Release date: September 10, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough of all side quests in GreedFall

Before the Departure

Coin Guard Merchandise

Select this quest in the journal (J key to open it) and go to the merchant’s shop. Talk and ask about other merchants. If you have intuition, you can choose the second option and convince the vendor by offering him a bribe. You can use charisma but keep in mind that chances for success are not always high (look at probability). If you try to intimidate the vendor, he will refuse. Go around the corner, open the gates and defeat three opponents. The vendor will agree to deliver the cargo to mercenaries. On the other hand, you’ll get -1 to reputation with the Congregation of Merchants.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-1

Follow the marker to Coin Guard barracks and talk to the quartermaster. He will say that you should find a way to quickly transfer the cargo to Teer Fradee.

Once you get to the port and meet Vasco, ask him to help with the cargo. He will say that he cannot load the cargo which is not in the log or in the warehouse. Thus, you’ll have to deal with this problem. Follow the marker. You’ll get warned that you are moving to Nauts territory. Open the nearest door and use C key to act covertly. Sneak into the back room and climb to the second floor. Go through the barracks with beds and get to the office. Grab the Serene jail key from the desk and interact with the ship log.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-2

The next task is to get rid of the guards. You can prepare a drink with a potion. Both the sleeping pills and the alcohol with them are crafted at the workbench. One of them is located near the entrance to the tavern. On the other hand, you should have ‘’Level 1 Science’’ talent to prepare any potion. If you don’t have it, forget about this option (the new talent point will become available only once you reach Level 5).

You can just go to the warehouse guards and talk to them. Select ‘’Intuition’’ and they will leave their post. Tell the porters that they can move the goods to the warehouse. You should also talk to the quartermaster, but this can be done in New Serene.

Having arrived at the place, talk to the character. Your task will be to find crates in the warehouses. Head to the port, climb over the fence and quietly move to the left. You will see two guards standing opposite the warehouses’ doors and one constantly patrolling. The warehouse you need to go to is the distant one, so you will have to kill one of the guards. However, if you do it stealthily, it won’t damage your reputation.

After you deal with the guard, enter the warehouse and examine the crates. Mark them and get back to the quartermaster to complete the quest.

Reward: 1000 experience points, 100 coins, and +1 to the Coin Guard reputation.

The Charlatan

Follow the marker and find the potion shop. You can identify it using the pop-up dialogue phrases. Watch the cutscene and talk to the vendor. He will drink a potion from his pocket. You should get his bottle. To the left of the shop, there’s a cart behind the fence. You will not be able to get there from this side. Go to the right from the shop, turn to the left and open the metal gate on the left side. Get to the cart. There, you’ll find an alchemist’s and innkeeper’s notes, and a bottle of panacea. Three enemies are located behind the fence on the side – having killed them, you’ll be able to search a hidden chest.

Return to the merchant and talk to him. He will escape. The innkeeper’s note stated that the alchemist lives with them. Follow the marker to the tavern. Look around, go through the door on the left side and go up. Open the nearest door and talk to the alchemist. Having learned about his true plans and motives, decide what to do – arrest or help him get out of the town. We have chosen the second option.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-3

An angry crowd at the street demands to hang the alchemist. You can talk to the crowd and convince it. However, there’s an alternative option. Leave the alchemist’s room and go to the left on the second floor. On the desk, you’ll find keys from the tavern’s pantry. Pick them up (there’s a chest with a Level 1 lock in the nearby room), descend the stairs and go through the door on the right. There are two doors at the end of the kitchen. Open the right door with the key you have found and examine the chest in the pantry. In addition to resources, you’ll find a tavern key. Leave the pantry and open the door on the right side.

Go back to the alchemist, talk to him and accompany him to the exit. Having escaped through the back door, examine the corpses on the right. An unsent letter lies near one of them. Next to the tavern’s back door, you’ll find boards with white paint. Use them to get through the fence. If you want to avoid battles, you should go to the right. If you go to the left, using a short way to the cart, you’ll have to kill two enemies and then deal with six more opponents. However, that’s good for experience. Having made your way to the cart, you’ll part ways with the alchemist who will provide you with 80 coins. Now, you should return to the Bridge Alliance ambassador.

You can:

  1. Conceal the truth about the alchemist. In this case, your reputation with the Bridge Alliance will not suffer.
  2. Blame the ambassador for lying. In this case, you’ll get -2 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

Reward: regardless of your choice, you’ll get 50 coins and 1000 experience points.

