Layers of Fear 2

Release date: May 28, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough

The complete walkthrough of the new horror game, with all the collectibles, important decisions and secret achievements


Go through the corridor along the only available route, passing through doors. Just like in the original game, the walkthrough is linear, but in certain places you can find hidden collectibles, solve puzzles or make important decisions.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-1

Collectible items information

In total, there are 5 acts and 4 types of collectible items in Layers of Fear 2:

  • Movie posters. They will hang on the wall on the second floor in the hero’s cabin. There are 15 posters to be found in the game.
  • Phonograph interviews. Right to the bed, there is a phonograph that you can use to listen to the recordings you find. Each of them has a number, so you will know if you miss any. There are 6 interviews in total, with the first one to be available from the very beginning, lying next to the phonograph.
  • Slides. Special cards that you will be able to view using the projector in the center of the room. They’ll get there automatically, and you’ll only need to push the slot with frames. The first one (1/11) is available by default, so you’ll have to find 10 more.
  • Mysterious items. There are 5 such items in total.

In each act, you can find the same number of collectibles:

  • 1 phonograph interview
  • 2 slides
  • 3 movie posters
  • 1 mysterious item

Act 1. The Unmooring

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-2

Having woken up, you’ll find yourself in the cabin of the protagonist – a mysterious actor who agreed to play a role in the work of a famous director. You’ll return to the cabin once every few acts.

The game has many different notes, photos and other items that shed light on the story. We’ll try to indicate the location of each of these items. Listen to the announcer, read the notes on the desk and on the suitcase near the projector. Above, you can use a telescope and then enter the dressing room, having picked a note under the door. Use the projector to run the film and watch the intro to the first act.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-3

Leave the dressing room, enter the corridor and pick up the note from a trolley opposite you. Follow along the corridor, turn to the right and pick up a mirror from the desk on the left. Turn it. Examine a doll on one of the tables of the canteen. Get on the deck, lower the two handles on the door and open it. In the corridor with elevators, on a small desk, examine the ship’s brochure. Push the button, move the grate and go inside. Pull the lever. When the elevator stops, wait a few seconds and pull the lever again.

Get out of the elevator, examine the whistle on the rack on the left. Move along a lengthy corridor. You’ll find a newspaper clip at the table in the room on the right side. Go to the dead-end room and find a note on a small table. There’s a fan on the far table. Open the drawer and grab a key. Use it to open the nearby door.

Use CTRL or C to crouch and crawl under the wooden board. In a room with a carpet on the floor, pull out a cane from the stand on the left. Descend, enter the radio room and pick up headphones from the table. You can use the radio communication device, but you’ll have to get out once the electricity is turned off.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-4

Move forward and find yourself in a long corridor. Open the second door on the right to get into a living room. Immediately go to the right, to the previous room, and get a slide (2/11) from a bedside table. Return to the same room (a wall will appear, so your route lies through the corridor), open the doors of the cabinet on the right side and find a newspaper clip. Move forward along the corridor, the door on the left will close. There’s nothing in the room except for a cabinet with bottles. Move forward to get into a room with tables. You’ll find a note on the far table (you’ll have to go around it).

Move into a new room where you’ll see a white vase on the table. The director’s file lies on the table with books under a picture. Go through the door and enter a modified room. This time, the second file lies on the table near the couch. Go through the door again and find a mask (on the table with the white vase) in the same but modified room. In the next room with upturned chairs, you’ll find a note in the desk’s drawer on the right.

