The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Release date: August 30, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Full Walkthrough — Matters of the Heart

Detailed walkthrough of all Man of Medan episodes: achievements, collectibles, and scenarios

Chapters ‘’Matters of the Heart’’ and ‘’Olson’’ are mutually exclusive. The first one becomes available only in case Alex and a female character (Julia or Fliss) are in the radio room as a result of the episode ‘’Distress Signal’’. ‘’Olson’’ becomes available in all other cases.

The hero decides to go down into ‘’depths’’ to find useful equipment. Having landed, Alex faces Olson – you’ll have to go through the next ‘’breathing’’ mini-game. Nothing bad will happen in case of failure – the leader of fishermen will simply run away.

Regardless of the success of the stealth section, Alex will call Fliss/Julia to join him – the characters will continue their journey together. Follow along the only available route until you meet the one-eyed kidnapper again. Having seen something terrible, Olson will retreat.

The heroes decide to follow the fisherman – he has the distributor cover. To get to the opposite side of the corridor, Alex will have to jump from beam to beam to get over the abyss. The process is accompanied by QTE, but failure will not lead to negative consequences – the protagonist will still survive.

Fliss/Julia will not be able to repeat the trick – one of the beams will collapse along the way – and will be forced to look for a bypass route. At the same time, you’ll see Olson who will die from a heart attack, unable to bear the impact of Manchurian Gold.

Once you control Alex, follow the corridors to get into (another) local kitchen. In the first room, pick up a collectible item near the soldier’s corpse – a secret note. Move on to find what’s left of Olson.

As soon as the leader of fishermen died, his body attracted hungry rats. Having removed several rodents, you must go through a three-button QTE to save the precious distributor cover. In case you fail, the component will be destroyed, and the characters won’t be able to escape to The Duke of Milan.

With the distributor cover or without it, Alex will head out of the kitchen but will face either a revived Olson’s corpse or the two-headed monster (in case you looked into that box in the chapter ‘’Caskets’’). You’ll have the time to attack the monster but for now, choose the option ‘’Bewildered’’.

Next, a rat will come out of Alex’ stomach, and the hero will be offered to stab either the bloodthirsty rodent or the two-headed creature. In the first case, the protagonist will die from the blow. In the second case, Fliss or Julia will be killed. To avoid losses, just wait for the timer to expire.

Thus, Alex and/or his companion will reach the end of ‘’Matters of the Heart’’ – you will not be able to kill two heroes at once. At this point, the gameplay part of Man of Medan ends: you will now observe the consequences of decisions that you made during the game in the last chapter.

Robert Summers