Heretic Hunt

Go to the port area and talk to Captain Vasco about heretics. He will tell you about smugglers which are kept in the jail of Serene port. Head to Nauts territory which you should have visited during the quest Coin Guard Merchandise. In the building where you have found the ship log, you’ll find a jail key in the same room – you may have already taken it.

Go past this building. Ahead, you’ll find an entrance to the guarded warehouse. Stairs are located on the left side while the other passage is on the right side. Go to the right, then to the left and watch the fence on the left side. It will be with white paint, and you can climb over it. Do this, remove the wooden lock and enter the jail. Talk to smugglers and agree to a deal. They will say that two heretics are hiding in the Nauts’ warehouse. If you wish, you can free smugglers, applying the jail key to the grate, or leave and forget about them.

Now, get back to the building where you have found the ship log and the jail key. Look at the guarded warehouse entry. Turn to the left and see the stairs. Climb the stairs and descend the other stairs. Sneak to the backyard through a hole in the wall, climb the stairs and enter the warehouse.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-4

Talk to ‘’heretics’’ and decide what you will do. If you arrest them, you’ll get the reward from Theleme ambassador. If you release them, you’ll have to tell Theleme ambassador about the escape. However, there is an option to negotiate with the Bridge Alliance ambassador. Go to him and talk about everything. He will agree to help you. Leave the building – you’ll automatically talk to historians. They will provide you with 80 gold coins.

Return to Theleme ambassador and decide what you will say to him:

  1. Tell the truth. You’ll get -1 to reputation with Theleme.
  2. Lie. You’ll get +1 to reputation with Theleme.

Reward: 1000 experience points.

Disappearance among the Nauts

Talk to Vasco again and ask him all questions about the novice (start with two questions, then the third question about friends will become available). Follow the two markers in the port to talk to Flavia and Lauro. Ask them about the novice and then go to the tavern. Talk to the innkeeper and then to the gambler who stands at the nearby wall. He will tell you that the Naut novice left with the wealthy merchant Fontaine. Follow the marker to his house.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-5

Enter the house and talk to the maid. Mr. Fontaine is not at home, but his wife may talk to you – go upstairs and talk to her. You will learn about a certain contract. Return to the port and ask Captain Vasco about this. It turns out that people from the Congregation of Merchants can pay for Nauts’ services not only with money but also with other means. In this case, they were providing an unborn son. Go to Mr. de Courcillon who stands in the nearby.

Return to Fontaine’s house and find a note on the first floor where the maid is cleaning. You will learn about a warehouse at the channel. Follow the marker, get to the warehouse through the nearest door and go down to the basement. Talk to Mr. Fontaine and tell him what you have learned from de Courcillon. In this case, Fontaine will agree to give the son. You will get +2 to reputation with the Congregation of Merchants. Having grabbed the key, go through the door and find a locked cage in the basement. Open the grate and talk to Jonas. Go back to the port to inform Captain Vasco.

Reward: 1000 experience points, +3 to reputation with Nauts.

Mr De Courcillon’s Research

Exploration and Cartography

After you have talked to Constantin, de Courcillon will stop you at the first floor of the palace upon your arrival to New Serene. Talk to him and get the quest. You will have to set several camps in various places. That’s all. Here’s what you should do: visit such places and search ‘’question mark’’ icons on the bar at the top of the screen. Follow them and make bonfires. If you find all bonfires in a certain region, you’ll get 100 experience points. When you activate all camp fires, talk to de Courcillon to complete the task.

Reward: the Explorer achievement and 500 epxerience points.

In Professor Serafeddin’s Footsteps

The quest is provided together with the questExploration and Cartography. You should find several professor’s notes. While the bonfires are marked by ‘’question mark’’ icons on the map (more precisely, the interesting places are marked – bonfires may be there), the notes are not marked at all. You’ll have to examine each region separately. Fortunately, the map is covered in ‘’fog of war’’ so you’ll know which places you have already visited. Notes, just like other quest items, are highlighted in orange (ordinary items are highlighted in yellow). For locating all notes in a certain region, you will receive 200 experience points. Talk to de Courcillon when you find all of them.

Reard: 1000 experience points and an achievement.

The Children of Teer Fradee

An Aspiring Merchant

Approximately at the center of New Serene, you’ll find a merchant highlighted by a question mark. Talk to him to start the quest. Go to the palace and visit the room on the left. There, you’ll find another door that leads to the minister’s office. Talk to the man, go up to Constantin and move through the door on the right side. Go higher and talk to Mr. de Courcillon. He will provide you with a recommendation letter. Show it to the minister and then bring the patent to the merchant.

