Release date: September 10, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough of the main story of GreedFall

At the beginning of the game, create your character, setting appearance, class, and choosing the first talent and characteristics.

A Cure for Malichor

The Great Departure

The main character leaves so he needs to say goodbye to his mother. Go down the stairs at the end of the path to meet Kurt in the courtyard. He is the protagonist’s mentor. Fight with him, learning the combat basics. For the main attack, use LMB, for the additional attack (kick) – CTRL. Press Shift to dodge. RMB allows you to put a block which is much more effective if you press RMB right before the enemy hits. In this case, you parry it and confuse the enemy for a split second. Perform three attacks followed by three dodges or parries. After this, you should defeat Kurt.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-1

You will also learn about a tactical pause. To get it, press Tab or Space. In this mode, all battle action is put on pause. Using the tactical pause, you can choose a skill, potion, or spell. In addition, you can assign a shortcut. Select a healing potion, press Q and then click on one of the number keys to set a shortcut. Talk to Kurt after the battle.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-2

Go through the door and talk to De Sardet. Having received a farewell gift and a hat from her, you will find yourself outside. Move forward and meet Kurt. He will tell you that you need to find Constantin. This is the protagonist’s cousin who became the governor of a new island. In addition, Kurt will provide you with thefirst side quest Coin Guard Merchandise and will become your companion. Take him to the squad.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-3

Follow the nearest marker and enter the house of the Bridge Alliance ambassador. Talk with him about everything and get another side quest The Charlatan.

Follow the adjacent marker and talk to Theleme ambassador. Theleme and Bridge Alliance, believers and alchemists, are at war. Theleme ambassador will ask about a favor. That’s how the side quest Heretic Hunt begins.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-4

Head to the port area where you’ll see a cutscene which introduces Captain Vasco. Talk to him to get a new side quest – Disappearance among the Nauts. In addition, the main quest will be updated. It’s high time to find Constantin, the protagonist’s cousin.

Go to the tavern and talk to the innkeeper behind the counter. He will tell you about a fight and will say that he can help only in case you repair the furniture or pay the damage. Thus, you should either find 4 dowels or pay 25 coins. Even if you have dowels in the inventory, you will have to go out of the tavern and craft at least one dowel at the nearby workbench. Interact with the furniture for the second time. Whether you decide to pay or repair the furniture, talk to the innkeeper. He will tell you that Constantin quarreled with bandits whose warehouse is located in the nearby.

Go there. You may find a bypass if you descend the nearest stairs. If you go forward along the street and to the right, you will have to talk to kidnappers. You can pay a ransom of 50 coins or apply intuition (1 point) if you have it. The other option is to fight against everyone. We have used the intuition, and the bandits provided us with the key. Enter the building, climb to the second floor and open the room with Constantin. After this, go to the opposite room and grab the old embroidered doublet. Open the inventory, use arrows to switch to Constantin and equip him with the old doublet.

Leave the building and go to the port. Talk to Captain Vasco. Agree to sail or say that you still have unfinished business. When you choose the first option, follow Vasco to the place where the battle against the creature will begin.

Defeat the Creature

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-5

In the battle against this monster, you should use dodges (Shift key). Roll timely to avoid being hit. Do the same in the moments when the creature throws something at you. Also, try to attack him from behind. At the end of the battle, the creature will crawl, falling forward on his belly. Just dodge to the side and hit from behind. After the victory, you’ll get a crystal that allows you to redistribute all characteristics, skills, and talents. Use it if you wish.

Find Constantin at the Palace

Constantin has left your squad, but Captain Vasco is now forced to help you – accept his services.

Follow the marker and find Siora, the daughter of the local clan leader, near the palace. Following the cutscene, she will automatically get into your group. You’ll have to temporarily remove Kurt or Vasco. Make your choice and then go inside and go upstairs. Talk to Constantin about everything to start a new quest.

Old Countries in a New World

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-6

Follow the marker and leave the town. A caravan driver should be in the nearby – he will get you to the chosen place for 10 coins. Start by visiting San Matheus. Move through the town to the square where you’ll find an inquisitor. Confirm your faith if you do not want to battle against him or confess of disbelief. In this case, you will have to defeat solely the inquisitor. He will leave, but you’ll get ‘’-1’’ to reputation with Theleme. Move to the palace and talk to the abbess. Inside the palace, you’ll meet a new companion – Petrus.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-7

Move to Hikmet. On the little hill on the right from the entrance, you can spot a native-scout. He will ask you to not rat him. Enter the settlement. A guard will stop you at the entrance. If you do not tell him about the scout, you’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives. Visit Burhan in his mansion and talk about different topics. He will ask you to find a missing expedition. You will later have to report to Constantin about it.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-8

Reward: +1 to reputation with the Congregation of Merchants.