Enter the room with a globe. Start rotating it and approach transparent doors. After you have examined both closed doors, rotate the globe so that it falls. Move through the third door to get into the room with upturned chairs. There’s another note on the table on the right. Move along the corridor and find a kid’s sketch on the bench on the left. The way further is blocked by a metal grate with a combination lock. Examine a pirate bandage in the birdcage. Listen to the message. After this, the ceiling will collapse. Look up and see the code – 942. Use it for the combination lock. The code generates anew for each walkthrough.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-5

Go through the door and pick up a handbag from the bench. On the left, you’ll find a wooden scene with a mannequin sitting by the table. Pull the lever on the right. The scene will start turning, and the second mannequin will appear. Go to the other side and see another lever and a button. The lever allows you to stop or start the scene, while the button is used to lower the suspended chair. You need to stop the scene so that the chair is above the highlighted white square. After this, lower the chair and return to the scene if the chair stays on it. Go to a new room with two other mannequins but do not hurry. Climb a small wooden ladder on the left and remove the poster from the wall (1/15).

Move one and see a corridor with arrows on the floor. Examine every door, but they will all be closed. You’ll hear noise when you examine the last door. Go back and check the doors until one of them opens. Examine a pack of cigarettes lying on the floor and move forward. Enter a room with bunk beds and inspect the writing desk on the left. Open the shutter and find phonograph interview #2.

Move forward through the door with a mannequin sitting on the floor and see a telescope behind the door. Go to the room on the left and examine a note on the table. Go to the hall with a model of the wooden ship’s deck. Get to the steering wheel and turn it. Descend through the wooden door on the lower deck. The ladder will collapse. Look in the chest to see a tricorn with a sword. Follow the dotted line and pick up a key. Use it to open the door up the stairs, go back to the upper deck and stand on the white dot on the floor. Ring the bell.

Move forward until the picture becomes black and white. In a room with a checkered floor, examine a note lying on the table on the left. Turn the board over. It says that you must be ready to go back. Do this. Go back and pull the lever on the table in a room with transparent glass. Move forward and pull another lever. Now you need to run in two places so that you do not get caught in the light. It’s easy. Press SHIFT to boost your speed.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-6

Remove the poster (2/15) from the wall on the right in a room behind these two rays. Enter the nearby corridor. Run after the ray of light and hide in the niche on the right. Move forward once the light passes by. Crouch and move through a hole in the wall. Get out on the other side. Instead of using a big door, turn to the right, reach a dead-end and pick up a note from the floor. The note contains a code – 10 clockwise, 80 counterclockwise, 40 clockwise.

Turn the valve on the big door and open it. Start rotating the handle of the safe, setting the values from the note – 10, 80 and 40. Each time you’ll need to release LMB and change the direction of rotation. Pick up a shell from the safe.

Move forward, enter a room and open the doors of the cabinet on the left to find a note. In the opposite table, in the drawer, you’ll find a slide (3/11). Move forward to the room with a projector and a deer. Rearrange the frames of the projector so that a picture of a door appears on the canvas. Go to it and open the door.

Move on, climb low wooden stairs and crawl through a narrow passage. There, you’ll find a photo. Having got out of the walls, look at the left side of the corridor to find a poster by the wall (3/15). In the room with mannequins attached to the ceiling, grab a photo from the table’s drawer on the left. Pull the lever on the wall to burn the corpse and lower the key on the rope. Grab the key and open the door. Move forward along the corridor and examine a hole in the wall. Pick up a bullet (a round ball) from the table.

Important decision #1. After you have grabbed the bullet, open the door on the left and walk forward through the screens until the game makes you choose. You must pick up a pistol and shoot the mannequin of a man or a woman. The future sequence of actions will stay the same, but your decision will most likely affect something at the end of the game. We’ll try to examine it in more detail in a separate guide.
Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-7

Move along the only available route until you reach a dead end. There, you’ll find a mannequin and a fan on the table. Turn around and go back to find another mannequin and a wall, turn around again. The mannequin should point to the correct route. Go there and enter a white room. Watch the cutscene, but the ghost will disappear.