The task does not end here. The merchant’s brother was arrested, and you should help him. Head to the tavern and go down to the arena. On the way, you’ll have to pay 25 coins. Having done this, talk to the arena manager and agree to fight against a captive hunter. Thanks to this conversation, a new quest Champion of the Arena will begin. Kill a man and then deal with animals. Dodge when they stand on their back paws. Together with the hunter, return to his brother, the merchant. The latter will tell you about his tribe in Vignamri and offer to speak to the leader Ullan. When you are ready, leave the town and go on foot to the ‘’globe’’ icon. Choose the desired place and go there. Then, you’ll have to walk approximately 500 meters to the village. Talk to the leader inside his hut to complete the quest. You may agree to complete a new side quest.

Reward: 1600 experience points.

A Peculiar Alliance

This task begins automatically after the quest An Aspiring Merchant. At the end of that quest, you should talk to the leader of Vignamri village. Do this and agree to help him.

Head to Hikmet. On the way to the city, you will learn about a merchant who would like to open a shop in Hikmet. Support him, Burhan will be positive on this issue. He wants to make an alliance. Also, you’ll get papers for the merchant. Follow the marker and transfer the papers. The merchant is under pressure from the natives. To avoid a fight, you should pass a charisma or intuition test (1 point). If you try to intimidate your opponents, you’ll have to fight against them. After this, a conversation with the merchant will be started automatically. Return to Ullan and say about the decision of Burhan. Come back in two hours, having slept by the bonfire.

Listen to Ullan. It’s important to convince Mordun, the leader of the other clan, to stop attacking the merchants. Follow the marker and talk to Mordun. You can swear honor or use charisma (the first option is sufficient enough). Return to Ullan, talk to him and decide what you should do – attend the peace talks or not. You should do this in the next 6 hours. If you follow our choice, move to the meeting pointl and help Mordun in battle against the enemies. Having done this, talk to Mordun. You’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives. Return to the village, to Ullan, and complete the quest.

Reward: 1900 experience points, +4 to reputation with the natives.


This quest can be started in San Matheus where you’ll go along the storyline quest Old Countries in a New World. After talking to the abbess in the castle, head to the exit from the town. At the door of your residence (you have a residence in each town), you’ll find a note. Read it, head to San Matheus forest and turn to the path on the left side that leads you down along the rocks. Get to the natives and talk to them. You’ll be provided with a key.

Go to San Matheus and visit Claudius’ house. Read the note on the first floor, climb to the second floor and find a key. At the exit, you’ll be stopped by inquisitors but if Petrus is in your squad, you’ll be able to get rid of them. Go to the Order headquarters and open the room on the right. There, you’ll find a chest that should be unlocked with the key you have found. Return to the natives. You were followed by the inquisition. Eliminate all enemies, helped by new allies. The quest is completed.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +2 to reputation with the natives.

Camp of the Ordo Luminis

This side quest starts after you complete the storyline quest Face to Face with the Demon. You’ll have a choice – go to Verdhais or inform the Mother Cardinal about the impending assault. We have chosen the first option, but if you follow our steps, you’ll get -2 to reputation with Theleme at the end of the quest since you will have to report to Mother Cardinal anyway. Thus, you’ll be better off informing her in advance. Talk to Eseld in her village and convince her to help Derdre in the battle against the inquisition. You’ll need charisma or level 2 intuition.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-6

Head to the bastion of the Ordo Luminis at San Matheus and attack from the rear. Kill as many enemies as possible, acting stealthily, and then fight your way to the building. Deal with the enemies, remove the key from the box and open the cell. Find various clues at three floors and then go outside and defeat the enemies in the nearby courtyard. Go towards the site of the meeting between Derdre and Eseld. Derdre will recognize you as an ally. This will help you during the side quest Dirty Traffic.

Reward: 1900 experience points, improving or worsening of the reputation with Thelema.

Logging Expedition

Talk to elder of Vigyigidaw when you meet him during Aphra’s quest Islander Knowledge. He will give you a quest. Head to Cwenvar guided by the marker on the map. Arrive at the site where the islanders argue with lumberjacks. Having listened to them, talk to the doctor, examine three corpses and talk to the doctor again. Head to the hunters’ location. Kill two animals and then give the prey to hunters. Choose ‘’Discuss’’ during the conversation with them. If you have handed the prey, you’ll be able to avoid the fight.