The Battle of the Red Spears

The quest will start after you talk with Constantin at the palace in New Serene. Head to Vedrad. Talk to a man in a hut, go outside and climb the mountain along the trail on the right side. Siora should stop you and ask to go along the left path. That path is dangerous but short so you can reach the site before the end of the battle. If you do not listen to her and go to the right, her sister will die. Follow the path to the left, get to the marker and win the battle. Having talked to the sister, use charisma or intuition (1 point) to convince her.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-9

Having done this, search the nearest battlefield. There, you’ll find 5 survivors – you should heal them. You’ll be provided with three health potions, but you’ll have to spend two potions of your own. You have a bit more than 5 minutes but even if you do not succeed in time, the task will not be failed. On the other hand, you’ll get +3 to reputation with the natives if you manage to cure all survivors.

Follow the marker, examine the drawings on the ruins and then get to the flag. Decide what you will do – stop Siora or let her continue. We have chosen the first option, and the survivor said that Siora’s mother was captured. When you examine the flag, ruins and save all survivors (or wait until the end of the timer), the quest will be completed.

Reward: 1400 experience points, +3 to reputation with the natives.

Demonical Cult

Head to the indicated location and talk to Ephesia. Go to the village and talk to the shaman and Derdre leader. Talk to the locals – they will be highlighted with ordinary markers on the map. First, a girl near the table will want to talk to you. She will be followed by the man on the hill – only in that order. Go back to tell Ephesia about everything you have learned.

Go to the girl to whom you spoke first. Ask for help so that she distracts a nervous man. She will agree but ask for Ephesia’s hat. Go to the woman, she will provide you with her hat. Give the hat to the girl and go up to the house. When the man leaves, go inside and examine three different objects highlighted in orange.

After this, talk to Ephesia again and then follow the marker and sit in the ambush, waiting for the night. Follow the man and make sure to hide when he stops. After the second stop, you’ll have to kill several flying creatures. Do not worry, it’s impossible to lose the chase here. Follow the marker once you have eliminated all opponents. The man must disappear, and you should examine the place of worship.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-10

If you fail the surveillance part (you get discovered), you’ll have to kill the man and get -1 to reputation with the natives. Listen to the protagonist’s words since it’s a tip. Examine all stones with candles to learn what they symbolize. After this, light the candles in the following order: wind, lightning, fire, death, water, life. If you make a mistake, you’ll have to deal with flying creatures and start again.

Go inside and watch the cutscene. Talk to Derdre. Try to intimidate, and then defeat the warriors of light who stand in the nearby. For this, you’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-11

Reward: 1700 experience points.

Face to Face with the Demon

Go to the indicated point at the swamps and move to the Vedvilvie area. Go to the indicated place and meet old hermit. Descend to the tree, then go back up and examine four places – three plates with images of a frog, an insect and a snake, and a chest with a potion recipe. Talk to the old hermit again.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-12

Descend to the tree and play the drums: an insect, a frog, and a snake. After this, some roots will appear, and you will have to pour potion at them. To prepare the potion, head to any camp at the location. Craft it, but you need level 1 science. Apply the potion to the altar and then destroy the monster. Potions protecting from poisoning will come in handy in this battle. After the victory, talk to the old hermit and then return to Derdre.

Reward: 1800 experience points

Scholars in the Expedition

The quest starts automatically following the quest Old Countries in a New World. Head to the indicated place and follow the marker to the top. Examine the destroyed camp. After this, follow another marker to find a corpse. Pick up a key from this corpse and open a chest at the small tent in the nearby. Having done this, continue following the trail to the swamps until you meet the natives. If you are able to use your charisma to convince them, you’ll avoid the battle. Anyway, you’ll be able to talk to the biologist.

Follow the woman until she leads you to the top part of the map to which you were not able to get. There’ll be a bonfire at that place. Go down to the ruins and fight your way to the marked door. Along the way, kill one guard to get a cell key. The other option is to break it later. Anyway, when you take out the hostages, you’ll have to accompany them back to the bonfire. Right before you reach the bonfire, you’ll be attacked by the natives. Defeat them and decide whether you spare or kill them. Accordingly, your reputation with the natives will increase or decrease by 1. Then, go to the bonfire – you’ll automatically get to Hikmet and will be able to talk to Burhan. The quest is completed, and you have obtained a new companion – Aphra.

