Juggernaut Wars: Heroes Guide

Just like in every role-playing game, you’ll need to develop your squad and welcome new characters. There are several methods to do this. They are simple but effective

Originally, the squad has just three heroes which are soon joined by another two. This fantastic five is the same for all players – the composition of the squad is stable with the exception of one fighter which drops off the chest.

Soul stones

During the adventure, some locations will bring you a small amount of soul stones.

Stones are fragments of future heroes which, like horcruxes, give you are new character if you gather them all. You can get them only in shops but keep in mind that some of them are available only in activity shops and will cost you gold or gems. Besides this, fragments (as well as heroes) can fall out of chests.

You can buy fragments even after the emergence of a new hero. If you have some spare fragments, don’t sell them as they’ll serve for the development of your character. After you have collected a certain number of them, the fighter’s avatar will get a star and its characteristics will increase. After the maximum level is reached, soul stones may be exchanged for soul shop currency.

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More stubborn players who don’t want to part with their hard-earned riches can use a third way. You can return to locations where you’ve already been three times per day. Keep in mind that you’ll have to spend more food than in ordinary locations. In this case, you’ll have to choose what character is more important to you.

You are free to choose your own style – from aggressive to tactical, so study the characteristics of heroes and create your fantasy dream team. Anyway, you won’t be able to open all heroes at once.

Experience potion

You’ll find blue bottles with elixir of experience during the campaign and for the completion of certain quests. Just like in the case of soul stones, you can get bottles with experience in the shop (the more, the better). There are three types of blue bottles in the game world: small, medium and big. You can develop your heroes and level them up only with the help of this elixir. Even when your squad is getting more experienced and its overall level goes up, separate heroes don’t increase their level automatically. You only get a chance to level them up with the help of elixirs.

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The hero progresses in his “career” through the character menu (press the plus sign near the number that tells you the current level of the hero) or through the “backpack” menu (press the tab “items”, then “apply”).

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To improve the hero, you need to clamp the strip near his portrait and hold it until he reaches the necessary level. Develop your fantastic five carefully, or great adventures will remain out of your mobile screen.

Gold and experience for skills

Your hero has three skills: two of them are used automatically during the fight while the third may be activated at any time. Naturally, all skills are of the same level with your squad.

Choose your skills wisely as some of them may be absolutely useless, so read characteristics and don’t forget about your chosen game style.

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You’ll need experience and some gold (search near the skill) to get your hero to the next level. Important note: experience points are given to the whole squad, so don’t use them on just one hero and distribute them evenly.

Experience is restored at a speed of one point in five minutes. Additional points are always available for those who love spending real money on the VIP status.


Six cells for outfit are available for each character. By putting on various outfit that was gotten in fierce battles, heroes may improve their characteristics. Also, equipment can be found in chests or bought in shops.

The outfit can give a solid boost to the hero if all six sells are filled (the button “boost” in the hero menu).

Missing items may be obtained by going through certain locations over and over again. Click on the icon of the necessary item and you’ll see a list of locations where it can be found. Don’t forget about food when you go through a location where you’ve been before.

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Certain improvements together with increased characteristics will add passive skills to your characters.

Sometimes, you’ll find loot with small starts painted on it. This artifact can be charmed, and the number of stars will be equal to the number of charms.

For example, the magic dust is handy in such operations as it gives many charming points. Generally, you can employ any useless items from the backpack for enchantment. Don’t use rare and expensive items - there’s a real risk that you won’t see them ever again! The magic dust will be back to inventory after the improvement of the character, but artifacts will be lost forever.

The clan’s altar

A lesser known but effective method of squad improvement is available for players who have reached the 20th level and are in a clan.

The secret is simple. Each castle of the clan has an altar of improvements where fellow clan members collectively upgrade their heroes using the clan’s currency. Each day a clan member gets a certain number of points that depend on the level of the clan. After this, an altar of improvements is used.

John Davis