Having learned the details, head to New Serene to meet Mr. de Courcillon. Talk with him at the third floor of the mansion, go down to the basement and find a document in the archive. Show it to madame Morange who is living in the nearby. After this, you’ll be automatically transferred to de Courcillon. Having decided what to do, go back to Vigyigidaw village and talk to Dunncas. The quest will be completed.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +2 to reputation with the natives.

The Blood Price

The quest will start automatically after the mission Logging Expedition. Go to the abandoned mine and talk to the guards. Move to the right from the guarded passage and climb the mountain to see prisoners that work on the mine. Return to New Serene and talk to de Courcillon. Go down to the archives and find the ownership document. Bring it to madame Morange and then meet Mr. Maillard on the quay. Having talked, agree with de Courcillon about cessation of ownership rights and go back to the mine. Show the document to the guards at the entry, go forward and kill Maillard and his bodyguards. Then, release the prisoners from two cells by pulling wooden boards. Move to Dunncas and report on the completion of the quest.

Reward: 1900 experience points, +4 to reputation with the natives.

The Shadow of the Guard

The Man with the Silver Coin

You can obtain the task from the quartermaster of the Coin Guard after you complete the quest Coin Guard Merchandise. Talk to three merchants. You can strike a deal with one of them. Use your charisma or give him 100 coins. Do not worry since you’ll get this money back in case you successfully complete the quest. Now you should wait 2 days.

Do anything or just rest at your residence (it is highlighted by a ‘’bonfire’’ on the map). Return to the merchant and talk to him. Hide behind the corner and then defeat the racketeers. Search their bodies, head to the barracks and see a man with a silver coin. Follow him. When he stops, hide somewhere and do not forget to bend down. Ultimately, you’ll track down your enemy. Talk to him and then defeat all guards. Take the coin and show it to Manfred. By the way, if the man notices you, he will try to escape and lure you into the courtyard where his allies are located.

Reward: +3 to reputation with the Coin Guard, 1300 experience points.

Champion of the Arena

Talk to the arena manager in New Serene. You will meet him when proceeding with the quest An Aspiring Merchant.

You’ll have to win five rounds. Each round consists of three battles with increasing difficulty. Once you have won the fifth fight, the quest will be completed, and you’ll get the reward and several achievements.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-7

Reward: 1000 experience points, 200 coins, and a legendary two-handed weapon.


The quest will be provided by Manfred from New Serene. Visit the Coin Guard headquarters after you deal with the rebels headed by the general in the quest Treason!. Head to the tavern and talk to the innkeeper. Then, move to the port and talk to the customs officer. You can bribe him with 100 coins or apply intuition (3 points!), showing a silver coin. In the other case, you’ll have to find the key by yourself.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-8

We have chosen the second option since the key is located in the nearby. Look towards the water and see an orange glow at the end of the pier. Grab the key from the box and look inside the chest to find a note. Talk to the customs officer, meet him by the gates and run together to the meeting place. Hide behind the fence and bend down, pressing C. When the meeting takes place, you’ll have a choice – pursue the enemy or help the customs officer. The runaway man is not Egon so there’s no need to chase him. Jump down and help the customs officer who helped you. After this, you’ll talk to the man.

Leave the location and head to a new one where the infirmary is located. You can fight your way or go through the stables on the side, hiding in the grass. As soon as you defeat Ludwig himself, the fight will end. Return to New Serene and talk to Manfred.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +3 to reputation with the Coin Guard, 50 coins.

Dirty Traffic

This quest starts after the quest Contraband. Talk to admiral Cabral and then go to San Matheus. Go to the local barracks, talk to quartermaster and three officers who are upstairs. At some point, sergeant Franz will stop you. Leave the barracks and go to the meeting place at the church gates. Talk to him on different topics.

You may immediately attack the sawmill with the captives or visit the village of Vedlog and ask for Derdre’s help. You will not be able to convince her, so you’ll have to use the branch with the level 3 intuition. If you do not have that many points of intuition, do not waste your time – don’t go to Derdre. On the other hand, if you have completed the side task Camp of the Ordo Luminis, Derdre will provide you with allies without any checks.

Head to the sawmill at San Matheus and kill the guards. Go inside and release the captives, having talked to the woman in the blue dress. Go outside and meet your allies. Hide behind the logs at the side by pressing C. Defeat two groups of solders and talk to different characters including Manfred in New Serene.

