Hitman 2

Release date: November 13, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 5: Another Life

A real gift to those feeling nostalgic about Hitman: Blood Money. The location is very similar to the one in the mission “A New Life” from the most popular part of Hitman


Welcome to Whittleton Creek! A paradise suburb right from the American dream: similar two-story houses, perfect green lawns and a beautiful park with a nice little creek. 47 arrives here in the role of a friendly neighbor, who is not averse to be closely involved with the locals.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 5: Another Life-1

He is particularly interested in Mr. Janus (the former Constant) and Nolan Cassidy (the agent of Providence, guarding Janus). This time, in addition to eliminating his targets, the protagonist needs to find three clues connecting Janus with Providence and find out the time and place of their next meeting with the Constant.

The location is small and only has four streets. However, there are many houses around, each with two floors and a basement. Some of them hide plenty of interesting stuff. Be careful though, not all neighbors are equally friendly. Janus’s and Nolan’s houses are under round-the-clock surveillance and some serious security. Walking around the district, you will hear a lot of rumors about various tenants, learn about their habits and discover new opportunities to reach your targets.

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Targets: Janus and Nolan Cassidy

Let’s start with the grandpa, Unfortunately, he does not leave his property at all. So you will have to visit him personally, and there are several options to do so.

The first one is to disguise 47 as a nurse and go right through the main entrance. You can borrow the uniform from a guy who is feeding ducks in the southern part of the map. After you enter the house, the guard will insist that you go to a secluded room. They will lock you up to run a background check in the meantime. Of course, you will not be able to come up with a decent legend in five minutes. You will need to sneak out of confinement and finish of Janus before the guards find out that you are not a nurse. You can leave the room through the roof hatch or open the door with a lockpick.

After this, return to Janus and invite him to go to the bathroom for his procedures. He will lie on the massage table, and you can smother him with a pillow. The end.

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If that sounds too risky, you can exploit Janus’s smoking habit. Take the pack of cigarettes, which the guard threw over the fence. Put them on the table and open the oxygen tank next to it. Once Janus lights up his cigarette, the house will explode, and you will be long gone.

Janus also has a mole problem in the area. If you are not against pixel animal abuse — put some explosives into mole holes and solve the problem once and for all. Along with the owner.

Nolan Cassidy constantly roams the map and rarely lingers in one place. He is so passionate about his job that he even ignores the BBQ party of his neighbor. If you solve the host’s propane problem, you can be sure that Nolan will make time to attend the event. A great opportunity to poison his food and finish the target in the toilet.

Cassidy is also interested in buying his neighbor’s house, which has some fancy security system in the basement. If you manage to impersonate a real estate broker, Nolan will have a memorable excursion with a fatal outcome.

Clue locations

  • Lawsuit papers — James Batty, a neighbor of Janus, sued the old man because his helipad was located in the area with endangered (and poisonous) frog species. You will find the documents in the barn behind Batty’s house.
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  • Surveillance tape — A tape with a recorded conversation between Janus and the current Constant can be found in the security room of Cassidy’s house. If you enter through the open garage, it is the first room you enter. Once you have collected it, you will need to head to the attic in the opposite house in order to listen to it.
  • Letter to Janus — Located in the same room where you found the tape. The text confirms the connection between Janus and the Ark Society.
  • Microfilm — In Janus’s library upstairs of his house. It contains evidence of the connection between him and Providence. You can view the contents in the attic of the Wilsons’ house. Those BBQ neighbors.
  • Janus’s diary — One of the guards stole it and reads it on a bench in the bottom left corner of the map.
Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 5: Another Life-5
  • Janus’s cigars — A gift to the former Constant, which one the guards have buried somewhere in the backyard of Nolan’s house. Grab a shovel from the shed if you decide to dig it out.
  • Ceremonial robes — In the house of Helen, who is known throughout the town for her delicious cupcakes. You will find the robe in a room upstairs. It will also include a note about the upcoming Providence meeting.

