Resources and Currencies in HAWK: Freedom Squadron

A full guide to in-game resources and currencies, multiple ways to acquire them and what they can be spend on

Despite being a scroll-shooter, HAWK: Freedom Squadron makes the players manage their assets carefully. A mission will only be a walk in the park if your plane is armed with cutting-edge technology; otherwise, you won’t last long. Let’s take a look at the types of resources you can get and the optimal ways to spend them.


The glass containers with green (and likely, radioactive) goo in them are Verdium, which serves as the fuel for your tech. It serves the role of energy points, which are used every time you complete a mission. Missions are the only way to spend Verdium, but earning it is another matter entirely.

How to earn Verdium:

Resources and Currencies in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-1
  1. Free refuel. Twice a day you can earn 50 free Verdium in the Dailies menu. You can do so in between 16:03 and 19:03 and 23:03 and 2:03.
  2. Completing the missions. For each victory you’ll be getting some resources – fuel is among them.
  3. Buy it in the BRO-shop. Bropoints can be used to buy Verdium as well.
  4. Buy it for Crystals. Three times a day you can spend Crystals to buy more fuel. Press the blue “plus” sign near the Verdium counter to open the buy menu.


Since HAWK is futuristic, a common golden coin is named a Credit here.

How to earn Credits

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  1. The main way to earn Credits is by completing missions. The coins dropped after you destroy something are Credits – or at least these are exchanged for Credits when you pick them up. Coins with gems in them worth more. The missions depicted as purple hexagons are Patrol missions. There are no enemies in them – the only task is to drive your plane through a maze of walls and mechanisms. There are also lots of coins on these levels making them the easiest way to earn Credits.
  2. Exchange Crystals for them. If you’re short on Credits and you need them here and now, you can exchange some of your Crystals for Credits. The usual exchange rates are 100 Crystals for 30000 Credits. Sometimes, when special events occur, the rates are better. Just press the blue “plus” sign near the Credits counter.
  3. Buy them in the BRO-shop. The BRO-shop stock is renewed periodically so be sure to check it once in a while.
  4. Receiving them as Daily Rewards. Just login to the game to gain some Credits.
  5. Receiving them as rewards for Achievements.

How to spend Credits

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  1. Upgrading the planes. That’s the bulk of your budget’s “spend” graph – you won’t last long on a level 1 plane. When you press a plane icon in the Hangar, a Plane menu will open. There you can find a button to level up your plane for a number of Credits. Changes to the stats can be seen on the right side of the pilot’s photo.
  2. Buying new planes. As you progress, new improved planes will be available for purchase. Don’t miss on special deals that will allow you to buy a plane for half its price.
  3. Buying Brobot upgrades. These will cost you some Credits too, but not as much as the plane upgrades.
  4. Buying from the Contraband Shop. Keep track of the stock, sometimes there will be something you’ve been looking for a long time.
  5. Opening Containers.


An expensive in-game currency that is much harder to earn than the Credits.

How to earn Crystals

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  1. By completing Quests. If you’re not planning on spending real money, Quests will be your main source of Crystals.
  2. Buying them in the BRO-shop. Don’t miss the opportunity, Bropoints are easier to earn than Crystals.
  3. Completing missions. You might get a small quantity of Crystals for a completed mission.
  4. By installing other games. Sometimes HAWK will offer you some crystals for installing another game.
  5. Buying them for real money. Tap on the blue “plus” sign to spend some hard-earned cash. You can also buy a VIP status there, which will give you a considerable number of Crystals. Look for special events if you want to save some money.

How to spend Crystals

  1. Upgrading the planes and Brobots and buying new planes. Simply use Crystals instead of Credits.
  2. Mid-mission resurrections. If you crash your plane during a mission, you can use crystals to revive yourself three times to continue your mission. We strongly advise you to retry the whole mission or team up with someone instead of spending Crystals on revives.
  3. Buying from the Contraband Shop. Those will be Brobots and plane cards.
  4. Extra Black Box. While crafting new items with the Black Box, check “Extra” to increase the chance for better equipment.
  5. Buying Elite containers.


These can only be acquired in Team Up mode, which isn’t available from the get-go. To spend your Bropoints you’ll need to go to the BRO-shop.

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How to earn Bropoints

  1. Completing Team Up missions. Achieving victory in co-op missions with other players will earn you some Bropoints. There are Special Events that will let you get twice as many Bropoints.
  2. Completing Daily Quests. Bropoints will be the reward for Quests related to co-op.
  3. Buying them from the Contraband Shop.

Experience points

Despite not being displayed in the main menu, experience is a very important resource. It’s the only way to upgrade your Brobots (and the only way to spend Experience points). You can look up the number of Experience points you have in the Brobot upgrade menu (tap the bot icon in the Hangar)

How to earn Experience points

  1. Completing missions. For each successful missions, some Experience points will be rewarded to you, plus the chance to get them from the container.
  2. Buying them from the Contraband shop and the BRO-shop. Keep track of the shops’ stocks – you might want to buy all the Experience you can since at some point you’ll be upgrading two Brobots instead of just one.

John Davis