Reward: 1900 experience points, 50 coins, +2 to reputation with the Coin Guard.

Egon’s Face

Climb to the second floor and talk to captain Ulric. Agree to hit the road. Clear the camp from Egon’s henchmen and then go inside through the far door. Kill enemies on each floor and find several notes and evidence. On the first floor, you’ll find a cell with dead Franz. Return to Manfred and report about everything. Go out to the Coin Guard courtyard and face lieutenant Alexander. He is Egon. Defeat all opponents and then talk to several characters. The quest chain is completed.

Reward: 2200 experience points, +3 to reputation with the Coin Guard.

In the Name of Science

Attack on Caravans

The quest is provided by Burhan, the leader of Hikmet. He will tell you about the attacks at the first meeting. Head to the nearest outpost and talk to the captain. Talk to the surviving merchant and then head to the attack site. Examine three points, move forward and kill opponents. You’ll face two rebel squads and then find their camp. Start a conversation with the leader. If you haven’t ratted the scout’s location when you saw him nearby Hikmet, he will say that you are trustworthy.

Having learned that rebels will not harm merchant caravans, you can leave or attack them. Regardless of your decision, you should go back to the captain at the outpost and report about everything. You’ll get +2 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-9

Reward: 1400 experience points, 150 coins.

At the Heart of the Rebellion

This quest may be obtained from Burhan at the next visit to Hikmet. Talk to commander Reinhild. Go to the soldier, talk to him and hit the road. Get to the indicated place, keeping up with the soldier. Find the wounded and give him a health potion. You’ll get +2 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance. Move to the southern road Frasoneigad, head to the indicated place and talk to rebels. You can use your charisma to convince them or ask Siora to intervene. Follow the rebel to the camp and talk to their leader. Decide what you will do – stand up for the native rebels or finish them off. Depending on your choice, you’ll lose 2 points of reputation with either natives or the Bridge Alliance. After the victory, return to Hikmet and tell Burhan about everything.

Reward: 1600 experience points, legendary armor.

Doctor Asili’s Experiments

This quest will start immediately after the quest At the Heart of the Rebellion. Head to the lab in Hikmet, fight your way and enter the caves. Get to the prisoners and release them all. After this, go to the nearest marker and find a note and keys in the building that is located near the cells. Go to the right and down from the building to find a grate. Repair the mechanism by applying a new gear or level 2 craftsmanship. Go into the formed opening. The protagonist will tell the prisoners that he should deal with those who are involved in this.

Go back and follow the marker to the tall house. Kill the enemies on the first floor, look at the records on the second floor and open Asili’s room. You’ll need a key that you have found earlier. Defeat Asili in battle and then decide what you will do – arrest or kill. Then, return to the prisoners and go through the cave, killing animals.

Outside, talk to Nauts and then go to Burhan. First, you’ll get +2 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance. If you have killed Asili, you will lose 10 reputation points.

Reward: 1900 experience points.

The Origins of Theleme

Trouble in Eden

Following the storyline mission Old Countries in a New World, go back to San Matheus and obtain this quest from the abbess. Head to the indicated village, Eden, and talk to Father Lustinius. Question a few more priests (talk to Father Lustinius once again and ask a question about Eden) and the natives’ leader.

Then, examine the priests’ residence, go back to the leader and use charisma. If you intimidate him, you’ll lose your reputation with the natives. Talk to the woman who has helped her son to steal the tablets. Use intuition (1 point) so that she tells you where to look for the robbers.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-10

Follow the indicated path. When you come close, follow the path on the right as the illuminated path on the left leads through traps. Talk to Bran. You can use your charisma or find out what they need. He will ask you to negotiate with Derdre, the leader of the nearby village. Follow the marker and talk to Derdre. It looks like according to the authors’ idea, you should have completed the storyline mission Demonical Cult so that the hero could convince Derdre. However, we have managed to convince her before completing the above-mentioned quest.

Return to the robbers and tell them that Derdre will accept them in the clan. You will obtain the tablets that should be returned to Eden’s preachers. If you do everything as described, you’ll face the mother of one of the robbers once you exit their camp (when you grab the tablets). Having talked to her, you’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives. After the conversation with the preachers, when you hand them the tablets, you’ll get +2 to reputation with Theleme.

Reward: 1300 experience points, 50 coins.