Move further, descend the steps and find a scheme of the ship at the beginning of the corridor. Go down past the boy who crawls through the grate. On the floor below, pick up a note from a bedside table. Move on and find another note before the next door, on the wooden bench on the right. Enter the warehouse and pick up a broken flashlight. Go a little further and pull the lever on the beam on the left to lift the load.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-8

Move forward – suddenly, a monster will crawl out of the wall. Run away from the monster using the only available route and opening doors. When the boy tells you, shut the door and examine a hammer lying on the table. The monster will continue the chase. Move on until you get into a dark room where you’ll also need to shut the door. Crouch and climb into the next room, where a video record lies on the chest.

Act 2. The Hunt

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-9

Once you have returned back to your room, you can listen to the audio record that you have found, watch the photos and examine posters on the second floor. There are two notes on the first floor – on the table and on the suitcase at the projector. Go upstairs, enter the dressing room and inspect the note on the mirror. Put the film in the projector and watch the cutscene.

Go out of the room and take the torn photo from the table on the left. Continue moving, pick up the camera twice and run away from the monster. At the dead end, open the grate and jump down to the elevator shaft.

Open the metal door by turning the valve, move the plug to another socket and pull down the lever. Climb the ladder and pick up a note from the box. Then, go back and open a new door. Continue moving through the machine shop, crouching under the pipe. Use the valve to shut off the pipe from which the steam is coming out. Crouch and crawl under the pipe to the right. On the box, you’ll find a slide (4/11).

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-10

Move through the same room several times. Interact with an apple and go out to the corridor. Here, that same monster will appear. Quickly hide behind the door on the right side. Shut the door and block it by turning the valve. Hold the valve so that the monster cannot kick out the door. When everything calms down, go outside and go to the end of the corridor. Open the door and press the button on the right side. Quickly move forward, crouch and get under the turning wheels. On the table, you will find a strange cube (mysterious item 1/5).

Then go back and proceed to the nearby room. There’s a projector here. Start by switching frames so that keys can be seen on the canvas. Approach it. A stool with a key will appear – grab the key. Use the projector again to find a door’s frame. Approach the canvas so that the frame appears in reality. Then, switch to the shot with the door leaf and come closer to it. You’ll need to switch to the shot with handles and approach the finished door. Open it with the key you have obtained a few seconds earlier.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-11

Go to the next corridor. In the room on the left, you’ll find a note inside a bedside table. In the next room on the left, you’ll see a mannequin on the bed. After the cutscene, flip the board and see a three-digit code. Note that it is shown backwards. Enter it on the lock at the third door in the corridor. Go inside, get rid of the steam and find a movie poster (4/15) on the wall at the end of the room. Go through the last door in the corridor. You’ll find a broken compass in the room with a boy on the table. Open the cabinet and go down the well.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-12

You’ll find yourself in front of a huge machine. Go left through the door, go through another door on the left and descend. You’ll face a simple puzzle. Use the lever on the left to switch between the big, middle and small rings, and use the two levers on the right to rotate them clockwise or counterclockwise. Match the gears so that the curved line is U-shaped as shown on the screenshot below.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-13

Return to the room with the machine and go to the clock on the right side. You’ll have to solve another puzzle. There are three tasks. First, you need to pick the numbers so that the total is ‘’8’’. You cannot choose the same number twice (for example, if you set ‘’4’’, you will not be able to solve the puzzle). Select, for example, ‘’1’’ and ‘’7’’. Then you need to add 26 (12/28, calculate the difference). Choose, say, ‘’7’’, ‘’9’’, ‘’10’’. After this, you need to add 46 (the difference between 24 and 70). Select numbers ‘’1’’, ‘’5’’, ‘’6’’, ‘’7’’, ‘’8’’, ‘’9’’, ‘’10’’.

