Team Up Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron

Full breakdown of one of the game modes including requirements, missions walkthrough and rewards for competing

The mobile shoot’em up HAWK: Freedom Squadron has a plethora of different game modes. In this article we will talk about one of the most curious ones – the co-operative mode

Getting started

Team Up mode won’t be available from the get-go. It becomes available as you progress in the Story mode. The mode is accessed from the map – just tap on the handshake icon (as on the screenshot below). The Team Up mode consists of three hard missions – Sky Strike, Death from Above and Deadly Grid. Each mission is accessible once per day. If you want to become the ace pilot in HAWK, we strongly suggest trying each mission every day. This is because the Team Up missions is the best way to earn Bropoints.

If you’ve got a lot of friends you can complete the missions with them, which is mutually beneficial. This is also a solid choice because you know what your friends’ planes are capable of and you completely eliminate the possibility of getting a low-level player as your partner. The only downside to this is the fact that you have to have someone online to play with. If no one’s available, you can try your luck with matchmaking. The wait shouldn’t be longer than 10 seconds. Another option is to simply wait for one of your friends to invite you to a game, though this can catch you in an inconvenient time – browsing the shop, for example. Just press the green radio icon when it appears to accept the invitation.

It might prove a good idea to take some extra punch into the battle – it might as well save your life. Your friend can revive you once during the fight – be sure to thank him later.

Sky Strike walkthrough

Usual strategy applies. Don’t bother with the smaller projectiles and keep an eye out for the missiles and the shots glowing red and dodge them. Take care encountering the grids as your common weapons can’t damage it. Use Overdrive or a brobot to clear them out.

Team Up Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-1

Just like any other mission, this involves two bosses to deal with. The first one will attack you with flame bursts and constant flamethrower fire. Don’t rely on close-range weaponry as sneaking close to the boss may prove lethal for you. Right after you finish the boss off, a salvo of missiles will follow. A single rocket is lethal so dodge them by taking the spot where a rocket had just been.

The second boss is a little different – you’ll encounter heavy laser and rocket fire which makes you move constantly. After you destroy two of the boss’ side weapons, he’ll enter enraged mode and start firing with long straight laser beams. Overdrive should recharge after the first boss and will help you a lot.

Death from Above walkthrough

In this mission you’ll be in a canyon filled with ground forces. Shooting the fuel tanks should get you rich quickly. The best strategy is to split up in the beginning and take different sides of the canyon. Keep an eye out for the armored vehicles in the middle.

Team Up Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-2

The first boss should be easy enough. Straight laser attacks are easily dodged. After that get ready to destroy stationary laser turrets – save up the Overdrive for them. If you’ve already spent it on the boss, prepare for a lot of maneuvering. After that, rotary energetic cores will follow. Don’t try to destroy all of them – just clear a path for yourself. Two cranked up grids will be stationed at the end – pay attention to slip through.

The second boss closely resembles the one encountered in Sky Strike. Shoot down the homing missiles, dodge the energetic strikes and don’t forget your Overdrives. After the first four of the boss’ cannons are down, his strategy will change. Finishing him off shouldn’t be too hard.

Deadly Grid walkthrough

Don’t get scared with the amount of enemy planes thrown at you – the only thing you should be concerned with is the bombs with radiation icons on them (just like on the screenshot above). After that, the Grids that gave the name to the mission will follow. Just like energetic cores, the energetic grids are lethal for you and your partner. Stay together and shoot down the grids – that’ll help you mitigate its damage. If things get ugly, use the special abilities.

Team Up Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-3

The first boss is fairly simple. Its attacks are fire bursts (dodge them) and energetic fields (destroy them). Save the Overdrive for later, you’ll need it. After the boss, new bombs will follow (shoot them down), along with rotary energetic cores (shoot them down first. If you can’t do it – use the special abilities).

The second boss is harder – energetic charges on all the screen and rockets in the middle of it. One of the players should stick close to the center and keep the rockets in check. After the primary weapons of the boss are down, he’s going to hide behind the shields. Keep up the fire to drain the shields.


40 Bropoints will be your main reward for a successful mission. It’s another currency that is depicted as a brown thumbs-up glove. Do the math - you can earn 120 Bropoints daily. Once in a while the rewards are doubled – information about it will be posted in the “Events” tab.

You can also earn Bropoints for completing certain tasks and receive them as a gift from your friends. Spend them in the BRO-shop. Bropoints are exchanged for different other currencies and evolution cards. Evolution cards are different items that can be combined to create new planes or brobots or boost the stats of the ones you already have.

John Davis