Juggernaut Wars: Caves Guide

Just like in many similar games, the in-game currency of Juggernaut Wars offers a variety of crystals, gems and other specific game units. However, despite the colorful diversity of monetary units, the noble metal, gold, always has its place among your riches.

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Gold is a very important resource in Juggernaut Wars. Thanks to it, you can shop for items, elixirs of experience, fragments of items that you need to upgrade your heroes, as well as the opportunity to open a wooden chest for 300 gold coins (you get 1 random item), or for 2,700 gold coins (you get 10 random items), or for 13,500 gold coins (you get 50 random items). Among these items, you’ll get not only everyday things but also rare ammunition and plenty of stones of souls.

Also, you can improve physical and magical abilities of your hero by using gold. You can improve them to the maximum level which will allow to deal maximum damage to your opponents.

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As clear from what was written above, there’s never enough gold. In the game, you can replenish your gold by using alchemy, by going through the main storyline and by selling items from your backpack. All three methods have their limitations. Alchemy is expensive as sapphires are better kept for more important decisions. Campaign won’t bring much money, and you can leave the garage sale to the rainy day.

However, developers of Juggernaut Wars offer players an opportunity to mine gold and elixirs of experience in caves, which are available for players who reached the 20th level. You’d be better off by reaching this level as fast as possible as a constant flow of gold and elixirs won’t hurt.

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Caves are divided into two types of mines: Bottomless Pits and Tantalum Cave.

You should devote most attention to bottomless pits at the beginning of the game as gold is more important than experience. To start mining, you should tap the new mine and start creating a squad by pressing on the gear. After this, you’ll see a menu with a list of all your heroes.

The mining squad consists of 1 to 5 characters above 20th level. Overall, you can mine one cave with 3 squads which have 5 characters each. Place your heroes to mining squads according to their level, as the total power of the squad influences the speed of gold mining – the more powerful your heroes are, the faster they mine gold.

Also, when creating a squad, pay attention to the class of hero that will be mining gold as marauders are not sleeping. You should have a combination of tanks, supporters and damagers in one squad so that you are safe on all fronts. While mining, the player can swap heroes between squads.

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Besides the honest method of earning money, players can show their dark side. Every day, you can make 15 attempts to rob caves of players who have a similar rating. Don’t forget that each fight with the opponent is counted as one used attempt. For example, if you find 3 squads in the opponent’s cave, you’ll use 3 fights out of 15 available to seize the cave. Searching for the opponent costs 100 gold coins.

If you don’t like the opponent that you have found, you can continue searching for 100 gold coins. After you have found an opponent, you’ll see a menu where you can study enemy’s squads, information about the enemy as well as time to seize the cave and the size of the trophy for the battle. You should measure not only the level of opponent’s heroes but the heroes themselves, as some characters may reverse the course of the battle even if they are of lower level than you are.

You should defeat all opponent’s squads to capture the prize. If you lose one or all five fighters from your squad during the battle, these fighters won’t be available for further looting in the cave. However, when searching for other caves, all fighters are ready to loot. After you have used all 15 battles, you can buy the same number of caves that you can loot for 200 sapphires. In total, you can buy 30 battles for 400 sapphires daily.

As was said before, you can mine for elixirs of experience besides gold in the caves. For this, tap the tab of Tantal’s cave, where you can mine for elixirs by using two methods – honest mining and ruthless robbery.

The mechanics of elixir mining is identical to gold mining – the player creates a new cave and puts heroes into squads. If heroes are currently mining gold, you can’t use them to mine experience. However, you can transfer them from gold mines and vice versa.

Don’t forget that the 15 daily battles are for both the bottomless mines and the Tantalum caves. Choose your opponents wisely so that you can get gold and elixirs of experiences besides fun.

John Davis