Pick a flower and enter the elevator on the left. Descend, enter the room with a mannequin and insert the flower into the heart. Return to the same elevator (on the right, you can find a plate without food) and go up, then go forward through the machine. Move on, you are not obliged to come close to the moving mannequin, an action that will summon the monster. Go forward through the door and climb the ventilation shaft on the left. Take the fork to the left to get into the room with beds. On one of them, you’ll find a note about the other world ( mysterious item 2/5). This is another type of collectible items. Five such notes will appear on the top floor, on stands near posters.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-14

Go through the door, go up and come to the grate behind which a mannequin stands. Turn around – the picture will again be colored. Pull out an excerpt from an article about a mad actor from the hands of the mannequin who sits on the couch. Go down and examine a stump of an apple on the plate. Move below and enter a warehouse with wooden boxes. Lift the lighted box and inspect a rotten piece of meat.

Crouch and crawl under the table. On the bedside table on the right from the grate, you’ll find a note. Open the grate, move forward and get the grate back to its original place to get to the cage on the right. Inside the chest, you’ll find phonograph interview #3. Go up the stairs. After the second stairs, you’ll find a note in the cage on the right. At the top, push the button on the right and go past the dog cages. Move the grate and enter metal platforms.

Go to the mannequin – it will turn into a monster. Turn around and run. Follow the bridges, find stairs and go up. The light will highlight the doorway on the opposite wall. Run into the doorway when it is highlighted. Before you open the door, grab a note from the drawer on the left.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-15

Continue moving, watch the cutscene with the hero’s nightmare and go down the stairs. On the table on the left side, you’ll find an open can. Continue moving until the monster appears. As soon as it starts moving towards you, turn around and see a clear corridor. If you turn earlier, you’ll see a corridor with a monster. Run away from it, staying close to the right wall to avoid steam. After this, keep to the left wall. Crouch behind the turn and crawl under steam. Enter the door. When you see a mannequin, turn around and run as the same monster will appear again.

Ultimately, you will find yourself in a ‘’colored’’ room with a projector. Switch the frames to the very right, then move one frame to the left. You will see a photograph of a child facing right with some object lying near his hand. Approach the screen and pick up a slide (5/11).

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-16

Now, switch the frames so that you see a square on the left. Come closer so that a grate appears and climb through it. There’s a note on the table near the projector. Move on through the hold. Grab a rat from the scales, move into the next hold and put it on the left side of the scales.

Important decision #2. Move forward until you are asked what you should follow – your instinct or logic. The Director will want you to follow the instinct, so if you don’t want to obey him, choose logic.

Secret. To continue the story, any variant will do, but you have to choose it 4 times. Do it once to unlock the first achievement. Then, without leaving the room, go to the main menu, load the game and repeat the process but choosing another option. This will unlock two achievements at once.

Go forward, move along the corridor and turn to the left where a boy sits. Come to him and open the door on the left. Enter the distant toilet cabin and remove the poster (5/15) from the wall above the sink. In the same room, you’ll find a note. Go back and move past warehouses with gold. A broken compass is located on the barrel on the left side. Get to the cup, then the gold will turn into a rotten fish. Go back.

Get the note from the drawer on the left, then descend and examine an open can. The walls will collapse after the kids’ dialogue. You need to move forward, hiding from icy streams.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-17

Do this, run through the courtyard, hiding behind the thick tables. Enter the building again, open the door on the right and see a poster at the opposite wall (6/15). Pick a moment to remove it and move on. In the room with a screen, turn the knob to raise a mannequin. Now you can open the door and use the rope ladder to go up.

Lower the lever and move together with the moving metal shield. Follow the steps, hiding behind fences. Ultimately, you’ll get to a mannequin that is located in front of the TV. Interact with it – you’ll hear disturbing music. Use the door to run outside, move inside the building and see a white door in front of you. Do not hurry!

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-18

Secret. Instead of dealing with the white door, find a niche on the right and jump down. That’s how you get to a secret room with a detonator. Activate it to destroy the device from which you had to hide. This move will also unlock an achievement.

Go through the door, completing the second chapter.