Points of interest

  • Cassidy’s property — Headquarters of Nolan’s security operations. On the first floor, you will find a CCTV hub and a few clues needed to fulfill your objective. On the second floor will be a room with an armory. You can break the glass in there to attract Cassidy’s attention.
  • Janus’s property — His site is full of security and it is quite difficult to slip unnoticed. You can try to sneak in through the basement or climb the drainpipe. Make sure to turn off video surveillance and get rid of interfering patrols beforehand. The house contains several clues as well.
  • Schmidt’s property — This one is up for sale, you visit during the House for Sale mission story. There is a wrench on the first floor and some rap poison in the basement, but the rest of the house is empty. There a tree house in the garden — the best sniper position in here.
  • Wilson’s property — The place where BBQ is hosted, meaning nobody will mind if you walk around there. Here you can learn about the microfilm player in the attic or impersonate the waiter and poison Nolan.
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  • West’s property — In this home you will find a lovely lady who makes delicious cupcakes. Not long ago, she agreed to patch up Janus’s robe, which can be found upstairs. Do not forget to visit her basement — a rather interesting place.
  • Whittleton Creek — The creek itself is right at the bottom of the map. Walking along it, you will meet a postman (starts a mission story), Janus’s nurse and the guard with his diary.
  • Protected reservoir — The area behind Cassidy’s and Batty’s houses. Home for various vegetation and some poisonous frogs.
  • Public park — You will find a politician campaigning there. If you disguise yourself as him, you can wander around and listen to some funny dialogues.


  • Cassidy’s bodyguard — There are enough of them to pick from. The most suitable one patrols the back yard. Jump over the fence and wait for him in the bushes. Careful with the cameras.
  • Janus’s bodyguard — Loads of them around the house as well. The easiest to reach, however, is the one reading the diary on the bench in the bottom left part of the map. Wait for the garbage men to look away and stun the guard.
  • Nurse — The guy feeds the ducks at the creek. Stun him and drag the body to the nearby shack.
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  • Exterminator — He can be found near his van in the front of the Batty’s house. The exterminator stands right by the bushes, which are perfect for hiding his body.
  • Gardener — You can find him in front of Janus’s house. The gardener is having an argument with the police officer about trying to use explosives to get rid of the moles. After failing to get those back, he walks back to his truck, where you two can have some privacy.
  • Server — There are two ways to get his disguise. The first is to stun the server hiding on the second floor of Wilson’s house. The second is working at the muffin stand in the top right part of the map. Turn on the radio and knock him out in the bushes. You do not even have to drag him anywhere.
  • Real estate broker — This guy is really into cupcakes. Use a bit of rat poison on a free cupcake, so he tries it. Now he will run to the barn in the park to vomit there. Stun him and hide the body in the nearest closet.

Useful items

  • Rat poison — There are a few locations where you can find it, but the easiest place is in the garage of the house opposite to the muffin stand.
  • Remote CX detonator  — Needed for Whack-A-Mole mission story if you did not take your own explosives. You will find the CX behind the police car in the top left corner of the map. Sneak behind the fence and take the explosives while no one is watching.
  • Propane tank — Needed for Charbroiled mission story. One is in the garden of the house to the left of the party, but it is much easier to take the other one from the shed. It is located next to the statue by the pond. Jump through the windows and you will find it by the wall.
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  • Microfilm viewer — In the attic of Wilson’s house. The ladder upstairs is in the kid’s room. You will know the place by the giant TV and all the American football themes there. The key to the house is in the same room.
  • Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 5: Another Life-9
  • Janus’s house key — Most of the security guards are carrying one. The gardener also has a copy, and one key is on the side table by the front door.
  • Batty’s and Cassidy’s house keys — Carried by the exterminator, who stands next to his van. Apparently, the man keeps all the keys of his customers.
  • Insecticide — Found at the construction site in the bottom right part of the map (in the green container). You will need a lockpick or a crowbar to get inside.
  • Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 5: Another Life-10
  • Rake — You can find one of these in the back of the gardener’s truck, which is parked in front of Janus’s place. A very dangerous trap!

