to right). Bow master, Night Lord, Bishop, Dark Knight, Corsair
  • Bow Master. This is the archer in the game by the name itself. With their range, they can pick enemies one by one or lay down suppressive fire on larger groups.
  • Night Lord. The ninja and assassin of the game. They may have low health and defense but they can dish out an insane amount of damage to make up for it.
  • Bishop. The mage and support class of the game. They have strong magic skills and buffs. The holy symbol buff, which can give all party members +6% experience gained, is invaluable.
  • Dark Knight. The tank in the game. With their high defense and health, they can soak up the damage for the team while doing a decent amount of damage as well.
  • Corsair. The pirate and summoner of the game. Summon NPCs to fight for while you rain destruction from afar with your firearms.

There is no permanent best class but, arguably, there is one at any given time. Until the recent updates, Bishop was the universally-agreed best class. Now, the Night Lord has taken down the throne by popular opinion.

Class balancing is always on the menu during updates so it may be best to choose the class based on the play style you want.

Leveling up and Skills

Two of the most common questions in an RPG game are on how to distribute stats when you level up and how to allocate points on skills. Both should not be a problem in this game. Stats are gained automatically and all skills can be maxed before proceeding to the next job level.

The real determining factor of how strong your character is depends on the items you equip.

Quests and Auto-Playing

Like most MMORPG games, your level matters the most, so your main aim is to get to a high level as quickly as possible. This game has a long storyline so if you decide to get to focus on leveling up as quickly as possible, you need to pour it all on questing and do only the minimum on other activities.

MapleStory M Beginner's Guide-2

Like most of the new line of RPG games, MapleStory M has an optional auto-play feature available only for quests. This controversial feature which is also known as ‘’playing the game without playing’’ is increasingly accepted and the positive uses simply outweigh the negative. If you are new and you followed this advice to auto-play all your way on the quests, you should be at least 85 when all the story quests are done.

  • The good: You have skipped the early game which means you have saved most of your resources for mid-level items. You can now start your grind towards the end game.
  • The bad: Aside from now knowing the story of the game, your familiarity with the game mechanics and activities are significantly less. This is where the guides become handy.

Farming and Optimal Spending of the Game Resources

If you are spending a lot of real money on this game, then you can skip this section. But chances are, you are among the majority of the players who spend little to none real money and knows one of the most important questions of the game: How do you acquire and what is the best way to spend the limited game resources?

A brief description of the game resources and tips on farming and using are presented below. There are also a few tips on the best way to spend them.

  • Meso. This is the most common resource of the game which you should be able to acquire easily from anywhere. However, you should not be throwing you meso around for everything. The most common tip to save resources, in the long run, is to buy epic armor from the trade market and complete a set. This will cost a whole lot of meso but it should save you from spending a lot of resources on armor upgrades.
  • Gold Leaves. This resource is really hard to come by and you can only get it from missions, achievements and Nett’s pyramid. Most people advice to spend the Gold leaves on Occult Cubes, which are needed to change the potential type of your equipment (from Rare-Epic). Other than that, the best advice is to use the leaves to buy epic weapon powders to level up your weapon.
  • Armor/Weapon Powders and Rank-up Stones. These are used to level up your weapons/armors and upgrade its rank. You can only acquire them from early quests, gold leaves, rewards and elite dungeons. This will be the resource type you will grind on and you will need a whole lot of them in order to make your weapons legendary.
  • Rank-up stones are similar to powders except they can be transferred between your characters using the storage. You can acquire these from the early quest missions so you can farm this by using your other heroes.
  • Gems. The only resource used to buy cosmetics in the game.
MapleStory M Beginner's Guide-3

A Quick Dungeons Overview

The game currently has 6 types of dungeons. You will now be spending your time with them as the main source of experience once you run out of story quests. All dungeons give experience except for the Mu Lung Dojo. Additionally, you can enter all dungeons 3 times a day except for the Star Force Field which has unlimited entry.

  1. Daily Dungeon. This is the only place where you can get gems.
  2. Mini Dungeon. This dungeon gives a lot of experience and meso but you can only go alone so farming here is inefficient. Avoid this dungeon unless you are still unable to enter Star Force Field dungeon.
  3. Elite dungeon. This is your main source of equipment and upgrades. It is very important to note that this is one of the few places where you can find an epic weapon and armor powders.
  4. Mu Lung Dojo. You can earn Mu Long points here to buy exclusive items and pendants. You can also earn special equipment by getting to Top 3 rank, which is based on the number of floors cleared.
  5. Nett’s Pyramid. The only place to farm golden leaves. There is very valuable rare or epic equipment that can only be found here.
  6. Star Force Field. This is the end-game farming place for experience and meso because you can enter here for an unlimited number of times. Tip: Enhance your weapon to have either star force 30 or 45. Those two levels have the best spawns and most people farm there.

Dungeons have the option to auto-battle (not to be confused with auto-play). This is also known as botting and your character can farm and battle on its own for two hours a day. Paying players have an option to pay for more time. All your auto-battle refills are best spent on Star Force Field dungeon.

MapleStory M Beginner's Guide-4

A Quick Weapons and Armor Guide

Due to limited in-game resources, players should focus more on their weapon first before the armors. The best tip for armors is to buy the epic ones from the trade market. For weapons, it is a little tricky.

The best weapons go to the luckiest persons. If you are the not-so-lucky ones then get your best weapon from the trade market. Not the really strong weapons in the market. You need to find a regular weapon with the following max damage.

  • Bishop – 30
  • Bow Master – 28
  • Corsair – 28
  • Dark Knight – 27
  • Night Lord – 29

It will not be easy because you cannot see the weapon stats when you buy them so you must trial-and-error your way towards getting the best weapon.

But wait, there’s more. Each class also have a lot of weapon types so you can go with your preferred weapon or choose the recommended ‘’best’’ weapon for each class below.

  • Bishop – Jaihin
  • Bow Master – Briser
  • Corsair – Briser
  • Dark Knight – Jaihin
  • Night Lord – Briser

With your knowledge on the max damage and the recommended best weapon, buy that type of regular weapons from the trade market and good luck on getting one with max damage.

MapleStory M Beginner's Guide-5

Once you got one, focus on upgrading and ranking it up. There may still be uncertainties in the weapons stats you still have a weapon far superior than the rest. If you follow this recommendation, you will have an easier journey to the top.

Thank you for reading this guide and hope it has helped you gain a better understanding of the game.

Ian Leo Bertoldo