Life is Strange 2: Episode 1

Release date: September 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1: Roads Walkthrough

Full walkthrough to Life is Strange 2 with getting all the collectibles and achievements

Life is Strange 2 is an independent storyline in the universe of Life is Strange. The narrative centers on two brothers, sixteen-year-old Sean and nine-year-old Daniel, who by the will of fate are forced to flee their home. The Roads episode is a detailed account of their adventure.

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Unlike the recent release Detroit: Become Human, Life is Strange 2 has almost a linear plot. Any choice in the game doesn’t affect the story, dialogues and the environment that much. The plot always progresses, without any sidelines, and the player can not drastically alter the fate of the characters. At least in Episode 1.

And yet at certain points, you are challenged to make a choice, right or wrong. In this article we forge a complete walkthrough tactic and reveal the collectibles to unlock all the achievements. At the same time, we have omitted important storyline spoilers so that nothing prevents you from fully enjoying the game’s fabulous plot.

The first choice comes even before launching the game: choose the fate of Arcadia Bay.

1452 Lame Avenue, Seattle

October 28, 2016

Arriving home, the protagonist Sean immediately faces a difficult moral choice: whether to give the last Chock-O-Crisp to his father or younger brother Daniel. However, he can keep the chocolate bar to himself, if you so wish.

When you retain control of the character, the first thing you need to do is to check your inventory and inspect the things Sean has, read his correspondence and study his diary. It is not exactly necessary, but research will help you understand the character better.

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Go to the money-jar, which is located next to the entrance. Take some, and don't let your conscience bother you, you will need cash later on.

Now you need to get ready for the party. Do the tasks from the list you wrote on your hand with Lyla. First open the kitchen cabinet to find cookies, chips and Halloween candy. You can take only cookies or chips, the choice is yours. Afterwards, proceed to the refrigerator, next to the cabinet, depriving it of beer or soda.

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Go down to the basement and turn the lights on. Pick up a blanket from the top shelf in the first room.

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Now head towards the garage. Dad will ask Sean to give him a wrench from a red cabinet. The cabinet is located here:

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But the wrench is not there, so you have to look for the right tool somewhere else. Hint: it’s on the car.

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After a brief conversation, Dad will ask Sean what he is going to spend the money on. Be honest and confess to booze and weed. In this case, Mr. Diaz will give his son forty dollars, while an attempt to lie will fetch only twenty dollars. Now go upstairs and put all the inventory in the backpack.

You can continue to explore the house if you want to better know its inhabitants, or immediately head to Sean’s room. Before Skyping with Lyla, be sure to relax in the bean bag and make a sketch which will unlock the Sketchy achievement.

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Now go to the laptop and call Lyla. After some time into the conversation, Sean looks out the window and storms outside, engaging in a row with his neighbor. Here you will be offered to make the first really serious choice, but in fact, it will have little effect on the plot. Do what you think is right. We will not describe further events not to spoil the plot.

Into The Woods

October 30, 2016

We find the brothers near Mount Rainier a couple of days later. After a long transition, walk forward until you reach the car. Here you will be offered to steal a chocolate bar or not. As always, the choice is yours. There’s also a box for donations that can be cracked open opposite to the car.

Next, go into the forest along the path. Stop at the restroom and ask Daniel to relieve his physical needs. He will be unwilling to do so, and you can either insist or let him walk further. This decision will bring consequences, but minor ones.

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Move further into the forest. At the fork, you will need to choose the right route, but before that, you can turn left and head to the picnic area. There you’ll find many bushes with edible berries. But always check the fruit before you eat.

At some point, Daniel will ask you to play hide and seek. If you agree, find him behind a tree.

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Now you can turn right at the fork. The rout will be almost straight, making it hard to get lost. Don’t miss the reference to The Last of Us after Sean helps Daniel climb down the rock.

Clickers from the Last Of Us reference in Life is Strange 2

Continue down the path, and you will soon find yourself on the shore. The brothers will find a place to sleep, and you will be given another choice: tell Daniel to gather wood for the fire with you, or ask him to guard the shelter. In the first scenario, the younger brother will offer a speed game for who will pick faster (at the same time, you can relieve yourself from work whatsoever). In the second scenario, he will start building fortifications from the branches near the shelter. If you chose the second option, you are left to wandering along the shore alone and looking for dry wood.

When the brothers (or Sean) collect firewood, you will have time to look around. First of all, run down the shore until you see the inscription "Odd thing" on a small bush. Choose ‘’Take’’ and unlock the Sidetracked achievement.

Now you can wander near the river and search for interactive spots. For example, here you will find another place to sketch:

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You can also interact with Daniel - throwing pebbles into the water with him, fighting with improvised swords, and so on.

When you have finished exploring the location, return to the fireplace and make fire. A transition scene will start where you can interact with items laid out in front of you and talk with your younger brother. Again, no more details, not to spoil the plot.