Act 3. Bloody Roots

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-19

Pick up a new film from the chest, then go upstairs and return to your room. Examine a note on the chair by the projector. You may notice that it indicates whether the director is pleased with your work or not. You can listen to phonograph interview #3, watch two slides and three new posters on the second floor. Using the telescope, you can see a kids’ boat. Go to the dressing room, read a note from the mirror and insert a new film.

Jump down through the hole in the floor near the projector and climb a narrow passage. Pick up a shell on the way. You will find yourself in a house where, apparently, a father lived with two children. You will learn the mother’s fate from various notes and items. In general, this chapter reveals the main storyline and provides hints on the intents of the developers (in particular, the story writers).

The house consists of two floors. You will sequentially visit one room after another. For now, go downstairs, read a note on the couch under the windows and grab a kitchen key from a table. Open the door in the nearby. Pick up another note from a drawer on the right. Go forward, pushing the curtain, and pick up a brain. Open the door on the right and get to the mannequin with a heart in its arms. Having picked the item from the floor, go through the door that is located to the left from the place where you have found the brain. Wait until the mannequin stops moving and pick up a leg. Put the brain, heart and leg in the pot of the first room and then move forward.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-20

Grab the bedroom key and crawl through the ventilation. Pick up a note on the way. Upon returning to the house, find another note on the box on the right. Find a belt on the first floor, on the chair by the table. Open the bedroom door on the second floor, go inside and find a kid’s note in the corner on the right side. Examine a photo on the bedside table and grab a slide from it (6/11). Climb to the canvas opposite the projector and tear off a piece of leaf with the image of jaws.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-21

Place this leaf on the statue on the right to see two mannequins with cards. Under the feet of one of them, you’ll find a box with a talisman. Pick the talisman, remove the leaf from the statue and climb to the bed using the steps on the left. A doll will appear on the wall. Attach the leaf with the image of jaws at the doll to see another picture. Place the talisman to the stand on the right, and then pull the ace from the house of cards on the chair. Remove the leaf again and place it on the statue to see card players. Insert an ace into the hands of one of them, then remove the leaf from the statue and hang it on the mirror.

After some time, the mirror will break, and you’ll be able to get to the cinema and grab the basement key. Use the usual route to get back to the house. On the first floor, on the table, where you have found the kitchen key, you’ll see a broken projector. A note lies on the table itself. Enter the basement.

Note. Once you have visited the kitchen, you can go to a room on the first floor behind the stairs to take a poster from the wall (7/15).

Enter the basement, open the chest, and then remove the head of the mannequin on the side. To do this, hold LMB and move it only to the right. Drop the first head into the chest, and then get to the next one and go back to the chest. When you remove the third head, it will fall so you’ll have to pick it up from the floor. Get to the fourth head and watch the cutscene. When all four heads will be in front of you, open the chest at the side two times to find a poster (8/15).

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-22

Use the familiar route to get back to the house. Pick up a key from kids’ room and find a shapeless doll in the ventilation along the way. Descend to the first floor of the house and examine the award medal which lies on the table. Go to the kids’ room, crouch and follow along the right wall. Climb up the structures.

Important decision #3. Once you have picked up the pistol, you’ll have to make a decision. Lily asks to shoot at her. Shoot at the girl three times to fulfill her request. In this case, the protagonist shows how strong he is, and the director does not like it. If you shoot the doll on the left two times and shoot once at the doll on the right, the director will be happy, and you’ll get an achievement.
Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-23

Go down and come to Lily who is lying on the floor. Go through the door and read a note on the left. Move the curtain, return to the house, picking up an office key and examining a pirate hat along the way. Read the note on the table on the first floor. Perhaps, the same note lies in the closet. Go up and enter the office. Immediately get to the window on the right and pick up the first part of the rocket. Go to the table, picking up a note on the shelf on the left along the way, and look at the fireplace to find the second part of the rocket. Pick up a slide (7/11) from the table. Find a third part of the rocket near the rocket itself. Install all three parts, then put the plug in the socket near the buttons on the wall. Push the button and interact with the rocket. Use A and D to dodge meteorites while Lily tells you about her brother. Keep in mind that the rocket has three positions.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-24

Secret. If you can fly without dying during your first attempt, you’ll get the Rocket Science achievement.

