Hunt: Showdown

Release date: August 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide

In this guide, we look at all weapon types and upgrades in Hunt: Showdown, their strong and weak sides, and also give a few tips on which ones are the best and which you should avoid

Welcome to the end of the XIX century. There are no automatic guns. There are no self-loading carbines. There are (almost) no double-action revolvers, everything is hand-operated. The sights are as long as telescopes. The close-range red dots haven’t been invented yet. Scared?

Well, everyone is, at the beginning. You’ll get used to it. Besides, you’ve got our guide for Hunt: Showdown, which will help you select your weapons to hunt prey and/or other hunters. Keep in mind that without the Quartermaster trait, you’ll only be able to carry one big and one small gun, or two medium-sized guns. The Quartermaster trait lets you carry one big weapon and one medium weapon. Try equipping guns that use different types of ammunition, as there are always too few bullets and having a maximum of two spare mags for a gun is normal around here.

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-1

There are five types of ammo boxes in the world:

  1. Compact.
  2. Medium.
  3. Long.
  4. Shot Shells.
  5. Special (used to refill Nitro, Prototype ammo and crossbow bolts of both sizes).

All of the upgrades – silencers, bayonets, and sights, for example – are built-it and an upgraded gun is treated as its own weapon, which means that you can end up choosing between a Winfield with a bayonet and with a scope. Also, keep in mind that all of the stats are listed without regard for any traits that may be applied to your Hunter.

Pistols and revolvers

Nagant M1895

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-2

Your first handgun. Until you get something else it does fine, but it is worth swapping off on the first opportunity. It has mediocre damage, lackluster range, low fire rate and slow reload, all of which does no favors to good ol’ Nagant when compared to anything else.


Nagant M1895 Silencer

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-3

The effective range of this gun [note: Effective range is the distance at which a headshot will be lethal for an enemy Hunter] is lowered from 60 meters to a meager 30 meters, but the base damage stays the same. This gun is useful if you prefer to stay PvE to find the bounty first and get away alive. Against other players the M1895 Silencer is borderline useless: at close range, a shotgun will do a better job and at longer range, where the sound of the shot cannot be heard, it’ll take you at least five bodyshots to finish off a Hunter with full health.

Nagant M1895 Precision

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-4

The main failure of Nagant M1895 Precision is the fact that it’s considered a medium weapon. Were it a small one, it would be one of the best guns in its class – decent fire rate, almost no sight sway, and increased melee damage is good. But there’s the Dolch 96 with a stock in the medium class, too, and it’s better in almost everything. Still, if you’re a long way away from Dolch, an M1895 Precision will make a good duo with a sawn-off shotgun.

Nagant M1895 Deadeye

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-5

Well, this is a bit overkill. A Nagant with both a stock and a sight was intended to be a pocket sniper rifle, but is, in fact, useless. At close range, where it only takes three shots to kill with a Deadeye, the scope does more harm than good. And at sniper range, the 70 damage and 58 meters of range are not even close enough. You’ll be better off without the sight on this gun.

Caldwell Conversion Pistol

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-6

Your main handgun. Decent damage is coupled with average stability and allows you to kill small prey with one good headshot. Caldwell Conversion also does well against other people. But just like any other jack-of-all-trades kind of weapon, the main downside of the gun is that if you have a goal in mind there’s a better gun for it. Need to reload quickly? Use Dolch 96 or Bornheim No. 3. Need to be quiet? Use the silenced Nagant. Still, the Caldwell Conversion is a good choice for a new player who is yet to find his favorite gun.


Caldwell Chain Pistol

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-7

This gun has an enormous magazine of 17 bullets instead of the usual 6. Sure, it takes longer to load the whole thing, so we recommend reloading at any moment when you’re not shooting anybody. Chain Pistol is an upgrade for the standard Caldwell and we advise you change Conversion Pistol to a Chain Pistol when an opportunity presents itself.

Caldwell Conversion Uppercut

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-8

An insane piece. This Caldwell was reworked to use Long ammo which makes it deal a whopping 130 damage per shot! With a Hunter’s maximum health equaling 150, there’s something to be impressed with. This is compensated by horrible sight sway – the gun acts like your Hunter just wandered off from a bar. But if you can get used to it or if you are close enough to fire from the hip, the Caldwell Conversion Uppercut will make you proud.

