Lords Mobile

Release date: March 14, 2016
Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS

Lords Mobile Promo Codes 2019

In this guide, you will find a list of useful promo codes for Lords Mobile and instructions on how to use them

How to use promo codes

As of now there is no way to use your promo codes in-game. To activate your promo codes you will need to go to the official promo code input site. .

There, you will need to fill in your game ID and the promo code you want to use. Notice that some promo codes only work for people who have been playing less than a certain amount of time and that you can only use the same promo code once.

Lords Mobile Promo Codes 2019-1

Promo codes list

The following codes will grant you 1 speed boost and 1 shield for 8 hours:

  • 7FG5EPRS
  • 837PJ4UA
  • 9A2EV6XC
  • BEUZY878
  • 3TG4RDBF
  • GJ25RZA2
  • 63HFVJAS

Other promo codes:

  • JV_MlB2vcqWif – 300 crystals
  • Baozou – 30 chests with resources
  • Hadiahsukasuka – 10 rare chests and 10 Brave Heart chests
  • Bagairaja – 10 rare chests and 10 Griffon chests
  • JEU – 15 chests with resources.
  • AMPKHR6R –20 different chests. (No more than 12 hours of playtime)
  • GOBCHANNEL – 30 different rarity chests with resources (No more than 48 hours of playtime)
  • IFIKUS – 5000 gold
  • 7iGPCSAzsut4 – 200 crystals

More up-to-date promo codes can be found on Lord Mobile’s official social media blogs, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

John Davis