Release date: September 10, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Where to Find All Companions in Greedfall

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get all possible companions

There are several companions in Greedfall. Fortunately, each of them is found during the walkthrough of storyline missions. The information below will allow you to find out which quests should be performed first in order to meet all companions.

Note. This is a guide in process so we cannot say exactly how many companions the game provides. However, based on the fact that you get +1 to some talent in case of friendship with each of them, we can assume that there are exactly six companions in GreedFall. In addition, we do not count temporary companions like Constantin or admiral Cabral who join you for a short period of time to perform certain tasks.


Where to Find All Companions in Greedfall-1

Kurt joins you at the very beginning of the game. Just meet him outside of your residence in Serene.


Where to Find All Companions in Greedfall-2

Captain Vasco will join your squad right after he will be fired by admiral Cabral. This will happen upon arrival to New Serene (upon the completion of the prologue).


Where to Find All Companions in Greedfall-3

You will meet Siora at the stairs leading to Constantin’s mansion from where he should govern the island. Thus, you should immediately go to meet Constantin once you arrive at New Serene.


Where to Find All Companions in Greedfall-4

You will meet Petrus in San Matheus, before your talk to Mother Cardinal. Thus, you should go there straight after you arrive at the island and meet with Constantin.


Where to Find All Companions in Greedfall-5

This companion will joint your squad after you visit Hikmet and complete the quest provided by the town’s governor which is called Scholars in the Expedition.

Robert Summers