Caldwell Pax

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-9

Pax and Conversion Pistol are blood brothers. Everything we said about the Conversion Pistol can be applied to the Pax. Caldwell Pax has more damage, a bit more sway, it uses medium ammo instead of compact, less spare shots and a bit less fire rate. The choice between Pax and Conversion Pistol is not a question of practical application, but a question of your own preferences. We can only say that Conversion Pistol will be better suited for a game hunter while the Pax is more of a gun for someone who hunts other hunters.


Caldwell Pax Claw

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-10

The same Pax, but with a claw on the grip that can be used for hand-to-hand combat. Pax Claw is a direct upgrade for a standard Pax and it’s one of the reasons to pick Pax over Conversion Pistol, which lacks a melee upgrade.

Bornheim No. 3

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-11

Don’t be scared off by the damage number of 65. This kid has a fire rate of 210 shots per minute meaning while it takes a guy with a Nagant to fire a shot, you’ll already be firing your third. The tiny 5-round magazine is not good, especially considering that you only have three spare mags for it. But the reload only takes three seconds. This only works for reloading from an empty gun, though, as the Bornheim that still has some ammo in it will be reloaded one by one and you’ll lose a bullet in the process. This pistol is the choice of the hunter that thinks quickly and acts even quicker and doesn’t hesitate to pick up a gun of a man he just killed.


Bornheim No. 3 Extended

A controversial gun. On one hand, the magazine now holds 8 shots which gives you a chance to miss and not be punished for it. On the other, you can only reload bullets one by one, which is long, so if you haven’t finished your enemy off with the full mag, you’re in a lot of trouble. All in all, Bornheim No. 3 Extended is a gun for a hunter that prefers PvE over PvP because this type of player would load the standard Bornheim one by one anyway.

Nagant M1895 Officer

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-12

A direct upgrade for a Nagant, the M1895 Officer trades a bit of its accuracy for a double-action firing mechanism that triples the fire rate over the original version. The Nagant Officer is for the hunter who likes playing risky, but not Bornheim levels of risky.


Nagant M1895 Officer Brawler

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-13

The very same Nagant, but with a knuckleduster attached. The Brawler is exactly the same Nagant M1895 Officer, minus the greater melee damage. There’s no point in skipping it when you have a standard M1895 Officer in hand.

Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine

It’s hard to tell that M1895 Officer Carbine is a Nagant variant just by its looks. And that’s for good reason – the Officer Carbine feels nothing like the stock Officer Nagant, it’s its own weapon. The additional 10 points of damage allow you to kill enemy Hunters in two to three good shots and near-ideal stability coupled with a recoil that’s lighter than a feather will help you with hitting those two to three shots. Nevertheless, compared to other guns, the Officer Carbine has a lower effective range, so if you’re really good at hitting heads, you might want to choose a bigger gun. But if you aren’t absolutely sure about your shooting skills, the Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine will be a perfect choice as your main gun. It is a full-size weapon, so it might be profitable to pick a heavy pistol with it.

LeMat Mark II

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-14

The most interesting pistol in the game. The fire selector allows you to switch between the two barrels of the LeMat. The upper is a usual pistol barrel, 75 damage per shot, nothing really outstanding here. But the lower barrel uses shotgun ammo and is actually a decent replacement for a shotgun, especially since this shotgun comes for free, without occupying any space in your inventory. Of course. the fact that it’s free means it has to have some heavy downsides. The range is miserable and there are only four shots to shoot. After that, you’ll have to look for ammo. Still, the LeMat Mark II is a good choice for a Hunter who wants more guns than two.

Dolch 96

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-15

Perhaps, this is the best pistol in the game. It reloads by magazines, which only takes five seconds to do, it deals 110 damage per shot, which is only surpassed by the Caldwell Conversion Uppercut and it has 75 meters of effective range, at which it can shoot thanks to superb stability. Of course, something this good has to be balanced out by some downsides. First of all, you only have one spare ten-round magazine and that’s it. Secondly, this gun uses a unique ammo type, the “Prototype” bullets, which are hard to find. But even with the 20 rounds that you start with you can make a lot of noise and destruction.


