Release date: September 10, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

GreedFall Companion Quests Walkthrough

How to complete all the quests given by your companions in GreedFall

Vasco’s Quests

A Name for a Family

This is the first companion quest. One of the features of these quests is that you cannot deal with more than one mission at a time. The quests will stay in the journal, but you will not be able to start any new companion quest until you complete the active companion quest.

During one of the stays, an ‘’exclamation mark’’ will appear over Vasco’s head. He asks you to help in search for his parents. Agree to do this straight away – you’ll have to take Vasco into your squad. Head to the port. There, Vasco will say that you should make the guards sleep. Run to the merchant in the center of the town and buy four sleeping pills. They are sold on the tab with quest items. Go to the tavern, descend and go into the brothel owner room. You may use charisma, give a bribe (100 coins) or act smarter. If Kurt is in your squad, you’ll be able to let him intervene. Thanks to this, your request will be fulfilled.

Now you should dress up as Naut. To do this, head to the local merchant and buy a sailor’s coat – this should be enough. Head to the port and agree to wait for the night. Go to the building on the right side and jump over the fence in the alley to the left from it. Having opened the door, grab the key from the drawer. Enter the building from the back door. Do not worry, all guards are asleep. Take the personal file on the second floor and leave the place to meet with Vasco.

Reward: 1000 experience points, +3 to reputation with Vasco.

Family Reunion

This quest starts sometime after the previous Vasco’s quest, A Name for a Family. Head to New Serene and talk to Madame Morange. Follow the marker to the Clerk’s shop. Talk to her. Pay a bribe of 100 coins, use intuition (2 points are required) or charisma (we have passed the test even at a 50% chance). Move to Hikmet.

Head to the house of Ferhat and talk to the man on the second floor. Descend to the first tier and talk to the alchemist. If you pass the charisma test, you’ll learn about the thugs that were hired. If you haven’t passed the test, find a letter about thugs at the desk on the first floor. Go back up and talk to Ferhat. Go to the lane highlighted by the marker and find Bastien there. Talk to debt collectors. You can pay 200 coins or ask for the time to collect them. There are two other options – you can attack or use charisma (you’ll be successful even at a low level). If the fight begins, you’ll get -1 to reputation with the Congregation of Merchants. Talk to Bastien. He will leave, and the quest will be completed once you leave the lane.

Reward: 1300 experience points, +4 to reputation with Vasco.

Forever a Naut

The following Vasco’s quest will become available sometime after the completion of the previous one. Talk to him during your stay. Talk to the admiral in the New Serene port. After this, head to the shore which contains ship wreckage. To do this, move to the village at the specified location and turn to the left on the map. You’ll see a narrow passage at the end of the stream. Get to the cave and use it to get to the shore. Inspect the corpses, a cage on the left and a hole in the ship opposite the cage. Head to the specified cave – a monster will rush out of it.

GreedFall Companion Quests Walkthrough-1

Use dodging in the battle with this monster. Run away when he starts to electrify. Try to distract the enemy with your companions. Do not forget about rage (Q key). After the victory, enter the cave and pick up the ship’s logbook. Return to the admiral in the New Serene port and show the item. Go to the tattoo artist, then the quest will be completed.

GreedFall Companion Quests Walkthrough-2

Reward: 1600 experience points, +5 to reputation with Vasco.

Kurt’s Quests

Missing in Action

Talk to Kurt during your stay at the camp. Agree to help him and head to the barracks. Talk to the recruit and ask Manfred about Райнер. In the room on the right side, you’ll find stairs leading down. Go there and talk to a medical expert. If you can use your charisma to convince him, you will not have to intimidate him, losing 1 point of reputation with the Bridge Alliance. Examine the body, pick up the notes and talk to the doctor again.

Go up and talk to the intendant. Go to the tavern, talk to the recruit, buy a bottle of brandy for 9 coins and offer your interlocutor a drink. Question the lieutenant of the 11th regiment in the barracks, go upstairs and talk to another soldier. Use your charisma, bribe him for 100 coins or let Kurt intervene. In the latter case, you’ll get -1 to reputation with the Coin Guard. If you give a bribe, you’ll get +1 to reputation with the Coin Guard.

Reward: 1000 experience points, +3 to reputation with Kurt.

Amongst the Ghosts

This quest starts automatically after the quest Missing in action. However, you will need to continue moving along the storyline until Kurt (automatically) collects all information about the ghost regiment. We were able to continue this quest following the completion of the storyline quest Old Countries in a New World.

Talk to Kurt again and follow the marker to the camp of the ghost regiment. Talk to Rolf, the camp leader, and then to two lieutenants and three recruits. Kurt will distract lieutenants, so you’ll be able to question Wilhelm again and learn the truth. Go out of the camp, pretending that you leave it. Kurt and the protagonist will decide to search the camp at night.

