Hitman 2

Release date: November 13, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 4: Chasing a Ghost

The action takes place in Mumbai, one of the most populated cities on the planet

Tiny winding streets, crowds of civilians, a skyscraper under construction, street thieves and gangsters await you in the slums.


By the standards of Hitman, it is one of the smaller locations, but is very dense (seven levels high with one underground level). There are many characters and objects on the location, so look carefully.

There are two key features in Mumbai: extremely suspicious guards and an unknown target. The first start to suspect you as soon as they see 47 and they do not care about your disguise. Try not to run in front of these guys. The second feature is that you will need to reveal the identity of one of your targets. You will have to conduct a small investigation: eavesdrop on conversations, wander around or find the photo of him.

The other two targets are in predefined places and will be easy to spot. You can only encounter some problems when trying to sneak in. Dawood Rangan is located in a skyscraper, which is used as the movie set for the “Hero of Mumbai”. He has as many guards as civilians at the construction: from workers to photographers and models. Rangan likes to be in the spotlight, so it will be difficult to find him alone. Vanya Shah, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Slums, rarely leaves her domain at the train depot. It is not easy to penetrate its defenses, but there are plenty of places to hide once you are inside.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 4: Chasing a Ghost-1
Targets: Wazir ‘’The Maelstrom’’ Kale, Vanya Shah and Dawood Rangan

We suggest you start with the most difficult target — the one you to identify beforehand. First, go to the area where the members of his gang live. They call themselves the Crows and control the slums in the center of the map. You can find their lair underground, and along with it — the recent photo of Wazir. There are other means of identifying the target as well. Once the identity of The Maelstrom is confirmed, you can proceed to elimination.

The closed barbershop is a great place to start. In the past, it has been used as a place to pass information on to the Maelstrom. Find a way to reopen the business, pose as the barber and start serving customers. The game even has a special achievement for shaving 15 people. Nevertheless, the main advantage of this disguise is the abundance of information — you can learn more about your targets, their plans and unique assassination methods. So do not be lazy!

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Of course, Wazir Kale will also come to you to shave. Listen to his story and give him a particularly close shave

Another mission story will tell you that our “ghost” has some human feelings. His people have cut out the whole block of the city to arrange a romantic meeting with his love. You can wait for him at the spot or interrupt their dinner with a well-placed shot from the observation tower — the choice is yours.

Infiltrating the train yard base of Vanya Shah is not so easy. Luckily, she has business to do in the slums outside. She likes to venture out every now and then to assert her control over the slums and go through the domain. One of these places is the local laundry. The Queen has an argument with the new manager there. You can use his disguise and set up a meeting at the bridge. A slight push in the right direction and Vanya will never bother you again.

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There is another way to get close to the Queen. Recently, Vanya ordered a dress from several tailors, but all of them disappointed her. Now their corpses are rotting, and the last good tailor in the city does not want to take the job, hiding in the slums. Take on the role of the tailor and go to the market. You can either buy the required fabric or steal it (lure the merchant away by tinkering with a fuse box). His body can be hidden in one the nearest public toilets. Then go to the heart of the enemy territory. Take Shah’s measurements — and her live!

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 4: Chasing a Ghost-4

Dawood Rangan — producer, actor and mobster. His swollen ego and love for cheap special effects will play a deadly on him. You can sabotage the rooftop scene by turning up the speed of a huge industrial fan, and quite literally blow the “Hero of Mumbai” away.

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Rangan also invited a famous American actor to play in the movie — currently he wanders around the city. Getting his disguise will not be very difficult. After the photoshoot, Dawood will invite you for a personal conversation on the top floor of the skyscraper. Great place for lovely fatal conversation.

People in the barbershop and on the streets chat a lot about the arrival of the “local” killer. Oddly enough, your interests coincide. You can help him fulfill his contract and kill any of your targets.