Grab the bathroom key and return to the house. Examine a tree in a capsule along the way. Pick up a report about who (and when) was born/died from the couch on the second floor. Note the surname Burns. This is a very important storyline message. Go down, go to the basement door and pick up a lemon from the floor. Use the door near the basement to get to the bathroom and go to the mirror.

Examine a wooden board on the chair on the right, then look through the keyhole of the door on the left. Press RMB to get there. Turn off the fan and click on the pot to grow a plant. Look through the keyhole on the right. Turn off the fan, close one tap and click on the pot again. Look through the keyhole on the left. The fan is off, the taps are closed, so you need to open one of them. Also, turn off the radio and click on the pot. Watch the cutscene. Enter the mirror.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-25

You will return to the house. Read the note on the nearest desk and one more note in the closet to the side of the basement (on the left). Then, move through another open door below. Examine a kid’s note on the stack of papers on the left. Go through the park and approach the statute with reached out hands. To its right, you will find a wooden wall with a few buttons arranged as a square. Push them so that all buttons are open. After that, you will find another strange cube (mysterious item 3/5) on a bench behind the statue.

Go back a bit, crouch and make your way through the bushes on the right. Ultimately, you’ll pick up an eye from a stone. A challenging part of the game will begin. You must avoid a ray of light. Note that you should hide only in those alcoves where the light is on. Go forward to the alley with benches. The necessary alcove will be located on the left side. Go forward, the light will appear. Turn around, run back and hide in the niche on the right. When the light passes, run where it appeared, crouch and get through the bushes.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-26

Follow the light, bypassing bushes with burning bowls. You may simply run past the burning bushes. Bypass them and turn to the right to get rid of the light. Run through a wooden bridge where you’ll see visions. Move forward until the light appears again. Turn around and run back to hide in the niche that will be right in front of you.

Finally, you’ll have to go through one more challenging stage. Hide in the niche on the right and wait. When the ray of light passes by and starts turning back, follow it. Do not hurry. You need to turn to the passage on the right after the light gets there. Do this and hide in the niche as the ray of light will again go to the same alcove. Wait until this happens and then move forward. Pick up a flower from a stone and get out of here.

In the room with an ugly doll, grab phonograph interview #4 from the drawer on the left. Run to the ventilation. Near the entry to the ventilation, you’ll find a poster (9/15) in the corner. Go through the ventilation and find a film. This concludes the walkthrough of the third act.

Act 4. Breathe

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-27

Examine the notes and collectibles that you have obtained and then go up to the dressing room and start the film Breathe. Exit the dressing room and pick up a note from the box on the left. Go to the kitchen and find a second note. In order for passages to appear in the walls, you need to move in a certain direction at the forks. You need to go round metal beams so that passages appear in the walls. The first passage will be in the kitchen, another — in the next room, on the right wall opposite the closed door. Familiarize yourself with the kitchen and go back so that you can remove the poster (10/15) from the wall between shelves.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-28

Continue moving. When you leave the kitchen, grab an empty bag from the box on the right. Go upstairs, go through the door and go even higher. A boy will sit near the wall on the right. Enter the room, go to the end and pick up phonograph interview #5 from the table on the left. Go upstairs, go through the door and get on the wooden boxes with bags. Follow along the left wall (the image will turn over). Open the door, crouch and move through it.