Sneak inside the barracks and remove the note from the wall in the room on the left side. You will learn that Wilhelm was sent to the night drill. Go upstairs, find two letters from a general and a mayor, as well as the key to the torture chamber. Go downstairs and open the door. Examine the order and then go outside. Do not rush to follow the yellow marker to captain Rolf! Instead, open the map and see another marker in the upper part of the map. It shows the location of the night drill. Go there and convince the soldiers to stop the drill. You’ll have to either use your charisma or 1 point of intuition. Kill the lieutenant together with the soldiers. You’ll get +1 to reputation with Kurt.

GreedFall Companion Quests Walkthrough-3

Head to the other marker. You’ll be better off not killing anyone so try to avoid any encounters. First, go along the right side of the courtyard, then turn to the left and hide behind the boards. Climb onto the ledge and get to the arena. If you have saved Wilhelm, you should point to this fact, and the solders will lower their weapons. If you haven’t saved Wilhelm, you’ll need high charisma or 2 points of intuition. Having convinced the soldiers to lower their weapons, kill Rolf and the lieutenant. Search the corpse to find a key to the basement. Climb onto the ledge, talk to Wilhelm and other soldiers.

You will be automatically transferred to New Serene. Talk to the mayor to complete the quest.

Reward: +3 to reputation with Kurt, 1300 experience points.

Settling Scores

Kurt will provide you with this side task after you complete his previous quests and also complete the storyline quest Treason!. Talk to him to learn the details. Go to New Serene and visit the Coin Guard headquarters. Upstairs, where the general was located, you’ll find Sieglinde. Talk to her and get a letter to corporal.

Speak to the inquisitor Aloysius in San Matheus square. To convince him, you may give 150 coins, use charisma or Petrus’ words if you have taken him into your squad (you need 1 intuition). Head to the jail. You may take 3 sleeping pills with you. If you cannot create them by yourself, return to New Serene and buy them from the local merchant (a marker on the map). Having passed the sleeping pills, go upstairs and head to lieutenants. Lead the soldiers away using your charisma. If you fail, you’ll have to fight against everyone rather than only lieutenants.

Having learned where the mayor is located, go to the port warehouse and defeat the villain. You’ll get major Herman’s key. Make sure to use it to unlock the nearby chest to get the legendary parts of the general’s clothes (full set). Grab a note from the table, then go outside and automatically talk to Kurt.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +3 to reputation with Kurt, legendary set of general’s clothes (hat, breastplate, gloves and boots).

Petrus’ Quests

The Vices of the Mother Cardinal

Talk to Petrus during your stay in the camp. The marker indicating the possibility of conversation will appear only after you have completed the storyline quest Old Countries in a New World. Head to the San Matheus palace, go up to the abbess and go through the door on the right side. Head to the upper floor and search the woman’s room. There, you’ll find a maid’s letter related to the basement. Return to the hall with the abbess and go through the door on the left to find a desk with a key from the basement.

If you go down to the basement right now, you’ll be stopped by the maid. Thus, you’ll have to equip with a servant outfit. Go outside and find a merchant on the other side of the palace square. He will be highlighted by the marker. Buy servant’s clothes – three comfortable vests. Having done this, return to the palace and go down the stairs. Go to the indicated room. The room clearly hosts orgies. Head to the far room and pick up a note. Return to the first room, examine a bottle of alcohol and pick up an earring from the floor.

Head to the tavern and talk to the innkeeper. Go down and talk to the guy who stands near the basement. He is the organizer of fights in San Matheus. From him, you will learn that the so-called Candy Cane likes to walk in the port at night. Go to the brothel at the same place and talk to the brothel owner. You can pay 50 coins or use your intuition (1 point). Talk to prostitutes, and one of them will recognize her earring. Question her. If you pass the charisma test, you’ll learn that the usurer also participates in orgies.

Talk to the innkeeper and the bookmaker (the fight organizer) to learn about a woman in a green coat. Head to the usurer and talk to him. If the prostitute told you that he participates in the orgies, you will not have to convince him. In the other case, you’ll have to go through some tests.

Now, it’s high time to interrogate Candy Cane. Follow the marker and talk to him. After this, the quest will be completed.

Reward: +3 to reputation with Petrus, 1000 experience points.

Dangerous Bets

This mission will begin after some time (after several storyline quests). Talk to Petrus and agree to help him. Head to San Matheus bookmaker and arrange a fight. Then, visit Candy Cane at night and convince him to make a bet against you. Give him 250 coins as all other options will lead to a fight and to a loss of reputation with the Coin Guard. Wait until the beginning of the fight, rewinding time 24 hours ahead, go to the arena and defeat the champion in a one-on-one battle. Return to Cornelia and talk to her to complete the quest.

