How To Earn Gold Coins in Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

All methods to increase your treasury and keep your gold safe

In Hustle Castle, you’ll face gold coin reserve volatility. Gold will be in rare supply at the beginning of the game, but when the level of the throne room will reach 4-6, you’ll have plenty of gold. However, the gold will soon disappear, and this time you will most likely fail to keep its reserves at a high level.

Make your citizens happy

Click on your account icon at the high right corner of the screen and see the castle citizens’ level of happiness. High level of happiness gives you up to 5% of additional income from all mining rooms (including treasury). If you use a premium account, the additional production will be 20%.

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Castle citizens’ happiness bar

To increase the level of happiness, stay in the game and track clouds that pop up above characters (typically, this method is used in comics to highlight heroes’ phrases). They appear randomly above any citizens – just tap them to get rid of the problem. Another method to keep the happiness on the high level is to win in battles, but typically trivial clicks on bubbles are good enough.

Maximize the treasury

While you need to upgrade your treasury to the maximum level to maximize your profits, you should also make sure that you have fully staffed it with citizens. Click on any character and you’ll see various class characteristics on the left side of the pop-up window. They show the list of skills of the character and whether the character is good at these skills. You can deploy any character to any room, but you should not expect high efficiency in this case.

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You should make citizens with high treasury skills work as treasurers (they have an image of wooden abacus). Make sure that they have the best equipment that maximizes gold production.

Complete missions

Another simple method to get many coins is to concentrate on missions. This is easy at the beginning of the game, but it will give a good upside to your treasury that you can’t ignore at any stage.

Combat in PvP and campaign

If you have a strong squad, you will always be able to complete several missions to earn money and replenish the treasury. Nevertheless, you can’t complete old missions for the second time, so farming does not work in this case, and you’ll ultimately meet a wall which can come in the form of Fiery Baron Argonius. Before it happens, complete all available missions to get additional coins.

PvP is another potential source of income but only in the case when you can win in battles. Search your opponents on the map and attack those who will bring most gold. Make sure that you are sending your best squad but be prepared for retaliation (the game allows revenge, however, all that one can get in this case is rating).

In other words, good defense is also very important to keep the gold reserve safe. Always leave as many warriors as possible in the barracks when you are leaving the game for a long period of time (without a goblin, citizens will be able to upgrade only one skill). You can also keep resources level at the minimum – start a room upgrade or a new room building before you leave the game.

Advice. If you want to decrease your chances of being robbed by a more powerful opponent, deliberately lose several battles to decrease the rating of your account. Thus, the probability of meeting a strong enemy will significantly decrease both in the case of your attack and in the case of attempt to rob your castle.

This is a very important move!!! It allows me to hoard the maximum quantity of gold. Open the world map, look at all opponents. If you feel that you cannot win over these players, lose all possible battles and spend all your food. The next time you log in the game, you’ll have much easier opponents. On the other side, the stronger your enemy is, the higher the probability to get the biggest reward for the victory.

Activate the premium account

If you are ready to invest a small sum of money each month, unlock the premium account and use the many advantages it gives, including the increase of all profits by 20%, additional resources that you get when robbing enemy castles, better rewards in quests and lower resource losses in case you lose during a siege.

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Premium account bonuses

There are more perks that you will get from the premium account and that do not openly influence your profits in Hustle Castle. Therefore, a premium account is a good investment.

John Davis