Go along the corridor – the monster will suddenly appear from behind. Run from it to the picture and open the door on the right. Move on, enter the red room and turn the board over to return the image to its place. Go to the next room and grab a slide (8/11) from the piano on the left. Move along the corridor, open the door and pull the lever on the left to open the grate.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-29

Move forward a bit – the monster will appear again. Run from the creature. When you see a coffin on the right, close the cover to get a secret achievement Closed Casket. A little further from the coffin, you’ll see a slide (9/11) on the stool.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-30

Continue moving, try to get through the red door several times, and then turn around and open the door at the back. Once you come back to your senses, use the gramophone and wait. Open the door which has appeared at the wall with the white spot. Continue moving along the corridors to the room with a TV. Turn it off or do nothing.

Go to the room with a hanging mannequin. Go forward – metal gates will appear. Return to the room and find all fruit that you need to crush. One of them is hidden in the drawer in the corner of the room. After this, the gates will disappear, and you’ll be able to go further along the corridor. Go past the mannequins, then get away from the figure in the front, moving backwards.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-31

Run along the white corridor but note that a poster (11/15) hangs on the wall on the left side. Enter the hall with a projector and switch it to see a lighthouse in the picture. Come to the lighthouse. Follow the light around the lighthouse. Pick up a heart from the stone, then pull the hearts out of the four mannequins. To do this, you need to hold LMB. Pick up a key by the lighthouse and open its door.

Go up the stairs. A cutscene will begin once you reach the top. Pick up several flowers until you return and open the door. Enter the cave with a red curtain. Walk in a circle and then start tearing off curtains until you see the scene. Grab the key from mannequin’s hands and get out of here.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-32
Important decision #4. Continue moving along the corridor until you find yourself in the room with water. The waves will be throwing you away, and you’ll be able to make a choice – go with the flow or against it. If you go against the flow, you’ll unlock the achievement Disobey.

Crouch and get to the chest. Take a sketch on fabric from the chest. Go outside and find a poster (12/15) behind the curtain on the right. Continue moving until you reach the place where you’ll see a table with dishes. On this table, you’ll find a sketch on fabric. On the side, there’s a chest with a combination lock. You can obtain the code by examining the three cards lying behind the corner. In our case, these were cards 443. There’s a plant (mysterious item 4/5) inside.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-33

Move to the cave until you reach the room with a mannequin. Pick up a head from the table and then open the cage with a rat. Go back and find a new passage on the right. At the very beginning, a sketch on fabric lies on the stone on the left side. Move forward (not to the right) on the fork and enter the room. Install the skull at the left screen, and the hand (it is directed to the right relative to you) at the right screen. Having done this, you’ll balance the scales and open the cage with the rat.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-34

At the fork, go to the other direction, turn to the left and find two more rooms. In one of them, you’ll need to take the socket out of the mannequin’s hand and then release the rats. In the other room, you’ll need to pull off the red cover and then open the cage with a rat. In this cave, there is another room with a rat. First, take a teddy bear from the mannequin and only then open the cage with a rat.

Go back and find a sketch on fabric in the cave with chests. Look towards a part of the ship and see a rope ladder. Use it to get up. Start shooting from cannons and run from one to another.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-35

Use the glow or silhouettes as guides. Soon, you’ll get to another ship. Enter the cabin and pick up another film from the table.

Go forward, move the curtains and see a boy. In the stone that the boy is leaning onto, there is a hole. Look through it, hold the RMB and you will find yourself in a room with a big rat statue. There are three smaller rat statues around it. Turn them so that they lighten the bigger statue.

In one case, you will have to move the curtains to reach the small rat. In another — move the curtains from the big rat’s side so that the light fall on it. Getting access to the third small statue and lightening the big one with it will cause no porblem. After that, you will find a plant instead of the big statue — the last mysterious item (5/5).

Open the cardboard box and then catch up with James. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself in your room.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-36

Important note. Mysterious items won’t unlock any achievement on their own. To unlock it, you need to get a shell from the sea.

