Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Resource Guide

A full guide to the in-game resources including their usage, production and the fastest way to gain some extra resources

Resource usage

No matter how professional you are or how strong the squad in your barracks is, you need to minimize the level of your resources before you go offline for effectiveness and safety purposes. This will significantly decrease the probability that other players will attack you and, if the attack is successful, rob you and take away most gold, mana, wood etc.

Therefore, remember the most important rule: the more resources you have, the more you will lose if the opponent’s attack is successful. Opponents may attack you only if you are offline!

Resources can be used not only for upgrading the rooms that need workers. For example, if you have already started the upgrade of the throne room or the clan hall but you have only one worker, you still have many options regarding how to deploy your resources – creating items, improving the defensive weapons in the arsenal, renewing spells in the magic lab.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Resource Guide-1
As seen on the screenshot, a weapon and a spell are made in sync with the throne room upgrade

Register on Facebook (if you still don’t have an account) and then link the account to Hustle Castle. Thanks to this, you’ll get additional resources. Find friends that play Hustle Castle, allow the game to access your Facebook friends list, and you will be able to find friends in the game itself. Without a premium account, you can send and receive ten gifts daily. Don’t miss this chance! Besides, when you send 10 gifts, you’ll receive an additional chest.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Resource Guide-2

If your storage is full, don’t open chests that have resources inside them. In this case, resources will just evaporate.

Don’t open chests if you are not in dire straits. There are better kept for the future, which guarantees the safety of resources and minimizes the profit of other gamers in case they attack you. Open chests gradually, up to the time when you get enough gold (for example). Immediately spend this gold for an upgrade.

When you upgrade buildings that mine resources (treasury, for example), they stop production. Thus, you’ll need a plan. If you are upgrading the dining room, you won’t be getting food for some time. Therefore, check that you are not under attack and that you have some food before such an upgrade.

Storyline quests can be executed at any time. Because of this, do this only in case you need resources and you have empty storage. Quests won’t run away.

If the opponents level is much higher than yours, try the tactics of losing deliberately. You will lose only food that you pay for each attack and for any other fight. Resources will stay untouched.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Resource Guide-3
As you can see, I deliberately removed two warriors to lose

With each extension you should remove various waste in the castle – stones, chests, coffins. Often, they contain gold and diamonds. As you upgrade the clan hall, you’ll be able to call for more resources.

Don’t panic if the storage is full – additional food, gold and mana can be stored in the rooms that are dedicated to their mining. The dining room, the treasury and the mana well have their own storage capacity.

Diamonds usage

It is a good idea not to spend diamonds at the beginning of the game. As in many other games that demand resources, it is important to spend the premium currency on various improvements. At the beginning, timers are not that great, so avoid touching diamonds.

Keep diamonds up until you open the portal (for this to happen, the throne room should be upgraded to the 6th level). With the help of the portal, you’ll be able to complete certain levels, killing enemies and getting stones of dark souls. This is an additional in-game currency that can be used to buy VERY important items in the shop (inside the portal).

To get through the portal, you’ll initially need a squad with a total power of no less that 40,000 units. With this, you’ll easily (and without spells) will farm about 15 souls. Gather more souls and then spend diamonds to multiply their number by two or three. Wait until the portal is open again and start farming souls one more time.

All pets except for the goblin provide only visual satisfaction. They are not worth it unless you can really afford them.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Resource Guide-4

When you get enough diamonds and can’t resist the urge to spend them, buy a goblin. The automatic learning is a huge positive. You won’t have to enter the game and click manually on the characters so that they continue learning.

Training and strength

You should not disorderly equip the best weapons and outfit to improve the efficiency of production and the strength of your army. Put the outfit off your people and then start from the lowest to the highest. Give the weakest ones the best outfit that can be put on them according to their skill and then get higher and higher. This will allow to establish the most effective production and reach a high strength for your squad.

If the upgrade takes more than eight hours to complete, start it before you go to bed. Faster upgrades should be executed during the day.

If you are under attack and you have a chance for revenge, remove all your troops out of the barracks and leave just one warrior. You don’t need anyone else – start the “revenge”. In this case you are guaranteed to lose, and you’ll lose your rating but not resources. This makes sense as you will decrease your overall rating and will guarantee yourself weaker opponents on maps from which you can steal resources in the future. On the other side, even if you win during the revenge, you won’t be able to take the lost resources back and you’ll only get rating points. This does not make sense as you’ll increase the level of your opponents.

Increasing population is a challenging task, especially if you want to get people of the biggest rarity. Start by coupling citizens with three and two stars. Try to retain two or three men in the castle, with the rest being three-star women. Then, put a three-star man in the room. If you have two rooms, use two men. Then send three-star women to them. Sooner or later (but not immediately), they’ll have a four-star child. When this happens, and the child grows up, the child must be used for further replication. If you get lucky, this four-star child will be a boy (a man in the future). Further actions are obvious.

A man can reproduce at any time while the woman after delivery can copulate after 24 hours. The total time is 24 + 2 = 26 hours (taking into account pregnancy and delivery).

You should have already noticed the buttons that allow to speed-up production.

Attention! You can not increase the speed of room upgrade by putting citizens there. They can only be used to increase the speed of weapon production, improvement of defensive weapons in the arsenal, spells etc. You’ll need people with high alchemy level for this. The higher their skill is, the bigger the speed-up bonus will be.

On average, each citizen with a good alchemy skill increases the speed of production by approximately 1.6-2.0%.

When you train your troops or people in the kitchen (for example), you’ll have to tap them any time they finish education to upgrade them to the next level.

Pay attention to the fact that, depending on the level of the training facility, your people may improve a skill to a certain level. For example, the first-level kitchen and mint allow you to upgrade food preparation and gold collection levels to eight.

Education time will increase together with the skill level of a certain character. Therefore, the higher level you get, the less time you’ll spend on this aspect of the game. That’s great if you keep in mind the diversity and multitude of rooms.

When you send people from the military squad to the hospital, send a tank as he is usually the most wounded. The health scale above characters shows the percentage from the maximum level rather than the absolute level of health. Tank’s HP recovery usually takes much more time, so it’s a good idea to put him into the hospital.

Here are several options of squad formation:

  • Three men: tank, healer and wizard – resurrector.
  • Four men: tank, healer, wizard – resurrector and archer.
  • Five men: tank, healer, two resurrectors and archer.
  • Six men: two tanks, healer, two resurrectors and archer.

Equip your tank with the outfit that will provide the longest survival. Resurrector must return your tank to the battle with the maximum possible HP, the healer must restore the maximum possible HP while the archer must deal the maximum damage.

Typically, you’ll be able to get through most battles without sending your troops to the hospital. Furthermore, if you have the wizard – resurrector, you may finish the battle with more HP than at the beginning.

John Davis