Arcade Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron

Full breakdown of one of the game modes, including requirements, preparations, walkthrough and rewards

The mobile shoot’em up HAWK: Freedom Squadron is following in the footsteps of classic arcade games. No wonder it has a single-player mode – as a blast from the past as well as another means to entertain players. Let’s look deeper into it.

Preflight routines

The Arcade Mode’s core is endless gameplay and hefty rewards for each new stage completed. You can access it by pressing one of the map’s side buttons (the one with the joystick icon) after beating Story Mission 20 (and the Red Queen).

Arcade Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-1

You can check out the leaderboard, that lists the best pilots who gathered the most points in Arcade mode. You’d have to play a lot to make it there, though.

Before starting, you can choose a Powerup to start with. Some of them are a must, some are useful enough and some are underwhelming. Let’s look closer at them.

  1. Random powerup. You get a random powerup for 800 Credits. In can be any amount of anything, damage bonuses to additional coins.
  2. Saved Stage. This allows you to pick up where you left off the last time. We strongly suggest buying this Powerup as you don’t really want to start from scratch. A Saved Stage costs 5 Crystals so be sure to have enough. Free Crystals can be obtained by completing dailies or watching ads.
  3. Start Shield. This powerup protects you from the first projectile to hit your plane. With its cost of 800 Credits, we advise against buying this Powerup. Besides, free Shields will drop from some enemies in the middle of the battle.
  4. Small Rush. A small nitrous charge that will make you sweep past all the enemies for 56 Kilometers. Much more useful that a Start Shield, but costs a hefty 1200 Credits so think twice before buying one. This item is also obtainable mid-flight.
  5. Big Rush. Same as the former, but carries you for a whole 148 Kilometers and costs 15 Crystals. Crystals are harder to earn, so this one’s the choice for the rich.
  6. Final Rush. Even more expensive than Big Rush, Final Rush will help you a lot on the harder stages. After your plane is wrecked, you will rush 155 Kilometers forward and finish the stage no matter what. After that, a Saved Stage will allow you to start over from the next stage.

Aside from the Powerups, you can also buy yourself a good old Overdrive. It’s your usual jacked up attack that will help you a lot in the boss battles.

Arcade mode

The Arcade mode is an endless chain of Stages that are separated from one another by the Gold Rush episodes. The gameplay itself is not much different from the one you have in Story mode. Different enemies attack you throughout the stage and after everything there’s a boss battle. In your arsenal you’ll have freshly bought Powerups as well as the rechargeable Overdrives and Brobots. The battles are not going to be easy so don’t focus on money-grabbing, Just like in Story mode, you can resurrect three times and summon backup ships.

Arcade Mode in HAWK: Freedom Squadron-2

Gold Rush is a bonus stage in which you just fly forward and collect Credits. Its only downside is that it doesn’t last long.

When a stray bullet finishes of your plane or you simply get bored and exit the Arcade mode, you will see the rewards and the post-mission statistics. The full statistic breakdown is accessed by tapping the “I” icon. The reward is always shown on the final screen – Credits, Experience, Devices and Resources. The amount of Credits earned is tied to your final score, the rest is random.

You can also complete Tasks in Arcade mode to obtain additional rewards.

John Davis