Juggernaut Wars: Clans Guide

Today, we’ll talk about the clan system of Juggernaut Wars, its bells and whistles

Sooner or later, users of role-playing games like Juggernaut Wars become bored when they have to clear locations from never-ending mobs. PvE becomes a routine like cleaning your teeth or taking your morning coffee. A good RPG anticipates the upcoming crisis and offers a PvP regime and social mechanics – a rank system and an opportunity to join other players in clans, putting fresh paint on old locations.

Juggernaut Wars - 1.1 Clans Update

You should start thinking about a clan only after the 20th level as this is the moment when the game decides that you’ve seen it all and it’s high time to take clan roots as the seeds have already been sown.

You join the clan in the castle of the clan. You are free to choose the community you want or to create your own clan. For starters, it’s a good idea to join a powerful clan that will teach you the basic principles and mechanics. In addition, you’ll get clan bonuses.

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Here’s what you’ll find in the clan castle:


We have previously mentioned that altar is one of the options to improve your characters. When you join the clan, your fighters and fellow clan members will start levelling up. Improvements are given in exchange for the clan currency, which is obtained during battles and for the timely completion of daily quests. Don’t forget to upgrade your clan – the more powerful the community is, the higher the future reward.

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It’s simple: if there’s a good, there’s a seller. The list of items is updated together with your current level. Visit the shop frequently and don’t miss the chance to buy stones of souls and heroes’ fragments like the Messenger of Death Arzgar, the Spirit of Fire Heath and Prince nag-Amok.

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Clan building

It’s a head office of your organization where you follow the everyday bookkeeping of the clan – the status of the community, the number of participants, announcements. Besides, you can praise the higher-ranked clan members in the main building of the clan. One of the energy sources is responsible for this, and you’ll get food and a plus for your fellow member in exchange for a small donation. Just like in every bureaucratic structure, you clan abilities depend on your rank. You can learn what you can do and what is not permitted for your current status in the menu of the main building.


The holy place of every good clan. You should upgrade your heroes at the altar and bring money to the money-box every day, just like in real life.

At the beginning, you’ll be able to make a small contribution of 6,000 coins. In exchange, you’ll get a bit of clan currency.


It leads to clan’s fights that offer a special type of currency for the shop. You’ll be able to read the whole set of rules in the portal if you risk going there. The other thing is important: it’s not open 24/7 so watch the timer.

Wheel of fortune

It’s a local analogue of an online casino. Span the wheel and try your luck to win an expensive item. Or a less expensive item. Or even a cheap item. Or… something. Remember that there are no free spins so spend the clan currency to improve your hero or to buy something more useful in the shop.

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Caravan tent

When you reach the 22nd level, you and several fellow clan members can go for a round trip. Precious loot, stones of souls and new equipment await you there. The adventure is for seven members and it’s easy to join the party – just click on the vacant place in the tent. If there are not enough brave men, their places can be given to mercenaries that can be bought with clan currency.

At the end of the trip, each participant will get a reward depending on his level and the level of the caravan tent.

You can call you fellow clan members to join the trip once in 15 minutes, and the call will be seen in the chat of the clan.

The battle cave

Perhaps, the main fun for the clan – here, you can go on raids. Everything happens like in vanilla WoW: there’ll be several locations (chapters), you’ll clear the battlefield, and everyone will be happy. After this, each participant will get what he deserves.

For each chapter, the clan gets common trophies and keeps them in the treasury, where every raider may claim them once per hour.

The clan system of Juggernaut Wars is cleverly built and encourages players to continue their adventures. However, if you are a lone wolf and you did not like clan raids as much as solo endeavors, you can always press the Leave the clan battle in the main building.

John Davis