The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Release date: August 30, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Full Walkthrough — Trapped

Detailed walkthrough of all Man of Medan episodes: achievements, collectibles, and scenarios

Just like in the previous episode, the main character of this chapter depends on Conrad’s fate in ‘’Intrusion’’ – if the hero sailed away or died, Fliss will be the protagonist. In all other cases, you’ll control Julia’s brother.

Once they find themselves in the darkness of the wardroom, the characters decide to get a light source: Alex will ask for a flashlight while Fliss will light a kerosene lamp on the table. If you play for the captain, the process is accompanied by QTE (in case of failure, the task will be performed by the diver).

The first question that our characters must answer is to find out where they are. Playing for Fliss, choose ‘’Assertive’’ (you’ll improve relations with Alex). In case of Conrad, it makes sense to threaten the captain – suitable options are ‘’Puzzled’’, ‘’Approving’’, ‘’Curious’’.

The heroes have a challenging task – they should get out of the room and find the stolen distributor cover which is required to make The Duke of Milan sail again. First of all, collect secrets scattered around the wardroom: a newspaper on the table and a letter near Julia (to the left from the door).

If you wish, you can also overhear the conversation of your ‘’jailers’’ through the keyhole: leader’s henchmen do not like the perspective of staying on the ominous ship. It turns out that Olson will go to inspect the engine room, Danny will be sent to cargo holds, while Junior will be tasked with guarding the prisoners.

If you have found a secret at the crossroads before the wardroom, you’ll be able to discuss your find with friends – Alex when playing for Fliss (options ‘’Troubled’’, ‘’Serious’’ and ‘’Reassuring’’) or Alex and Fliss when playing for Conrad (options ‘’Optimistic’’ and ‘’Aggrieved’’).

Now that there’s nothing more to do in the wardroom, move the large drawer that is located at the right wall. The container conceals the passage to the ventilation – that’s your way to freedom (choose option ‘’Confident’’ when playing for both protagonists). Knocking out the grate is a noisy process, so the heroes need a distracting maneuver.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Full Walkthrough — Trapped-22

There are two ways out of the current situation – you can make a diversion or try to barricade the door. Both options are workable, but you can face problems when implementing them. The safest method of escape are options ‘’Distract’’ and ‘’Barricade’’.

If you choose to hide during your distracting maneuver, you will have to go through another ‘’breathing’’ QTE segment – Junior will rush into the room and start searching for the heroes. If you fail at QTE, Fliss will find herself back in the hands of fishermen.

The alternative is to support the door with a table (you need to quickly press one button). In case of Fliss, the section will end and the characters will successfully escape, while Conrad may escape prematurely, leaving the captain to the fishermen (a serious blow to characters’ relationship).

Robert Summers