Trials Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron

Full breakdown of one of the game modes, suitable for the experienced pilots, including requirements, missions and rewards

Aside from the campaign, HAWK: Freedom Squadron has a number of other game modes. Not all of them are available from the get-go – to unlock each of them you’ll need to pass a certain amount of story mode missions. Thanks to this feat, the game takes long to become boring and new challenges arise according to your experience in the game. Let’s look deeper into the Trials mode – how to unlock, play and why even bother.

Getting started

To attempt Trial courses, a player must pass two requirements. One: have 90 stars to be able to beat the level 40 boss and two: beat that boss, the Rapier. You can earn stars by completing Story mode missions. If you’ve done them all, boost the difficulty and redo them again. Try getting cooperative if you can’t do them alone. The Rapier fight is not an easy one as well so be ready for anything.

When you beat the boss, a new icon will become active at the upper right corner of the screen. Tapping it will show you the Trials menu.

Trials Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-1

The Trials is a set of courses consisting of several missions available for a specific aircraft type. Therefore, to master the mode you’ll need plenty of highly upgraded planes. The difficulty of the Trials mode not only comes in the difficulty of the missions but also from the fact that you’re not able to use any Brobots or Devices. The only thing you’ll have is the Overdrive so make sure you’re topped off on that one. You can also complete the courses in co-op mode – sometimes it’s necessary, but most of the time you can handle it alone. Spending crystals to revive yourself is also an option, but no backup will ever come to you.

The Trials refresh daily – both the required planes and mission types

The Missions

The missions – Trials – are basically the campaign missions but with increased difficulty and slight changes. A completed Trial is marked blue on the map.

Trials Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-2

The Trial can be one of the following:

  1. Defeat three Aces. One of the hardest Trial types, it requires you to defeat three bosses in a row, one after another. We advise holding up with the Overdrive until you’re really desperate. It also might be a good idea to try this mission in co-op mode.
  2. Don’t let any enemies break through. A relatively simple mission that requires you to kill everything you see on the screen. Some mistakes are allowed, but they’re easy to make. The enemies on this mission are small fish so you might end up not using the Overdrive at all.
  3. Break through a maze. You’ve encountered something similar during the patrol tasks in the campaign. The only difference is that instead of collecting coins you’ll be shooting enemies. Keep an eye out for any mechanisms.
  4. Kill enemies, get more time. Closely resembles #2, but this time you need to kill the enemies to collect time bonuses dropped by them. If you’re out of time, you will fail the mission.
  5. Dodge the saws. Resembles the one-hit-kill rocket levels, but instead of the rockets you’ll have saws, which move in a non-linear pattern and there’s a lot more of them. The saws are indestructible.
  6. Save six cows. Just like your usual campaign level but with cows that are in a desperate need of saving. Hover over them to do so. The cow will alert you to its presence with a loud “moo”.
  7. Overcome all obstacles. You’ll need to swing around some high-voltage obstacles on a very high speed. Some enemies will appear, but your main weapon on this level is your own reflexes.
  8. Fight on a Highway. A blast from the past, certain to make a fan of “Mad Max” and old arcade games shed a tear of nostalgia. You’ll be quite literally flying above a highway filled with fires, lasers and racing vehicles. Lots of shooting is in order. Co-op and Overdrive will be of use as well.

Why even bother?

Aside from the sense of achievement, your reward will be Medals.

Trials Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-3

The medals can be spent in a local shop, which, just like the others, refreshes daily. You can refresh the stock at your will (and a cost of 240 medals). The stock is mainly Evo cards for your planes and Brobots. Aside from those, there are also cards that can be applied to any type of tech. A little bonus is the Ace medals that are used to buy new skins for your planes.

John Davis