Dolch 96 Precision

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-16

It’s the same as it is with Nagant Precision – you get a stock, which further reduces the sight sway of the gun and increases damage in hand-to-hand combat. For Dolch, it also somehow decreases the reload time. But this comes at a price: this weapon fits into the medium size and not small. Is the increased accuracy worth it? Probably not – if you don’t have a Quartermaster perk, you might want to ignore this gun.


Romero 77

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-17

Your first shotgun. A single barrel break-action gun that deals a ton of damage, the Romero 77 can match any weapon at close range, but only if you hit the shot. If you miss, you’re as good as dead – there’s no other way when you’re 15 meters away from your opponent. Fun fact: due to shotguns also having a Rending effect to their damage, it can turn out so that your enemy kills you and dies a couple seconds later because of the bleedout. If you want your first big kill to be another Hunter, then Romero 77 is your choice.


Romero 77 Handcannon

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-18

Handcannon – is a Romero 77 with a sawn-off barrel. It has increased recoil, reduced melee damage and the one-shot-kill range is halved with only 8 meters. This means that you practically have to stick the gun into an enemy’s face to make the kill. Either carry a secondary weapon or use your Handcannon to finish off wounded enemies. The Handcannon is a medium-sized weapon, unlike its big brother. And if you get the Romero 77 as a starting gun in a Quick Play game, well, the first kind of hunting you’ll be doing is hunting for supplies.

Romero 77 Talon

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-19

A shotgun that has a blade on its stock. The parameters are close to those of the original Romero 77, but the stability is decreased a little. But does that really matter? You’ll be firing from the hip anyway. There’s no sense in walking past a Talon when you’ve got a Romero 77 in hand. You won’t lose anything from the switch.

Romero 77 Hatchet

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-20

This one is a mod of a mod, as we have a sawn-off Romero with a hatchet on it. It’s pretty useless though, as the damage from the shot is even lower and when you’re close enough to make a one-hit-kill you can just use the hatchet itself. Pass.

Caldwell Rival 78

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-21

Your second shotgun. It’s a lot better than Romero 77, thanks to the second barrel that allows you to deal with the enemy Hunter for sure. It also gives you a chance to miss and survive, which is no small thing, too. If you’ve got a Romero 77 in hand and a Rival 78 is lying just before you, pick it up without a second thought. The only occasion when you may want to think before making the switch is if you’ve got a Talon because the Rival doesn’t have any close-range mods.


Caldwell Rival 78 Handcannon

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-22

Rival 78 with a sawn-off barrel, this gun is one of the two starting weapons in Quick Play if you’ve selected the Close-range starting gear. On the one hand, the stats say it has 85 damage, on the other, killing with a Rival 78 Handcannon is much easier than with a Romero 77 Handcannon. If you were lucky enough to draw this weapon as a start, you can go and draw your first blood instead of looking for a better weapon.

Specter 1882

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-23

A pump-action shotgun that contains five shells and has good damage and range numbers, the Specter 1882 is an all-round upgrade for the Caldwell Rival 78. Of course, it has some downsides. For example, if you’re loading more ammo while not being empty, you lose a shell. And if you’re loading an empty gun, you’ll only have four shells in and if you try to load the fifth, it’ll cost you two shots. But having four shots before having to reload is still better than having one or two, even if the reload takes 15 seconds to complete. That’s the spirit of shotguns – when having a shootout with them, you won’t be reloading before it’s over.


Specter 1882 Compact

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-24

Lowered damage, lowered effective range, lowered capacity but also lowered size: 1882 Compact sells you exactly what the name says. Compared to the parent version, this shotgun is considerably worse, but when compared to the Handcannons, Specter 1882 is a good upgrade.

Specter 1882 Bayonet

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-25

It cost this gun a part of the barrel to be able to attach a bayonet. This resulted in lower damage and lower effective range, but the bayonet itself more than compensates for it. It lets you stay quiet while paving your way to a Rift or a Clue and save ammo for bigger encounters. The Specter 1882 Bayonet is the choice of a hunter, who prefers to keep things quiet while he can, but is prepared to fight when necessary.

