The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Release date: August 30, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Full Walkthrough — Ghost Story

Detailed walkthrough of all Man of Medan episodes: achievements, collectibles, and scenarios

Having returned from a successful dive, Julia and Alex share their impressions with Brad (they will either talk about the plane and the shark or about the underwater engagement) and then send him to look for Conrad who promised to bring everyone a beer.

Left alone, the pair will start to sort things out. In this chapter, we control Julia – the dialogue depends on whether Alex proposed in the chapter ‘’Dive’’.

In case Alex did not propose, he will be in a bad mood. To improve the situation, choose options ‘’Serious’’, ‘’Relaxed’’, ‘’Dubious’’ and ‘’Comforting’’ or (the alternative scenario) ‘’Cheery’’, ‘’Impressed’’, ‘’Sentimental’’ and ‘’Romantic’’.

If Alex proposed, it will not be hard to improve the relationship. In the dialogue, use options ‘’Cheerful’’, ‘’Sentimental’’, ‘’Reassuring’’ and ‘’Adoring’’. Mentioning the rich father or showing uncertainty may cause doubt about the engagement.

Regardless of the outcome of the conversation, Julia will head to find Conrad. She will find him with Fliss – kissing (if you have successfully flirted in the chapter ‘’Uninvited Guests’’) or bickering. Say nothing in order not to spoil relations with anyone.

When the whole company gathers on the deck, Alex will ask Julia to bring the navigation tablet that they have obtained under water. The tablet is in the heroine’s bag in the far room of the cockpit. If you delay the search, your boyfriend/groom will run to get the document instead of you.

The tablet mentions Manchurian gold and its coordinates – that’s where the characters will go. Divers will boast about the things they have found on the plane, infuriating Fliss. Use the option ‘’Apologetic’’ to improve relations with the captain.

If in the chapter ‘’Dive’’ Julia rushed to get out of the water and did not wait for the end of the decompression, Alex will advise his girlfriend/bride to avoid alcohol. If you do not follow this advice, you will not only spoil your relationship a bit but also doom the heroine to ignominious death.

When Brad starts telling his ghost story, choose options ‘’Supportive’’, ‘’Say nothing’’, ‘’Provocative’’ and ‘’Appreciative’’ to improve relations with this character. At the end of the story, the heroes will drink some beer, and the chapter will be concluded.

Robert Summers