First, when you are in the main character’s cabin, examine a sheet of paper lying among the mysterious items. You will spot an image of the sea horizon in the upper right corner and an inscription ‘’42s’’. Use the spyglass to look at the horizon for 42 seconds and you will here a splash. Look down and pick up a shell from the water. It’s one of the items that you need to unlock the Fisher King achievement. All other objects can be caught before Act 5.

The shell will appear next to the mysterious items. Insert it in the holes under the items and examine them. Instead of the noise, you will hear different messages. For listening the first message, you will get the You Can't Handle the Truth achievement, and We Don't Talk About It for decrypting all of them

Act 5. Forever

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-37

Start by reading a newspaper clip that lies on the table on the left. Examine the note on the couch to the right from the board. Enter the dressing room, read a note and start a film. Go to the corridor and find a note on the trolley on the left. A little further on the table, you’ll find a mirror. Start rotating the board until all mirrors are broken and then rush to the passage, moving away from the monster.

Move through identical rooms. Take the mask from the bedside table with a vase as you have done before. Call the elevator but do not rush to get inside.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-38

Remove the poster (13/15) from the wall on the right. Take the elevator to the door and enter the radio room. Interact with the device and go back to the elevator. Move on. Come to the door in front and pick up a note from the table on the left.

Go forward past the mannequins and pick up a can from the barrel. Crouch and sneak under the wall to save yourself from the monster. Continue moving through the rooms, go up the steps and enter the cabin on the right (in a long corridor). Examine a torn photo from the table. Move along the corridor, come to the place where the monster will appear and run away from it in the opposite direction.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-39

Rotate the projector in one direction and then in the other direction so that the wall collapses. Go through the doorway and pick up a note from the table. Go through the door, walk along the corridor and find a slide (10/11) on the shelf on the left. Move on, remove hands from your route and go to the corridor with two round holes. Open the massive door on the right by turning the valve and remove the poster (14/15) from the wall.

Move through the cave and get to a metal door. Start turning the wheel, stopping the handle (the one with the marker) at each rotating tube. When all three tubes are blue, you’ll be able to open the door.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-40

Examine three chests, then go back and grab a note from the table on the left in the room. On the shelf, there is a turned over box with the last slide (11/11). From here, go through the left door and pick up a rat in rags from the stone at the end of the corridor. Then, return to the room and got through the right door, to the canteen.

In the canteen on the first table on the right, you’ll find a talisman. Do not rush to leave the room and make sure that you remove the last poster (15/15) which is hanging on the wall to the right of the doorway.

Go to the ship. Before you interact with the cannon, find phonograph interview #6 to the right of the cannon. This is the last item of this type. Shoot from the cannon and go down. Follow the only route until you find yourself in a crowd of mannequins.

Go forward – one of the mannequins will turn into a monster. Run back, turn to the right and then to the right again. This move will allow you to bypass the monster. Continue moving forward – another monster will appear. Run a little back, and the last one will turn into a mannequin. Move on until the next monster appears. Run back and bypass it using mannequins to get to the stairs.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-41

Go to the room and turn the knob of the player clockwise, to the end, and then – counterclockwise to the end. Jump into the hole, exit through the door and grab a note from one of the sticks on the right side. Follow the only route to the ship and remove a note at the right side of the door. Use corridors to get to the far room and wait. After this, get out of the room to see the same room with a monster.

Move on until you see a structure made of mannequins and pull the lever. You’ll get an achievement Repair, Restore, Rebuild. Continue moving and get to the deck of the ship to see one of the last cutscenes.

Layers of Fear 2 Walkthrough-42

You’ll find yourself in the same corridor as at the beginning of the game. Go until the very end until you enter your room. Watch the actors and see the main character of the game depending on the decisions you have made.

Note. Now you can start New Game+ to collect the remaining collectible items (the ones you have obtained earlier are already in the room), unlock achievements and so on. For example, to get trophies for watching all slides and listening to audio records, you’ll have to see them in your room. In addition, you can start any of the game’s five chapters in the dressing room.

Robert Summers