Life is Strange Complete Season

Release date: January 27, 2015
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay

Best cosplay works that portray Max and Chloe from Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange

Liechee is a cosplayer from Germany with 12 years’ experience. Nowadays, thanks to beautiful costumes and transformation into different images, she became popular among the fans of a quality cosplay.

Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-1
In spite of the simplicity of a concept, this photo is one of the most beautiful in this set
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-2
Although the game taking place at times when digital cameras are quite common, Max continues to use an outdated analog Polaroid
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-3
Max seldom appears in cosplay photographs, but it doesn’t make this character less interesting

Marina and Darya are novice cosplayers from Moscow. Lately, girls, including cosplayers, frequently stream popular games for a wide audience. For example, you can find Darya on Twitch, where she spends a lot of time. However, in this article, we are interested in Life is Strange cosplay, which is performed at the highest level.

Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-4
The butterfly in this photograph isn't just a beautiful special effect. Max can wind time back and change the course of history. The main character of the cult film ‘’The Butterfly Effect’’ was doing the same thing
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-5
While Max is calm and reasonable, Chloe is a rebel, who goes against people surrounding her. The prequel, Before the Storm, casts light on her past and come to realize that her strange view of the world was formed not out of nowhere but under the impact of some circumstances
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-6
Usually, friends are people with common interests and similar characters. But if we're speaking about lovers, it’s all the other way round – opposites attract
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-7
These days cosplay photo shoots don’t limit themselves to a demonstration of recognizable images but also copy whole locations. Sometimes, they may exceptionally include symbolism, which looks like a true addition to the original, not a gag

Lina from Lucky Strike Cosplay creative group

When working on Life is Strange universe, cosplayers mostly play up complicated relationships between Chloe and Max. Lina from Lucky Strike Cosplay has approached this theme in an unusual way – her photo shoot is focused on the 5th episode, which happens in the Dark Room.

Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-8
With mysterious and strange events taking place in Life is Strange, to regain consciousness being tied to a chair is not the worst thing that can happen to a girl
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-9
There are a great number of theories concerning the question what the Dark Room is – from very simple to completely bizarre ones
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-10
Few games allow to interpret the same events in different ways
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-11
In the way of variability, Life is Strange is inferior to Until Dawn or Heavy Rain, so we won’t be able to see the "bad" outcome of events in the Dark Room

Sometimes cosplay works go beyond random photos and form into a complete story. The photo shoot by Svetlana Temirova plays the end of Chloe's story, her apprehensions and choice. If you are interested in this theme, check out the full version. Here we'll show you only the most impressive photos.

Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-12
In the comments to works like this you can often find a phrase like ‘’the cosplay is better than the original’’. The statement is debatable by definition – it's a nonsense to compare a film or a game with a posed photo. But it should be noted that Svetlana looks much prettier than Chloe Price
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-13
A relaxed pose seems to say that Chloe is opened to the world and the future. But a gun in the back pocket makes you strain yourself – things are not as simple as they seem…
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-14
Note the stylization for visual imaging of the game – as if we are looking at screenshots in the great quality
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-15
In terms of realization, there is nothing difficult in this photo. But everyone who played Life is Strange will experience memories and feelings connected with Max and Chloe

Photoshoot by Milligan

Chloe from Life is Strange is more popular in the sphere of cosplay than the main character of the game. This is not surprising because it's easier to put into practice the image of the blue-haired rebel. The talented photograph Victoria ‘’Milligan’’ Romanova showed us the image of Max deeper than we used to see. The role of the girl was performed by Anna, who didn't want to share a link to her profile in social media.

Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-16
Strange and slightly farfetched memories of teenagers, their thoughts and emotions – that's what attracted thousands of gamers to Life is Strange. The subject of an awkward age is almost uncovered in the video games industry
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-17
Max isn't a perfect girl with an ideal body and the face of an ancient Greek goddess. Quite the contrary, she has an absolutely ordinary appearance. But in this case it is enticing – it's easier to empathize with her
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-18
‘’What are you thinking about…’’
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-19
A smoking teenager is a real problem for many parents. But in the case of Chloe, smoking is not the worst that could happen. However, bad habits are contagious

With proper use, visual filters turn standard cosplay photos into a true art. A cosplayer from the USA, who is known as CKastellanos, suggested an unusual vision of Chloe's image.

Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-20
Gentle hints of neo-noir seem like an insignificant departure from the canon of the game. However, the idea of the photo and realization are at their best
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-21
After neon processing of the photo of Chloe, her image seems more interesting and profound than it appears at first sight
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-22
However, cosplay by CKastellanos doesn’t need any additional effects looks spectacular
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-23
Such a rude gesture is so Chloe

Life is Strange cosplay amounts only references to close relationships between Chloe and Max. Flopywette, a cosplayer from France, and her friend went further and showed us a little bit more...

Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-24
Despite containing fantastic elements and hidden senses, the plot of Life is Strange centers on realistic characters with their own little joys
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-25
While other cosplayers only hint at feelings between the two friends...
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-26
Flopywette shows everything we should know
Amazing Life is Strange Cosplay-27
Kisses in the rain have a special, hard-to-explain romance

John Davis