Reward: 1300 experience points, +3 to reputation with Petrus.

The Sins of Father Petrus

This quest will start automatically sometime after the quest Dangerous Bets. Talk to your companion, head to the New Serene port and talk to admiral Cabral. Go to Hikmet and talk to captain Lisandro. Pay 50 coins or apply intuition (2 points). After this, you’ll learn about Ullan – you have already dealt with him.

Head to the Vignamri village and talk to Ullan. Go to the next hut, but Slan will not be there. Interrogate the villages and then head to the indicated place and save the woman from animals. All you have to do now is to just talk with her and Petrus.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +3 to reputation with Petrus.

Siora’s Quests

Find Queen Bladnid

This quest will start automatically following the quest The Battle of the Red Spears. We have stopped Siora from killing the enemy soldier and he said that her mother was captured. Move to the outpost at the same location and talk to the captain. After this, talk to the doctor. Try to use your charisma to convince the captain. If you fail, you’ll have to examine the barracks. Read the note on the table and another letter which is hidden in the chest with a first-level lock. Go to the meeting place, hide behind the stone and wait for the evening to come. Interrupt the exchange and kill the enemies. The captain will surrender and agree to return Siora’s mother body. Move to Vedrhais with her so that you do not have to get there by foot, then talk to Siora’s sister. At this point, the quest will be completed.

Reward: 1000 experience points, +3 to reputation with Siora.

The Queen's Farewell

This quest will be provided by Siora after you find yourself at the next camp. Talk to Eseld, follow the marker and kill all animals. Bring two traps so that you do not have to return. Blow up two monster nests and then go inside. Having done this, you will learn that the ritual requires 2 incense burners and a special balm. Craft them at any bench in the camp (at the bonfire). For the incense burner, you need level 1 craftsmanship, the balm requires level 1 science. When you craft all the items, Siora will offer to return to the mound. Agree so that you do not have to go there by foot. Perform the ritual, completing the quest.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +3 to reputation with Siora.

Promises Set in Stone

This quest will become available after you talk to Glendan, the head of the Council, during the storyline mission The Trials of the Water. Take Siora to your squad and talk to her, then move to Vedrad. Talk to the preachers and then head to the other part of the location, kill the bandits and examine the destroyed stone. Return to the village and examine the keeper’s cabin. Move to another village and talk to Dankas. Go to Karadeg. If you can successfully use your intuition (level 2), you will not have to run back to Dankas. You’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives and with Siora.

Decide with whom you want to talk – Eseld or the preachers. If you go directly to Eseld, you will have to convince preachers to leave the village. In this case, you’ll get ‘’-1’’ to reputation with Theleme but gain +2 to reputation with the natives.

Reward: 1300 experience points, +3 to reputation with Siora.

Aphra’s Quests

Islander Knowledge

This is the first quest from Aphra. Talk to her and agree to help. Follow the marker to the indicated location. From there, you should move to the entry point in the upper right corner which will allow you to get to a new area, Cergganaw. Move forward and help the natives in their fight against monsters. You’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives and then automatically move to the previous location. Talk to Morian and Yewan after the cutscene.

Follow the elders, hiding in the bushes when they stop. Spend some time on the ledge until the elders leave, then descend and kill the monsters. Move deep into the cave. Bend down so that you are not detected and descend. Ultimately, the elder will tell you to leave your shelter. Talk to him to complete the quest.

Reward: 1000 experience points, + 3 to reputation with Aphra, -1 to reputation with the natives.

The Cave of Knowledge

The next quest will be provided by Aphra during the next halt. Talk to a girl. Talk to the young people that were saved before and head to Drogred. Follow the marker towards the knowledge cave and talk to four adventurers who stand on the left. Start by questioning them, then apply charisma or pay 100 coins so that they leave. Otherwise, you’ll have to fight.

You’ll get a seed for the gates of the knowledge cave. Another one could be found on the corpse near the tent. Go to the gates of the cave and apply the seed to the altar. One will do the job. Go inside and move to the spacious shaft. Examine two cave paintings, climb the ledge near the marker and go there. Get to the next marker and overhear two young people. Leave the cave to complete the quest.

Reward: 1300 experience points, +3 to reputation with Aphra.

The Linking Ritual

This quest will be offered by Aphra immediately after you complete the mission The Cave of Knowledge. Move to the nearest camp fire and rewind the time to the next day. Go to the ritual venue, talk to everyone and watch a cutscene. Kill the people who arrive – after this, the quest chain will be completed.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +3 to reputation with Aphra.

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