Hitman 2

Release date: November 13, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 1: Nightcall

A short training mission, taking place at night in Hawke’s Bay


Basic tips

  • Games about the bald killer have a common plot. However, each mission tells its own story and is completely self-sufficient. All you need to know will be told at the briefing.
  • There is a planning phase before entering the location. If you already have an idea about your objective and possible routes to it, take everything you need (such as scramblers for electronic locks, sleeping pills, rifles, poison). If you launch a mission for the first time, take some basic gadgets with you: a lockpick, coins and a fiber wire. Experienced players will be able to achieve a maximum rating in any mission with such a gentleman's set.
  • You can also choose an entry point during the planning phase. At first, there is only one entry available, but later you will be able to unlock other ones (some even include a starting disguise).
  • The more time you spend watching, the more you learn about your targets, their habits and favorite places. Sometimes it is useful to stop and listen to staff’s conversations — they can be discussing a hidden passage, a tool locked in a parking lot, and so on.
  • If you feel stuck, open the Objectives menu and follow the directions. You can also scroll through the list of Challenges — those will surely get you thinking about some new assassination methods.
  • Complete all the story tasks as soon as possible — you gain a lot of experience for them, which means you will get new equipment sooner.
  • Do not try to complete all the challenges in one try — it is basically unreal. Focus on a few most related to each other and do your thing!
  • Look for a disguise. The right outfit is your pass to the most unreachable parts of the location. Look carefully, and you will notice some of staff or security waiting for you in the blind spot. Be mindful of the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge though — this one requires you to complete the level without changing your suit in the stealthiest way.
  • Blend in. Some of the locations are very crowded, so you can easily get lost in a group of people to avoid some of the most suspicious guards and remain incognito.
  • The following advice is only for beginners: use the wallhack Instinct (R1, RB or Ctrl keys) to find interactive objects around you and follow the routes of the guards. We recommend experienced players to immediately turn off this option in the settings and fully immerse themselves into exploring huge levels of Hitman 2.


The mission starts with disembarking on the beach near the house of the terrorist cell leader Alma Reynard. 47 is looking for information about the Shadow Client, who was behind all the contracts from the previous part of the game.

Your first objective is to break in the house and find evidence. After following the tutorials and entering the house, you will have the opportunity to explore the place yourself. Remember that as soon as you activate Alma’s computer, the cutscene will being and she will return home along with her lover and a lot of security guards.

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 1: Nightcall-1

After eliminating the target, you will need to quietly leave the house. If you do not hurry, the guards may discover your boat, cutting you off. You will need to make a distraction to divert them somehow — luckily, there is a truck loaded with fuel tanks nearby. One shot and the guards will run towards the explosion!

Target: Alma Reynard

You have just two objectives in this mission: to find the connection between the terrorist cell and the Shadow Client and to eliminate Alma Reynard. These are fairly easy, and you will have plenty of opportunities to do everything quietly. For example, Alma like to drink tea, so what if you put something deadly in her mug?

Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 1: Nightcall-2

Before going to bed, your target will go to brush her teeth — the perfect moment to use the classic fiber wire. Be careful though, as her partner takes a shower literally a few meters away. You can also wait until the lovers go to sleep and smother Alma with a pillow. Unfortunately, her friend is sleeping too hard to notice anything.

If you try to use any method of distraction, even a coin, the guards will immediately go on full alert and move the target to the panic room. In this case, you can only reach her through the roof.

Points of interest

  • The main room may seem huge and there are plenty of interesting things. Several potential murder weapons can be found on the kitchen wall, jars of sugar and honey are on the table. Alma loves tea, and luckily keeps a variety of poisons at home.
  • The panic room is a necessary attribute of any high-ranking criminal. You can get there by interacting with the picture on the wall in the office. Inside you will find a huge arsenal, a CCTV terminal, a lockpick and a password for Alma’s computer.
  • Roof. This is an excellent vantage point over the whole location. Thanks to the giant skylights, one of which is located directly over Alma’s bed, there are numerous shooting angles in the house. In addition, there is a ventilation system on the roof, which beckons to throw something poisonous into it.


This level has only one disguise — hired mercenary. In fact, there is no particular need in it, as it does not grant access to any special zones. Moreover, most of the guards react suspiciously to it. Thus, the disguise will be needed only to fulfill the Chameleon challenge. To get this disguise you will have to take out one of the guards — do not forget to hide his body in the nearest cabinet.

Useful items

  • Rat poison can be found on the shelf in the storage room between the garage and the main room on the first floor. There is also a rat poison on the shelf next to the shower on the first floor.
  • Chloroform is found in the van in the garage. Use it to poison Alma’s tea, after that the guards will go on full alert and rush her into the panic room. There she will be a sitting duck to your preferred assassination method.
  • Squeaky toy. Pick one of them for to complete an easy challenge. Look for them on the floor all over the house and be careful — if the guards hear any sound, they will raise the alarm.
  • Lockpick is sitting on the table in the panic room. You will need it to open several doors on the first floor that lead to the roof. In addition, you can use it to open the weapon cabinet and find the deadly poison.
Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 1: Nightcall-3

Walkthrough tips

  • If you plan to kill Alma in her bed, pay attention to the balcony. A patrolling guard might notice you. He will also be able to see if there she is dead or not, so do not forget to lower the blinds before leaving.
  • It will take quite some time before your target goes to sleep, so you will need a place to wait for them. A wicker basket in the bedroom is a good fit. When Alma falls asleep, go out and try not to step on the squeaky toys.
  • If you plan to kill Alma in the panic room, be sure to destroy the vent on the roof beforehand. You can use explosive or a firearm to do so. Destroying it when she is already in place will only cause her to flee.
  • The fastest way out of the house it to jump over the parapet in the back of the house. Then head to the boat, hiding in the tall grass and avoiding patrols. Believe us, this is much easier than running through them.
Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 1: Nightcall-4

The next mission will be added soon, stay tuned.

John Davis