Bear Station

October 31, 2016

The next day, the brothers are on the road again. Just walk along the road until you get to the gas station. First, go around the building, and find a Halloween pumpkin decoration with a box lying next to it. Free the bird from the box and pick-up its feather, which rewards the player with the Ranger achievement.

Now you can explore the location. Go to the restroom, chat with the family dining at the table and, if desired, read the various leaflets. By the way, one more Easter egg is hidden among them, a reference to the Evil Dead by Sam Raimi.

When finished with the missions on the street, go into the store. Proceed to the counter, aim at the keychains and click "Look". The saleswoman will present Daniel with a souvenir, and you will receive the Bear Aware achievement. Don’t forget to take a free map as well.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1: Roads Walkthrough-15

Turn left from the counter, and head to the beer poster ad near the entrance door. Take a Truckers sticker from the window sill to the left, which earns the Bonus Miles achievement.

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Now it’s time to go shopping! Quite an interesting moment in the game, when Sean needs to buy food and other goods with a very limited budget. However, you can steal everything you need. In order to do so, Sean asks Daniel to distract the saleswoman. We don’t give any recommendations here since we don’t know how each choice will manifest itself in subsequent chapters. It’s still your choice, to steal or not.

There is also a grab machine in the store. If you want to please Daniel, let him play. But keep in mind that he will win only on the third attempt (making you spend three dollars). And you can talk with a bearded man in glasses in the store, sitting with a laptop at a table. And be sure to pay attention to the puppy near the counter, you can’t leave without it.

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If you decide to buy food and not steal, proceed to the cashier. Now the fun begins. Most likely, you will not have enough money for everything, so you will face a long and painful decision on what items will be left out.

After paying, go outside to the table where the family recently sat. The brothers decide to eat and study the map at the same time. You are required to find a place where they are right now.

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Suddenly, an elderly man starts bullying the kids, presenting again an important plot choice, which in fact does not severely affect anything (and is unlikely to affect in the future). In general, no matter what you do, the protagonist eventually finds himself cuffed to a pipe in a small room. Your task now is to escape. In order to free yourself, you need to stick to a certain sequence of actions.

Take a look at the ventilation grille and click ‘’Break’’ twice. Rotate the view 180 degrees and look at the computer. After that, examine the cardboard tube. Sean will push it and the PC’s monitor will start-up lighting up the room.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1: Roads Walkthrough-19

Now move the billboard next to you, then look up and kick the shelf. At this moment, Daniel’s voice can be heard from the grill. Look to the right. First ask Daniel to open the window, then the back door, and then look at the keys, they are between the door and the window.

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Crawl to the right along the pipe and click ‘’Look’’, ‘’Tear off’’, ‘’Ask for a tool.’’ After some time, Daniel will bring you a file. Take it and crawl along the pipe to the right. Tear off the pipe support and continue to the right, Sean will move the sofa leaning against the wall. Shake off the keys from the wall and behold the transition scene, which confronts you with another important choice: to steal camp equipment, or just to run away. Perhaps it will evoke ramifications, but only in later chapters. We won’t give specific recommendations here, in order not to ruin your gaming experience.

Next comes another plot scene we won’t depict to avoid spoilers. All you will need to do is to sometimes choose your lines in the dialogue.

Sand Castle

November 1, 2016

After a long intro-video, the brothers find themselves near the shore. Once you regain control of Sean, look down at the stick and select "Play Fetch." Throw the stick into the grass, and the puppy will bring you the fifth collectible, rewarding you with the Trail Angel achievement.

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November 1, 2016

This will be followed by another long plot-scene, after which Sean and Daniel reach a motel. Go up the stairs to the left and turn right. You need the third door (No. 10). When in the room, Daniel will offer to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The boy will choose the suit in the most ‘’unpredictable’’ order: rock, then scissors and paper.

Afterwards, approach the cabinet and inside, on the right, you will find a card. Pick it up and you will gain the Room Service achievement. When you have acquired all the previous collectibles, you also unlock the Dillydallying achievement. Now you can look around the room.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1: Roads Walkthrough-22

When you are ready to move along the plot, pick up a towel from the bed and go to the bathroom. Hang the towel on the holder on the right, fill the tub and add foam. Now you can call Daniel.

While Daniel is washing, Sean gets the urge to throw away his smartphone. Pick up the device from the table to see the next transition. It will offer you to make the last important choice in this chapter. How it will affect the future is still unknown, so decide for yourself. Whatever your choice is, Sean will end up sitting on the chair, watching videos on his smartphone and throwing it away afterwards.

In the next scene, Sean returns to the room to find his brother jumping on the bed. You can immediately summon a serious conversation, or you can join him in goofing around. In the latter case, a mini-game will start. After being childish for a while, Sean will still insist on a serious talk, but Daniel will ask for soda. Exit the motel room to the right and proceed to the vending machine. Buy a soda and enjoy the finale.


You passed Life is Strange 2. Episode 1 and unlocked the Long Road Ahead achievement.

John Davis