Crown & King Auto 5

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-26

The best shotgun in the game, despite having a lower range than Specter 1882. The best fire rate, decent enough damage and it also doesn’t cost you a shell to reload. The only downside to it is the fact that there are no upgrades available for it, but do you really need them when you have an automatic shotgun?


Winfield M1873C

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-27

The starting rifle, the Winfield M1873C has a chance of making you like it so much that you won’t swap it for anything else. And there are reasons to fall in love with this gun: eight shots in the mag and a lot more to spare, surgical precision that allows to go for the head as well as play without aiming at all and firing from the hip, decent damage. And to top all that off, you keep aiming down sights after taking the shot even without a special trait, because the gun is lever-action and not bolt-action. The only real downside to this weapon is the fact that it uses compact ammo, which doesn’t really penetrate any materials, so a wallbang would be almost impossible to do.


Winfield M1873C Silencer

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-28

The silencer didn’t do Winfield any good: it decreases the range, it lowers the accuracy and it’s pretty big, which obstructs your vision when aiming down sights. On the other hand, the Winfield with a silencer is hard to hear and the damage is the same, which makes it a good gun for a hunter who just wants to hunt in peace.

Winfield M1873 Marksman

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-29

The sniper sights look good on Winfield. Maybe not exactly useful because of the limited range. Still, the Winfield M1873 Marksman is the weapon of choice for a team player: it’s great for covering your teammate and finishing off whoever your buddy shot already. Solo players will benefit more from a stock Winfield because it may prove difficult to land one-hit kills with it and there’s no one to finish what you’ve started.

Vetterli 71 Karabiner

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-30

The first bolt action rifle available to you, the Vetterli 71 Karabiner is an average representative of its class: lots of damage, good effective range and bad performance up close. On the medium range, the Vetterli 71 does well and the choice between it, the Lebel 1886 and the Mosin-Nagant is a matter of taste. We think that Vetterli 71 is a good choice for a hunter who doesn’t need range, but needs ammo – that means, if you need to level up fast and kill everything that might give you some XP, from leeches to other Hunters, the Vetterli will be an excellent pick. You’ll have plenty of ammo because this gun utilizes Medium ammo which is only also used by Caldwell Pax. Another bonus: you don’t lose a bullet when topping off this gun.


Vetterli 71 Karabiner Deadeye

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-31

A variant of the Vetterli 71 Karabiner with a sniper sight. Unfortunately, the situation here is just like the Nagant M1895 Deadeye: the sight is more of a nuisance than a useful gadget, and at long ranges, the Vetterli will lose to its more powerful counterparts. Unlike the Nagant, though, this gun has a “Golden range”, where one shot to the head is still enough and the sight magnification is ideal to make that shot. Therefore, the Vetterli 71 should see some limited use. The only thing that matters here is your own positioning.

Vetterli 71 Karabiner Bayonet

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-32

Now the bayonet only does good for the Vetterli. The accuracy reduction is negligible and the increased damage in melee will help you stay quiet when you need to stay quiet, which is always a good thing for a hunter. Walking past a Karabiner Bayonet, when you have the usual Karabiner in hand is not a good idea.

Sparks LRR

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-33

A one-shot rifle that is best swapped away immediately. For anything. Because 149 damage per shot on 10 meters of range seems like a joke. Even if you hit your enemy, the time it’ll take you to reload or change weapons is enough for the wounded enemy to escape. And there are better weapons to make headshots in this game, even on the effective range of 250 meters (a quarter of the map!), and no one really shoots that far anyway. If Sparks was a one-hit kill in the upper torso at a range where a shotgun can’t do the same, this gun would be good for people who prefer going all-in. Right now, Sparks LRR is a choice for a hunter who feels the urge to play with Sparks LRR, because there are no real reasons to pick it.


Sparks LRR Silencer

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-34

This thing is even less useful than the original. The damage of 136 points means that you’ll have to poke the enemy with the gun before making a shot and only then this loser will die. Otherwise, he’ll just run away or turn around and shoot back at you. Of course, if the enemy is already wounded, it will be a one-hit kill, but basing your strategy on this is naïve at best. You’ll be better off empty-handed: at least that way you won’t misfire and die for nothing.

Sparks LRR Sniper

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-35

The sniper sight on the Sparks LRR Sniper allows you to utilize the impressive range of 250 meters. But it’ll take quite some skill and/or luck to hit that shot. It may be simpler to just pick a Vetterli 71 Deadeye or a sniper Mosin-Nagant.