Walkthrough tips

  • You do not need disguises to sneak into most of the houses. Look for open windows, garage doors and drainpipes.
  • Do not be discouraged if you did not take a lockpick with you. Most of the characters here carry a key to the areas related to them.
  • You can find both sedative and lethal poisons here. Make sure you use the right one for your objective.
  • There are many tools at the construction site that you can safely borrow (in containers).
  • Look for clues at the same time as you hunt your targets — saves a lot of time.

Perfect Walkthrough

How to complete Silent Assassin and Suit Only challenges on master difficulty.

Loadout and starting location

  • Choose the default starting location. Bring your sniper rifle case. Anything else is optional. Begin the mission.

Nolan Cassidy

  • Run to the Nolan Cassidy’s house (the first house on the left).
  • Stand in front of it and throw the case to the roof (you have to hit the open window on the second floor).
  • Then climb up the drainpipe on the left. Pick up the case and jump through the window.
  • Leave the room (the door is in front of you) and enter the next one (immediate right).
  • Careful! There is a camera above the door here. Shoot it with a silenced pistol.
  • Turn off the TV on the wall and stand to the left of the closest door.
  • The guard will investigate the noise and approach the TV. Throw something heavy at him and hide the body in the closet.
  • Open the door, the noise should attract another guard. Repeat what you did with the first one.
  • Go into the corridor and shoot down the camera on the left, behind the wall. Then enter Cassidy’s armory.
  • There is another camera here. Shoot it first, and then shoot the armory’s glass. It will trigger the alarm, and Nolan will go upstairs.
  • Exit the armory and hide in the opposite room (wardrobe). Equip your rifle and wait.
  • As soon as Nolan opens the door to the armory — shoot him and run inside. Hide the body in the closet to the left of the entrance.


  • Get out through the window on the left, follow the roof and jump inside the next window (the wardrobe again).
  • Take the rifle and put it back in the case. Exit the house the same way you entered it.
  • Head to the BBQ party.
  • Go to the backyard and jump over the fence to Janus’s property. The best place to do so is on the left, as it has some bushes to hide in.
  • Hug the house from the left. Climb inside the first open window.
  • Now go through the first door on the left (garage) and turn on the generator. The noise will attract the guard from the kitchen.
  • Hide behind some boxes and wait.
  • As soon as he turns the generator off, knock him out and hide the body in the container.
  • Head back to the kitchen, pass it through and enter the bathroom.
  • Open the water and leave the door open, so that Janus’s bodyguard hears it.
  • Hide in there and wait for someone to come.
  • When he approaches the sink, stun him and take all of his belongings. You can leave the body as is — nobody checks the bathroom.
  • Exit the bathroom and enter the basement (opposite door).
  • Knock the only guard in there and take whatever is needed. Hide his body inside the closet. You can also drag the guard from the bathroom to hide them together.
  • Now you need to deactivate (or shoot) the CCTV hub and take the photo of Janus and The Ark Society from the table. This is the first clue.
  • By that moment, Janus must already head downstairs. Shoot him before he leaves the house.
  • You can hide him in the garage if you are afraid he will be found.
  • Now return to the BBQ party.
  • Go right through it, then cross the road to reach Batty’s house. There is a yellow exterminator’s van parked by it.
  • Jump over the fence and run to the shack behind the house. Enter it through the window.
  • There will be your second clue — lawsuit papers. Grab those along with a shovel.
  • Get out and go to the thickets behind Cassidy’s property.
  • At the end of the path will be a small pile of earth. Dig up the cache and find your third clue (cigars and a note).


  • Now you need to leave the location. Run through the thickets until you reach the park’s entrance. The closest exit point is the bus stop.

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