Jurassic World Evolution

Release date: June 12, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Jurassic World Evolution 9 Useful Tips

A list of useful tips that will guarantee your park’s safety and prosperity as well as ideas for extra cash and how to deal with your fosterlings

Jurassic World Evolution is here and we can’t get enough. Along the way, though, we’ve been finding there are a few things we wish we had known from the very start as they completely change how you play the game. The game is made all the more challenging by the fact that you can’t pause, so being quick on your toes and following these tips will ensure your park is safe, happy, and well funded. These are 9 Jurassic World Evolution tips for making your parks better.

1. Watch Your Dinosaur’s Stats

  • Most of the time your dinosaurs break out of their paddock, it’s because something in their stats is making them unhappy. Do they have enough grass? Enough trees?
  • Many species will also get very upset from the very beginning if they don’t have a friend of their own species released with them. Corythosaurus is one of the dinosaurs that will instantly start getting unhappy if they’re released alone. The safest way to make sure your dinosaurs don’t get upset is to always have two of them ready to release at the same time.
  • When your dinosaurs are released, take a moment to watch the cutscene and then check their stats. Be ready to add or take away some trees or even make the paddock larger if they’re upset.
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2. Fence Repairs

When your dinosaurs get upset, they’ll start attacking the fence. Depending on the dinosaur and the type of fence it might take them a little while to break the fence, giving you time to do whatever it takes to calm them down. But even if they do calm down before they break through, the fence is damaged. Which means the next time a dinosaur gets upset you won’t have those few seconds to make things right. So send out a Ranger team to repair the fence right away.

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3. You Don’t Have to Control the Vehicles

Ranger jeeps and ACU helicopters can be controlled by you, but you may find them difficult to maneuver, especially in a crisis. So when time is of the essence or you’re being pulled in several different directions, you can assign vehicles tasks which they will complete on their own. This is great when you have a park-wide crisis and have to send out several teams while trying to stop dinosaurs from eating or trampling on everyone. Trying to control the ACU helicopter during a crisis is easily one of the hardest things to do in Jurassic World Evolution. So if you can skip the drama, it really pays off to do so.

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4. Take Photos for Extra Cash

You’ll burn through money quickly in Jurassic World Evolution as dinosaurs aren’t cheap to make. Taking photos of your dinosaurs is a great way to get some instant cash. To do this you’ll have to manually control a Ranger jeep and go into a dinosaur paddock. The best photos are ones with a large variety of dinosaurs in one place. Also try to get dinosaurs while they’re socializing, drinking, or eating. You’ll get more money if they’re doing something other than walking around.

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5. Request More Contracts

Another way to earn money is to request more contracts from the three divisions. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and have simple ones like keeping the power online for a few minutes or making sure none of your guests get eaten in a few minutes. That last one is especially good to get if you don’t have any carnivores in your park yet.

Get more contracts by going to the Control Room and selecting Contracts on the second row. Remember that if you get a contract you don’t like, say you don’t want your dinos to fight, you can terminate the contract or not accept it and request another.

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6. Use Live Meals

When you’re dealing with carnivores live meals are always best. Carnivores love to hunt and chase down their meals. There’s also a little bit of added cool/gross factor for any guests who happen to catch your meat-eating dinosaurs during the hunt. You can actually watch them cheer when dinosaurs leap at their prey. Especially unnerving when it’s a Velociraptor.

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7. Put Food Dispensers near Viewing Platforms

No matter what kind of dinosaurs you have sooner or later they’ll get hungry. Even though you’ll see herbivores graze they don’t actually get fed from that so you’ll have to put out planters for them and they need to be the right size. Putting your food dispensers in front of viewing platforms is an easy way to make it a popular destination for guests. Sooner or later someone will be hungry. This also works for carnivores and live meat. The goats tend not to wander off so far that they’ll be out of view of the adoring fans watching.

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8. Shelters

If your park has carnivores you need shelters. If you get really bad storms…you need shelters. Shelters are a great way to keep guests from being eaten or blowing away in a storm. But they only cover a limited area and depending on where you put them you could be putting your guests in harm's way as they try to get to the nearest one. Putting one right across from the Velociraptor paddock, for example, is a bad idea because you’re bringing the meal to the terrifying beasts.

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9. Open One Shelter

If your park is spread out you may not have to open all your shelters when a dinosaur breaks out. If your T-Rex breaks out on one end of the park there’s no reason to cause upset at the other end of the park. You know your ACU will get to her before she ever makes it across the park. Of course, that’s also what they did in Jurassic World so…you might want to reconsider that plan. Or don’t! It will have a big impact on your park’s performance if you open all the shelters at once and cause a panic when you didn’t need to. It’s really up to you which way you go.

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Shannon Doyle