Points of interest

  • Skyscraper — The building is located on the right side of the map. It will be the first thing you see on the left from level’s original starting position. Getting inside is not very difficult, as the entrances are poorly guarded. The building itself is densely populated (unlike most constructions), especially the boss’ floor and the movie set. Sneaking into Rangan’s office will not be easy, but it is worth it.
  • Train yard — Vanya’s territory is well guarded. There are a lot of patrols, but you can enter from the hillside unnoticed. Inside there are a lot of shelters and tall plants where you can hide.
  • Slums — They occupy most of the map. Narrow streets are heavily crowded with ordinary people and members of the Crows. Be careful when moving through these multi-level buildings. Gangsters are notified that there might be a killer on site.
  • The Crows headquarters — Deep within the slums you can find the entrance to their base. It is easily recognizable by the purple glow, hanging skulls and graffiti. There are several ways inside — the most interesting are through a house on the shore or a sewer near the laundry.
  • Laundry — It is not a separate building, but a whole shop under the sky. Located to the right of the entrance to the train yard. There are just a few guards there, but enough civilians. Here you can arrange a meeting between the manager and Vanya to lure her to the bridge. Pretty high there.
  • Barbershop — Located right in the middle of the slums, its large sign is hard to miss. Go around it and see the stair leading to the second floor. You will witness the barber and his wife arguing about opening the shop.
  • Tailor — His shop is directly opposite the main train yard entrance. As soon as you approach it, you will hear a conversation where tailor does not want to go to Vanya. The second floor of his shop is worth inspecting.
  • Hills — Located in the southern part of the map. They are blocked by the Maelstrom’s mobsters, but you can get there through the rooftops of nearby buildings. Overhearing some conversations might also be valuable.
  • Shore — Nothing special here except for the excellent sniper position on the observation tower.


  • Security crew — This will help you get around the construction site without much trouble The easiest way to get one is to sneak into the site through a pipe to the left of the building. Go past the pair of guards and then find a lone guard smoking aside. Knock him out and hide his body in a nearby box.
Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 4: Chasing a Ghost-6
  • Bollywood crew — You will need this for the Gone with the Wind mission story. The easiest option is to poison the food in the buffet and know out the guy in the toilet. Rat poison can be found on the same floor.
  • Laundry foreman — You can sneak up to his office via the stairs at the back of the building. Inside you will find him discussing his meeting with Shah with his assistant. You can draw him out by disabling the fuse box on the roof. Do not rush though, and let him turn it back on — otherwise assistant will go and check it as well.
  • Crows elite solder — there are many Crows soldiers roaming the location, but the most effective disguise belongs to the ones guarding the entrance to their hideout. The two guarding the sewer entrance are the easiest targets.
Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 4: Chasing a Ghost-7
  • Barber — After arguing with the barber about the shop, his wife goes downstairs. This is a perfect opportunity to stun him (and her, if you want to move freely).
  • Tailor — He fled his shop and hides in a secluded alley in the middle of the slums. Knock him out and hide his body in the public toilet. Seems strange that no one really goes there.
  • Gregory Arthur — A guest star from the US, who is supposed to take part in a photo shoot with Rangan. Fortunately, the actor decided to taste some local cuisine and poisoned himself. Thus, it will be easy to find him alone, but you should be careful with patrols roaming the streets. Make sure you have enough time to hide the body.

Useful items

  • Rat poison — Found in Mumbai quite often. The easiest way to get it is the storeroom at the construction site, near the dressing room and buffet. You can also find it in a house in the hills where the Maelstrom meets his lover.
  • The Maelstrom photo  — One of the ways to identify the target. You can find it in one of the rooms in the Crows HQ. The closest entrance is the one inside the house.
Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 4: Chasing a Ghost-8
  • Movie script — You will need to find it to complete the Gone with the Wind mission story. The main actress threw it down the elevator shaft in frustration. You will see it on the ledge between the third and fourth floors. Throw something at it to bring it down, pick it up and give it to the director.
  • Dress fabric — You have to choose the right color for the dress so that she will leave you alive and let you take her measurements. The material can be bought from merchants whose shops are located right behind the tailor’s house. You can bargain by staring at them, significantly knocking down the price. There is even a special achievement, which is given for purchasing all three fabrics.
  • Measuring tape — You can find it laying on a table in the tailor shop, or right in Vanya’s trailer, left by some less lucky tailor. It can be used instead of fiber wire for precise neck measurements.

Walkthrough Tips

  • Navigate through the slums carefully to not run into the guards looking for the killer.
  • There are many neon signs in the slums. If one were to fall on someone’s head, it will most definitely kill them.
  • Visit the hotel on the main square, the local guest can do some of the work for you.
  • Security posts are not so easy to reach, so look for the cameras if you do not want to leave any traces.
  • Mumbai has only one tower high enough to offer a great view of all three targets. Use the advanced sniper rifle as the basic one does not offer enough zoom.

Perfect Walkthrough

How to complete Silent Assassin and Suit Only challenges on master difficulty.

Loadout and starting location

Choose the Train starting location. Bring your sniper rifle case and a lockpick with you. Anything else is optional. Begin the mission.

