Hearts of Iron 4

Release date: June 6, 2016
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows

Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats and Console Commands

In this guide, you will find a list of the most useful console commands for Hearts of Iron 4 and instructions on how to use them.

How to open the Console Window

The console window can be brought up by pressing [^] or [°] keys, depending on your keyboard layout. You can also try pressing [Shift + 2] or [~] keys. Press the up or down arrow keys to traverse through previously executed commands. Many commands require to be inputted again, in order to be turned back off or back on. Do keep in mind that sometimes you will need to reload the save file in order to turn off the command.

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List of console commands

Notice: Most of these commands will only work in non-ironman games.
  • add_equipment <amount> <equipment name> – Adds the specified amount of the specified equipment.
  • add_latest_equipment <amount> – Adds the specified amount of the latest equipment.
  • add_party_popularity <ideology group> <value> – Adds the specified amount of popularity to the specified party.
  • allowdiplo – Allows you to use all diplomatic actions with no regard for the rules.
  • allowtraits – Allows free assignment of general traits.
  • annex <Target Country Tag> – Begins annex for the specified country.
  • civilwar <ideology> <target country tag> – Spawns the specified civil war in the specified country.
  • cp <amount> – Adds the specified amount of Command Power.
  • debug_nuking – Allows to nuke every province without checking any conditions.
  • Decision.NoChecks – Ignores decision requirements.
  • effect <scripted_effect_name> – Executes the specified effect.
  • event <event id> <Target Country Tag> – Executes the specified event for the specified county.
  • Focus.AutoComplete – Allows national focuses to be instantly finished.
  • Focus.IgnorePrerequisites –Allows you to start a focus in the middle of the tree.
  • Focus.NoChecks – Ignores focus requirements.
  • fuel <amount> – Adds the specified amount of fuel.
  • gain_xp <amount> – Adds the specified amount of experience to the selected Leader.
  • gain_xp <trait> – Adds a "gainable" trait to the selected Leader (may not work with new created Admirals).
  • help – Shows a list of all commands.
  • help <command> – Shows a description for the specified command.
  • instant_prepare – Instantly prepares naval invasions.
  • instantconstruction – Enables instant construction.
  • manpower <Amount> – Gives the specified amount of manpower.
  • nu <number> – Adds the specified amount of National Unity.
  • nuke <number> – Adds the specified amount of nukes.
  • observe – Enables Observation mode. You will no longer control any country (interferes with AI performance).
  • occupationpaint – Toggles occupation painting. If used with country tag occupies all of their owned, not controlled land.
  • research <all> – Researches all technology.
  • research_on_icon_click – Enables technology research upon clicking on the technology tree icon.
  • set_ruling_party <ideology group> – Sets the ruling party.
  • setcontroller <Country Tag> <Province ID> – Set the controller for the specified province.
  • setowner <Country Tag> <State ID> – Sets the owner for the specified state.
  • spawn <SubUnit Type> <Province ID> <Amount> – Spawns the specified unit in the specified province.
  • st <amount> – Adds the specified amount of Stability.
  • tdebug – Enables the Debug info. Very useful for figuring out Country Tags and ID's.
  • teleport – Enables Teleport tool.
  • whitepeace <country tags> – Settles White Peace with the specified country.
  • ws <amount> – Adds the specified amount of War Support.
  • xp <Amount> – Gives Army, Navy and Air experience to the player.
  • yesman – Makes AI accept all diplomatic offers from the player.

John Davis