Theological Conflicts

This mission starts automatically after the quest Trouble in Eden. You’ll have to wait for the results of the research. After some time, a new goal will appear – you’ll have to learn more about Eden research. Head to the indicated place and talk to brother Casparus. Examine the wounded soldier. Head to the natives’ leader, talk to him and then to the woman whose son has once stolen the tablets. If you have spared her son and resolved the problem peacefully, she will provide you with an antidote for Fidelis. Give him the medicine and find out where the theologians are located.

Head to the swamps where you have been on a quest Face to Face with the Demon. Get to the theologians’ camp and talk to two people. Examine three bodies in different regions. If you have level 2 science, you’ll have to simply apply the talent on one of the bodies. Accuse a man from the camp of murder. If you tell everyone that he is the murderer, you’ll get -1 to reputation with Petrus. The best choice is to let him go. After this, talk to Eugenia – this will lead to the completion of the quest.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +1 to reputation with Theleme.

In the Footsteps of Saint Matheus

The mission will start automatically following the completion of the previous mission. Follow the marker at the same location and fight against the demon located just above the bonfire. Having defeated him, you’ll get a legendary one-handed sacrificial sword. Climb a little higher and enter the cave. Get to the distant adit with drawings on the walls. Examine six different goals. All of them are located in the same room. Having done this, talk to Petrus and complete the quest.

Reward: gold coins, 1900 experience points.

Saint and Wild

This quest is the logical continuation of the previous one. Go to the camp and talk to Eugenia. For this, you’ll get +2 to reputation with Theleme. If you tell the truth and hand the relics, you’ll get another point to reputation with Theleme. Help Eugenia deal with the inquisition and then wait 24 hours (you can rewind time at any camp fire). Having done this, go to San Matheus and talk to Cornelia.

You should use various checks, however, if additional quests were completed, more options will appear. For example, if you and Petrus found a way to put pressure on Cornelia during his first side quest, and so on. If you convince, you’ll get +3 to reputation with Theleme.

Reward: 2200 experience points, +2 to reputation with Theleme.

The Naut's Secrets

The Admiral’s Secret Service

This quest will begin automatically after you talk to admiral Cabral in the New Serene port at the beginning of Petrus’ quest The Sins of Father Petrus. Talk to captain Ruben and his three assistants in the New Serene port. Go to the tavern, deal with drunkards (or do not interfere), talk to the innkeeper and then to the man standing next to him. Ask him three questions.

GreedFall Side Quests Walkthrough-11

After this, move to the cache behind the bridge and examine the stones. Climb the hill and wait for darkness. When the messenger runs back across the bridge, follow him. You should not hide. Having reached the customer, talk to him. If you simply intimidate him, you’ll get -1 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance. Thus, you should use your charisma and then talk to admiral.

Reward: 1300 experience points, +3 to reputation with the Nauts.

The Spy from Theleme

This quest begins after you have completed the previous one. Head to San Matheus and go to the port. Talk to the second mate and then go to the pier and talk to the woman by the ship. Head to your residence and wait for the night, then go to the tavern and talk to Alba’s father.

Head to Wenshaveye village. Follow the marker, bend down and overhear a conversation (a hint telling you which button to press will appear at the screen). Then, save the prisoner. If Petrus is in your squad, you’ll be able to convince the detective to leave this place. Talk to the prisoner.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +3 to reputation with the Nauts.

Sub Rosa

This quest starts immediately following the quest The Spy from Theleme . Go to the village and talk to the rescued native. Head to the indicated cave. It is also related to the quest The Suffering of Constantin as that’s where the missing villages are located (as well as the white tenlan lair). Make your way through the cave until you find Alba’s corpse. You’ll get -2 to reputation with the Nauts. Perhaps, it was somehow possible to avoid this outcome. Search the corpse to get the diary and learn the name of the real villain. The quest will be completed.

Reward: 1900 experience points

The Enemy Within

The quest starts automatically after you complete the quest Sub Rosa. Go to admiral Cabral to the port administration of New Serene and report about everything. You will immediately get +3 to reputation with the Nauts. Talk to the team members, go to the tavern and talk to a prostitute. Pay her or use your intuition. Interestingly, the option that allows you to intimidate her comes without any fines. Return to the port, stand at the indicated place and wait. Follow Ruben to the cache. Do not leave the shelter. Instead, decide to search the cache. Talk to admiral and then ambush Ruben and buyers. Having defeated them all, pick up two documents and take them to admiral.

Reward: 2200 experience points, +5 to reputation with Nauts.

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