Juggernaut Wars: Starting Guide

Let’s look at the main aspects of the game so that new players feel more confident right from the start

Action RPG MOBA Juggernaut Wars has firmly settled on the mobile games arena since 2016, attracting gamers with novice-friendly atmosphere, multiple game regimes and of, course, the multitude of heroes. Thanks to the picturesque animation, players can create their own fantastic five, which will help them beat opponents and achieve maximum prestige both with the clan brotherhood and in PvP tournaments. You can download Juggernaut Wars for free from Google Play and App Store.

The game immediately shows the novice player several epic battles with the sound of clashing swords, pleasant maiden voices shouting spectacular spells and savory monsters’ wheezes. The plot is based around the disappearance of queen Leia, which evaporated during the mysterious walk to the distant volcano. To find the patroness of the city, the elders decided to gather a squad of best fighters, and we are in command of this squad.

The main sections are shared across the whole screen in the main menu.

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The section in the upper left corner shows your nickname, current level and avatar, which will provide you new pictures as you progress through the game. Below is the calendar icon, which notifies players about the free daily bonuses which get better day by day. A new character is given after several days of regular gaming. The icon with a festive green tape opens the list of awards and future achievements that wait for us.


Main resources in the game are gems, gold and food.

  • You can get sapphires for certain actions (linking Facebook account, completing arena, liking the game’s page, installing Juggernaut Champions clicker) or you can buy them in the shop for real money by clicking on a plus sign nearby their quantity. This resource is necessary for gold exchange, purchase of unique items or for acceleration of certain actions such as energy or experience points recovery. Despite the fast replenishment of local currency, the resource mining system is pretty loyal – sapphires hoard with time and you shouldn’t protect them at all costs. Instead, you should open the next sealed chest with loot as fast as you can.
  • Campaign battles and other activities give you gold. Deposits of the precious metal are mined in caves. First, gold is necessary to upgrade heroes, create items and participate in certain activities. Besides this, the metal is needed to make purchases in the in-game shop. It’s worth noting that buying wooden chests is a good investment as they offer the opportunity to get not only equipment but also soul stones and, with some luck, a new character.
  • Food is the main fuel of the game. It is necessary for battles. You can get food by going through the campaign, being active and completing everyday tasks. If the food is over, you can buy it for sapphires or wait for recovery which is provided by the game.

Main menu and buildings

  • Heroes. Here, you can individually follow each fighter, level them up, upgrade equipment and teach them new skills. The statistics of all main characteristics of a hero is also available.
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  • Inventory. The store of inventory that you need to enhance heroes’ characteristics, cast spells over items (in the “items” section), complete advanced outfit (in the “fragments” section), watch the stones of souls hoarding (“stones”) and get rid of unnecessary waste by exchanging it into gold.
  • Missions. The list of everyday quests. If you actively complete them, you’ll soon get missing resources that you need to get to the next level. Thanks to this block, you’ll be able to watch your current progress and know if you are close to the next award of if something else is necessary to get it.
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  • Developments. The section where you can see the upcoming pleasant bonuses which will give you various presents. They can include, for example, a double award for daily quests or double profit in the form of soul stones at the heroic points of the campaign.
  • Settings. The menu will allow to pick the precise sound regime for notifications and music, manage linked social network accounts, contact support and update the game.
  • Cave. It is opened only after you reach the 24th level. However, it’s a thing worth pursuing: after the cave is opened, you’ll be flushed with gold. By dedicating a squad to mine resources, the gamer will be able to earn money. However, no one prohibits the player to rob the caves of other players. You should accurately choose your victims as you’ll not only spend a certain sum of money on the raid, but you may also lose a hero for the whole battle day in case of his death. You have 15 attempts per day. Give you gold acquisition strategy a serious thought as you may easily fall prey of other players without a good strategy.
  • Friends. Attract friends from your Facebook account and you will get an exclusive type of resources that is necessary to buy rare items in the special shop. The more friends will play the game, the more bonuses you will get.
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  • Clan’s castle. In this section, you can find brothers in arms, look at applications of those who want to see you in their ranks or create your own clan with its own rules and tactics.
  • Chests. A true win-win lottery of items and heroes. Chests come in several kinds: a wooden chest, a golden chest and a VIP-chest. The first type could be opened for free several times after a certain amount of time has passed: one time in 5 minutes, one time in 12 minutes and so on. The golden chest is harder to deal with and is opened only one time in several days while the most desirable one, the VIP chest, is only for players with a VIP status.
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  • Store. Check the items available daily because the item list refreshes every 24 hours. When the shop refreshes, it will be marked by the red dot.
  • Mailbox. A containment of in-game messages.
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  • Portal. Everyday trials for players. The menu “Test”, where you should use the maximum number of attempts to upgrade your skills, is opened first. It is followed by the “trail of death”, which is opened only after you reach the 24th level. You have five attempts to win over seven enemy squads. The more enemies you kill, the bigger the reward for this raid. Fallen heroes are out of battle for 24 hours. You can visit the trail three times per day. Enemies are chosen according to your level. You’ll be better off by sending upgraded characters on the trail of war in order to successfully complete the raid.
  • Campaign. The main storyline that consists of multiple levels. When you get through the battle without a loss, you get 3 starts and a handy opportunity to get fast fights (battles, where experience/items are received immediately after the push of the button without any waiting time). For successful completion of the locations that are signed by hero portraits you’ll get additional stones that can be used to upgrade a certain character. You can get through each location three times per day but, if you have enough sapphires, you can increase the number of attempts.
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  • Arena. A battlefield where you compete against other players for a good reward. Five fights are available each day. Keep an eye on the level and power of the opponent in order to win. Choose players for arena wisely: you should prefer characters that are able to deal powerful blows in the close-range fight or who are able to timely impact the opponent (to slow him down or to stun him). Fights are obligatory for each player and you’ll get a small reward even if you lose.
  • Obelisk of glory. Ratings, stats, top lists.
  • Soulshop. The store containing unique items for your characters. You can get currency instead of experience when your hero reaches maximum level.
  • Magic tower. Here, you can use magicians’ services while taking part in a battle. Two types of magic are available – defense magic and attacking magic. The first one improves the quality of characters by additional healing, enhancing attacking capabilities or by defending the hero with a magical shield. Attacking magic impacts the opponent by decreasing his attacking power and physical strength or by decreasing his defense abilities. The power of spells depends on the level of magic tower. This level depends on prisms which are obtained through the development of heroes.
  • Coliseum. Battles for advanced players where you can get special cash that helps you obtain exclusive skills that can radically influence battles. Two battles per day are available, and you can increase the number of attempts with the help of sapphires.

Fight mechanics

Before the beginning of the fight, you can examine the type and the number of opponents as well as the list of possible awards. You don’t always get the necessary item, but the probability is quite high. If a certain item is needed in the current part of the game, press “auto fight” and just wait for the needed thing. Each fight consists of three rounds with different enemies. The number of rounds depends on the regime of the game.

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Despite simple mechanics, you should distribute your forces evenly. Fighters are divided into the units of the first squad, which are responsible for physical attacks, and the second squad, which deals magical damage. The optimal composition is two tanks and three healers or vice versa.

Each hero has two indicators – the green bar shows health while the yellow bar shows the development of a special skill. When the yellow bar is filled you may use the special skill of the hero which can have a significant influence on the battle.

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Thanks to the button in the lower left corner of the screen the fight can be made fully automatic. However, there is a certain inconvenience as heroes use their special skills right after the special skill bar is full, which may happen at an inappropriate time.

John Davis