The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Release date: August 30, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Full Walkthrough — Dive

Detailed walkthrough of all Man of Medan episodes: achievements, collectibles, and scenarios

Having dived into the depths, Alex and Julia (you control her) will head towards the sunken plane. As soon as the heroes reach the place of their destination, the screen goes blank and the action moves to the chapter ‘’Uninvited Guests’’, the events of which unfold simultaneously with the current chapter.

Upon returning from the previous episode, the characters will make their way to the hole in the bomber’s fuselage – you should go inside. Be careful: if you do not react to QTE, Julia will get cut. Despite the shark in the nearby, this failure will not have bad consequences.

With blood loss of without it, swim forward until you see an interaction button with the second picture with black frame in the game that is located on the left side of the corridor (the first picture with black frame was located in the episode ‘’Uninvited Guests’’) – the collectible item is situated before the first ‘’doorway’’.

Having swum through the first hole, stop and look up – the first secret (another type of collectibles) is hidden in the pipe. To get it, you’ll have to remove the rebreather, damage your relationship with Alex (option ‘’Flippant’’) and react to the QTE.

Do not rush to answer your boyfriend once you are out of the pipe – both remarks lead to deterioration of your relationship, so you’ll be better off staying silent. Once you have control over the heroine, pick up two more secrets on both sides of the corridor: a bullet is stuck in the wall on the right side while one boat is missing on the left side.

In the room in front of the cockpit, you can turn the dead crew member and examine his pendant, but this will not bring material dividends. The door to the cockpit will be locked. To open it, you’ll have to either break your knife or use the only charge of the speargun.

Without revealing unnecessary details, we’ll note that the cold weapon will come in handy later. In this regard, use the speargun (if you have taken it) or ignore the timer – Alex will be a little upset, but you’ll be able to improve your relationship later in the game.

Having reached the cockpit and having experienced a slight fright, examine the corpses and sit behind the steering wheel if you wish. Approximately at this stage (if nothing happens, just wait a bit), the cable pulled by a fishing boat will literally cut the cockpit – it’s high time to get back to The Duke of Milan.

According to Julia’s boyfriend, you should not worry about the shark as this exact species is not interested in humans. If in the chapter ‘’The Duke’’ Brad told his brother to think carefully about everything, Alex will get nervous on the way to the surface: to defuse the atmosphere, choose options ‘’Playful’’ and ‘’Amused’’.

If you have advised Alex to follow his gut feeling, he will decide to propose. To maximize relationship with the future husband (there’s no reason to refuse the proposal from both gameplay and storyline points of view), choose options ‘’Suspicious’’ and ‘’Loving’’.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Full Walkthrough — Dive-27

Finally, when the characters will almost reach the surface, a fishing boat will sail from The Duke of Milan and an explosion will follow. Julia will rush towards her brother who is on board, but Alex will stop his bride/girlfriend: first, they need to go through the decompression procedure.

Nothing bad happened, so do not refuse the two ‘’free’’ points towards your relationship with Alex (options ‘’Cautious’’ and ‘’Reluctant’’). In addition, neglecting safety rules may have very serious consequences so you’ll be better off doing everything correctly.

Once they are back on the surface, the heroes will see the consequences of the meeting between Fliss, Conrad and the fishermen and the aftermath of the grill explosion. None of the replicas will impact the relations with other characters so choose anything you like. The chapter will end either with the news about the engagement or with the news about the fate of the plane’s cockpit.

Robert Summers