The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Release date: August 30, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Full Walkthrough — An Escape

Detailed walkthrough of all Man of Medan episodes: achievements, collectibles, and scenarios

Having got out of the wardroom, our characters begin their escape. The protagonist’s personality depends on Conrad’s fate in ‘’Intrusion’’ – if the hero sailed away or got killed, Alex will be the protagonist. In all other cases, we’ll control Julia’s brother.

There’s nothing to worry about in the first half of the chapter – you should search for collectibles and look around. As soon as you get control over the hero, turn to the room on the left side of the corridor – inside, on the table, you’ll find a secret.

Move to the doorway near which Julia stands. Instead of going forward, turn to the left, to the restroom. On the floor at the far cabin, you’ll find a secret. The next one (engineer’s logbook) is lying on the table after the section with a suspension bridge – turn to the left once you have crossed the bridge.

Follow your comrades until you get into a spacious room. Here, you will find the last two collectible items in this episode – a journal on the table in the far-left part of the room and a picture with a black frame in a damaged closet on the right side.

After this, the characters will go to the second tier of the cargo compartment – the first tier is patrolled by Olson who carries the distributor cover. Distracted by his colleague, the fishermen leader will leave the distributor on the box and go away. Either Fliss and/or Brad will go down to get the distributor (if they are absent, there’ll be no volunteers).

You will not be able to stop the enthusiasts so cheer him/her/them up (option ‘’Serious’’) and watch how the events unfold. As soon as Fliss and/or Brad are downstairs, you’ll hear steps of one of the fishermen. Warn your friend/friends about the danger to get a bonus to your reputation.

Regardless of the decision you have made, Fliss will be caught by fishermen (if she has not been caught before). In the case of Brad - whether he’s alone or with the captain – you can avoid the capture. To do this, use option ‘’Divert’’ rather than ‘’Distract’’.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Full Walkthrough — An Escape-19

However, even if you succeed in keeping Brad free, the character will still not return to the main group. Those characters who have stayed at the upper tier, Alex, Julia (and, if possible, Conrad) will decide to follow Fliss and/or Brad to not lose sight of her/him/them. At this point, the chapter will end.

Robert Summers