The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Release date: August 30, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Full Walkthrough — Depths

Detailed walkthrough of all Man of Medan episodes: achievements, collectibles, and scenarios

Despite not working for 70 years, Ourang Medan’s radio was functional but did not last long. Before the heroes could share their coordinates with the military, the equipment turned off due to overvoltage. Two characters went to restore power…

Depending on previous decisions, you will control either Alex, or Brad, or Fliss. Having landed, tell your friend that you are OK (the exact wording of the answer depends on the hero) to slightly improve your relationship.

Before you reach the infirmary, turn into an unlocked room and examine an open safe – you’ll find a meeting protocol (secret). Follow the corridor to the fork and turn to the left (to the right from the hero’s point of view) – on the table next to the doctor’s corpse, you’ll find a clinical record (secret).

Return to the crossroads and move through an unexamined doorway. Go to the vertical ladder at the fence and jump to get to the engine room. If you have carefully collected secrets, the characters will now reveal the main secret of the ghost ship.

Having received control over the protagonist, follow the only route to the fork: the path to the left leads to telegraph log (secret) while the path to the right leads to the generator. Before you approach it, turn to the right to get into a hidden area. In the locker in the distance, you’ll find a picture with a white frame.

Once you have obtained the collectible items, you’ll have to decide whether to activate the generator. If you have already transferred your data to the military or you do not want to do this, there’s not much sense in restoring power. In all other cases, the hero will just have to pull the switch.

When you do the job (or ignore it), go to the room that is located to the left from the generator – there, the characters will suddenly find a rebreather. Despite the companion’s protests, you should grab the breathing apparatus (option ‘’Assertive’’) – you’ll need it in the following episode.

Having left the rebreather room (with the device or without it), the heroes will hear some noise – Olson is ‘’talking’’ to Danny. Having dealt with his subordinate, the fishermen leader will go about his business. In turn, you’ll have to go through the ‘’breathing’’ QTE section without mistakes to stay undetected.

The failure of this QTE segment will not kill any of the characters but will deprive them of the possibility to explore the ‘’torture room’’. If you succeed, pick up a secret to the right from Danny’s body. Do not rush to run away when you hear a noise – choose the option ‘’Inspect’’ to return Julia’s wedding ring stolen by the fishermen.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Full Walkthrough — Depths-26

Without time to enjoy the find (or to properly examine the room), the heroes will rush away from Olson who is under heavy influence of Manchurian Gold. The chase will continue in the next episode.

Robert Summers