Winfield M1873

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-36

The “big brother” of the M1873C, this gun has double the capacity at the cost of a small accuracy reduction. It’s the same gun in any other regard, same good and bad sides. There’s some sense in swapping one for the other, but only if you won’t miss the upgrades of the M1873C.


Winfield M1873 Aperture

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-37

Why isn’t this a sniper sight? All this red dot knockoff is doing is mess with the sight on both the close range and medium range where your target looks like this:

To top all that off, there’s the increased sight sway, which makes playing with Winfield M1873 Aperture quite difficult. Just stick to the vanilla version.

Winfield M1873 Talon

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-40

This one, on the contrary, is a good upgrade. The accuracy loss is negligible and the blade attachment helps a lot if you prefer a quiet style of playing. If you’re a loud guy, you probably won’t notice any difference and should probably take a look at the next entry.

Winfield M1873 Swift

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-41

It looks just like your usual M1873. The difference becomes apparent after you’ve unloaded half the magazine. Swift allows you to load the ammo in bunches, seven at a time, which reduces reload time greatly. In any other regard it’s the very same M1873, so skipping the Swift version in order to keep the original can be counterproductive.

Lebel 1886

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-42

A fan favorite. The Lebel 1886 occupies the middle ground between the Mosin-Nagant and the Vetterli 71 in terms of accuracy and stopping power. If you like to shoot at extreme ranges, the Lebel is also a good choice, especially if your only other option is a Sparks LRR. Of course, a gun this good can’t come without its quirks. The main one is the long ammo it uses: the boxes are rare, the resupplies are narrow and you start almost empty already: with a full magazine of ten shots, you only have five more to spare. And to make matters worse, if you’re loading a gun that has some in it, you’ll lose a bullet, and you can’t really afford that. But still, the Lebel 1886 is one of the best guns in the game. You'll just have to play it carefully.


Lebel 1886 Talon

Talon doesn’t really solve the problem of the Lebel 1886 but makes things a lot easier. With a blade on your stock, you can kill small prey without shooting, thus saving the ammo for bigger game. This certainly is worth the loss in accuracy. Take it when you see it.

Lebel 1886 Marksman

A medium-size sniper scope, just like the one on Winfield M1873C Marksman, allows you to utilize the huge effective range of the rifle. You probably won’t shoot that far, though, because the magnification on the sight is not that big. But unlike Winfield, which lacks damage, Vetterli, which has even worse magnification and Sparks, which only really has one shot, the Lebel will allow for a two-hit kill in the chest even when sniping, or one headshot if you can spare the expenses on firing some zeroing shots. The Lebel 1886 Marksman is the choice of the sniper.

Mosin-Nagant M1891

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-43

The biggest number of upgrades is available for this gun. And, frankly, the upgrades are the reason to pick Mosin-Nagant, because the stock version is almost ultimately worse than a stock Lebel 1886. The increased damage doesn’t really compensate for decreased accuracy, but at least the reload is near-instant. The ammo problems are still there, though, as well as losing a bullet when topping off.


Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-44

A sawn-off Mosin is the best medium-sized gun out there. The damage of the full-size variant couples perfectly with the ability to take a shotgun or a pistol with a stock as your secondary. This makes for an all-round composition. You’ll have to learn to play with it for a bit, though: make the first shot with a Mosin and finish them off with a pistol.

Mosin-Nagant M1891 Bayonet

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-45

As it says in the name, that’s a Mosin with a bayonet. Everything that has been said about the vanilla version is still correct here, up to the point of being inferior to a Lebel 1886 Talon.

Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez Mace

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-46

An upgrade for an upgrade, Obrez Mace trades its already bad accuracy for more damage in hand-to-hand combat. It doesn’t really matter because A) you shouldn’t take Obrez as your only gun in the first place and B) you should have a pistol with a stock as your secondary. If none of those two requirements have been met, you should take the Obrez Mace; otherwise, it’ll be a questionable decision.

Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-47

A sniper variant of the Mosin is the only sniper mod in the game that doesn’t decrease stability. It would be good if it wasn’t low in the first place: the only gun less stable than a sniper Mosin is a sniper LRR. The long sight is kind of overkill for the distances you usually have shootouts at, so Mosin-Nagant M1981 Sniper might not be your top pick.

Mosin-Nagant M1891 Avtomat

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-48

This bizarre mod converts the Mosin into a fully automatic assault rifle. What is there left to wish for? A machine gun in a game where everyone else uses bolt-action should be OP. But that’s not really the case here. The M1891 is not suited for auto-fire. Firstly, the recoil is monstrous. You won’t land two shots in one place even if you try to. Secondly, your whole ammo capacity of 15 bullets is one magazine. There’s no spare ammo at all. Taking a Caldwell Conversion Uppercut solves this, as weapons with the same ammo type pool their ammo, but it's still not enough. The Avtomat is good to kill bosses really quick, though – they won’t even know what hit them. And the gun is useless against other Hunters.

Nitro Express Rifle

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-49

A gun to hunt very big game. The Nitro Express has tremendous damage of 364 and only six shots to use, two of which are already loaded. The ammo is so unique, you can’t resupply from ammo crates, and you’ll have to look for the purple boxes. The purpose of this gun is obvious: this weapon is boss-only. There’s a lot of reasons not to use it against the players, such as a very bad Aperture sight, a shoulder-breaking recoil, low accuracy, and your own greed.

Special weapons

Hand Crossbow

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-50

A small crossbow, it occupies a medium-size spot. The bolts can be picked up after the shot and the game even has a trait that highlights them. It is also expectably quiet, which makes it appealing to a stealthy player. Unfortunately, it’s bad when fighting against an enemy Hunter: the bolts fly in a ballistic trajectory. It’ll take a lot of practicing before you can land a shot. If you do land a shot, though, you can count the enemy out. The arrows deal tons of damage and also make them bleed. Just don’t let them escape.


Hand Crossbow Poison

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-51

Makes the bolts poisonous. Also makes them single-use. The ballistic trajectory stays exactly the same. Keep in mind that the effects of the poison affect the prey and even the bosses along with humans, which makes the Hand Crossbow Poison an interesting strategy against the boss.


Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-52

Hand crossbow, full size. Everything said about the former is still correct here. The arrows of the two are not interchangeable, the Crossbow utilizes a different type of bolts. The projectile speed is one and a half times the speed of the Hand Crossbow bolt, which means you’ll have to learn to shoot this one from scratch.


Crossbow Explosive

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-53

Fires explosive bolts. For obvious reasons, those bolts are single-use only. The explosion range is not great. You can forget about killing enemies in groups. The explosion is not only weak but also loud, which not only renders the Crossbow Explosive useless, it makes is a danger for its user.

Crossbow Shotbolt

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-54

Fires bolts that have a shotgun shell attached to them. This is quite a novelty that has no real uses. You have full-size guns for humans and monsters and you have a bag of decoys to make diversions – and it also doesn’t occupy weapon space as it’s a piece of equipment.

Cold weapons

These are the Combat Axe (medium-sized), the Machete and the Cavalry Saber (both are small). These are the choice of a quiet and quick hunter, as they allow you to kill enemy hunters with one hit. For obvious reasons, you want to close the gap between you before alerting the enemy to your presence. All three rend, which means the enemy will be bleeding, all three do lots of damage (high to low – Axe, Saber, Machete) and they also don’t wear out, which is awesome. Still, there are bayonets, which take no space and knives, which are equipment and not weapons. But the cold weapons are a viable choice anyway.

Bomb Lance

Hunt: Showdown Ultimate Weapon Guide-58

The oddest weapon in the game. It’s a lance, which should make it a part of the previous entry. But it also is a harpoon gun, and the harpoons are explosive. The harpoons deal enormous amounts of damage, they kill bosses in three to four good hits. The lance is quite useful up close, to no surprise. Of course, something this powerful can’t be an all-round tool. It’s bad against other Hunters. If you miss a harpoon shot, you’re done for: the reload takes four seconds and you only have five harpoons to spare, which means you’ll have to make every shot count. But if you have a buddy that will cover your back, the Bomb Lance will make you rich as with this hybrid you’ll be able to rush bosses and finish the bounty in under 10 minutes!

John Davis