Vanya Shah

  • Run straight to the green container near the huge hangar. Open the door with a lockpick and go through the container.
  • Move forward along the tracks. Use tall grass to hide from the cameras.
  • There will be a lone guard in front of you, by the right side. Go around him through another green container on the right (you have to open it as well).
  • Exit the container and immediately jump into the broken window on the right.
  • Go forward a little and turn right. Hide behind the crate and pick up the rifle. You need to place it in an obvious place, so the guard standing at the end of the room notices it.
  • Hide behind the crate and wait.
  • When the guard comes to check it, knock him out.
  • You can drop the body outside.
  • Return to the crate and lure the other guard by throwing any object. For example, your suitcase.
  • Now you can hide both bodies in the closet.
  • Open the door of the railway car and wait until Vanya comes to wash her face.
  • Grab Shah and drown her (or break her neck or shoot her), hide the body in the bushes.
  • Now you need to carefully return to the security booth and delete the surveillance footage. A guard can walk inside there as well. Wait until he grabs his buddies’ weapons and leaves.

The Maelstrom

  • We are done with the train yard. Now head back to the starting position by following the same route.
  • Go straight until you reach a big bridge.
  • Climb up and turn right on your first corner.
  • Head through the roofs in the direction of hills. You will see a green ledge — climb it, pick up a brick and jump down.
  • You will be behind one of the Crows’ guards. He guards the stairs leading up to the place where The Maelstrom is supposed to meet his lover.
  • Carefully avoid the guards and head straight to the bushes.
  • On the left side you will see a guard in a yellow shirt, who patrols the area behind the houses. Take him out and hide the body in the nearest house (use your lockpick).
  • Then head to their meeting point and throw anything in the bushes, so the girl comes to check. Stun her and hide the body in the nearest closet.
  • Now head upstairs and equip your silenced pistol. Shoot the button in the base of the post on the roof.
  • You have to hide for a bit until the guards calm down. If the flag on the roof was raised, The Maelstrom will arrive soon. Diana will tell you about it.
  • If you want to do everything quietly and complete the challenge for raising the flag, you can knock out the guards on the roof. Just lure one of them, and then knock both out. You can hide the bodies in the closet on the second floor.
  • Hint: when The Maelstrom arrives, he starts searching for his girlfriend on the first floor, then checks the backyard, and then goes to the second floor.
  • At first, the target will walk to the main entrance, but after noticing that there is no one to meet him, he proceeds to the backyard. This is where you shoot him in the head.
  • Hide the body in the same closet where you hid his lover.

Dawood Rangan

  • Leave the hills and go down to the dump. There will be a ladder in the backyard.
  • Now head to the main entrance of the skyscraper.
  • On the right side of the wall will be a part without any barbed wire. You can easily sneak inside through there. There is also a camera on the wall, do not miss it.
  • As soon as the crew member goes inside, follow him and go up the stairs to the next floor.
  • You will see a security room here. Approach the left door and get on the ledge through the window on the left. Climb into the next window into the security room and take two coins from the table.
  • Get out and go to the elevator shaft. Unpack your sniper rifle.
  • You will need to reach the fifth floor. Be careful with the guard on the fourth floor, as he goes right to the shaft. It is best to wait until he leaves and continue moving.
  • Exit the shaft on the fifth floor and go downstairs. You will see the very same guard. Sneak up behind him and knock him out, when he approaches the shaft again.
  • Drag his body back to the fifth floor and hide it on the back of the shaft.
  • Go to the fourth floor again and reach the door with the security panel. Open it using the keycard you got from the guard.
  • Enter Rangan’s office and hide in there.
  • When the boss finishes his talk and leaves, wait until the remaining guard looks away and knock him you. Hide the body in the wooden crate.
  • Leave the bodyguard’s weapon on the floor.
  • Now you have to wait for Dawood and his bodyguard to return. The guard will notice the gun and bring it to the box.
  • Wait for an opening and throw the coin in the opposite corner of the room. Your target will stop talking to check it.
  • This is your time to leave cover and kill Rangan with a headshot or by snapping his neck. Hide the body in the wooden crate.
  • You can also drop his body into the elevator shaft — it will be seen as an accident.


  • Leave the construction. Head back to the shaft and go to the first floor.
  • Get out the way you got inside, follow the same path.
  • There will be a taxi driver right in front of you, and he will gladly get you out of there.
  • Nice job!

John Davis