Reward: 1900 experience points, +2 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

Quest for Panacea

The quest starts automatically after the completion of the mission Scholars in the Expedition. Head to the camp from where you have saved the scientists in the quest Scholars in the Expedition. Go to the hut and deal with the natives. You’ll get -2 to reputation with the natives but you cannot avoid this. On the other hand, the squad will learn where to search for the woman.

Head to the new region, Frasoneigad. Get to the village Vigshadhir. Talk to the two villagers highlighted by the marker. They will provide you with different quests. Go to the beginning of the location and go through the arc to the left. Follow the great hunt path, repairing the bells. If you do not have level 1 craftsmanship, take Kurt into your squad (if you are friends, he provides you with +1 to craftsmanship). Having repaired all the bells, return and talk to the villager to get +1 to reputation with the natives.

A woman will ask you to find Peddir. Follow the marker and learn that he lost his sight. Help him find all the ingredients. Everything you need grows in this meadow. Once you have collected the ingredients, hand them to Peddir. Return to the village and decide what you will do – reveal his secret or lie. The first option is better as the old man is blind and can’t stay in the forest.

Talk to the third character, Ongos. He is highlighted by the dialogue marker. Offer your help. You should find his seal. Open the map and see two markers. Start by going to the right marker to find the sacred seal near the stream with monsters. Having done this, return the item to Ongos. Thanks to this move, you’ll get +1 to reputation with the natives. Go to the left side of the map and talk to the woman who is located under the big tree to the left from the marker. Get to the cave entrance, and the task will be completed.

Reward: 2000 experience points

In Pursuit of theTierna Harh Cadachtas

Examine the altar at the cave gates. If you have intuition of the second level, you’ll be able to make an assumption. Otherwise, ask your companions. If Siora is not in your squad, go to the nearest camp fire, call all companions and talk to Siora. Talk to Ongos near the Tierna Harh hut and go inside. Examine all evidence – red flowers are the main one. Follow the marker and pick a red flower. Apply its seed to the altar and enter the cave.

Follow the only available route. At the fork, you may shorten the path and go straight if you have enough energy. In the other case, you will have to move to the right. Once you get out of the cave, go forward and to the left. You will find yourself at the battlefield where you’ll be attacked by a new monster. Act the same as with other monsters. The only difference is that the charged attack poisons heroes. If you see a green haze around the monster, just roll back to a safe distance. Look around and interact with Tierna to take the woman to the village. Watch the cutscene that ends the quest.

Reward: 1200 experience points.

The Trials of the Water

This mission starts automatically following the completion of the previous quest. Talk to Constantin and head to Dorgred. Show the seal and talk to Glendan. Go to the cave and get to the well. You will need to solve its puzzle or go to the right and fight against a huge monster. If you have decided to solve the puzzle, examine all stones and then activate them in the following order: wind, snow, sun, water. If you solve the puzzle, you’ll be able to interact with the monster and move further without a fight. Examine the mural and then return to Glendan and talk to him.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

Speak to Constantin about the Sanctuary

Return to New Serene and talk to Constantin’s bodyguard. Two quests will be activated.

On the High King’s Trail

You need support of Derdre, Ullan or Dunncas. Thus, you should complete the quests of one of these leaders. In theory, this will not affect the ending of the game. When you learn the route, move to the new location. Get to the village and talk to two indicated people (‘’dialogue’’ markers). It is possible that you will have to talk to one of them twice.

Head to the specified location. Hide in the bushes and overhear the conversation. If you come at night, you’ll be able to try to release the girl without raising the alarm. In the opposite case, you’ll have to talk to the people. You can try to convince them using your level 2 intuition or try to intimidate them. In any case, you’ll have to follow Cera. Enter the cave and examine 4 drawings. Near the second drawing, you’ll find a seed for the mountain gates. Once you have examined the fourth drawing, Cera will run away. Go beyond this drawing and turn to the narrow corridor on the left side. That’s how you will get out of the cave.

Go back to the beginning of the location and go up to find a passage in the mountains. Enter the cave.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

Vinbarr’s Sanctuary

Head through the cave using the only route and kill various animals. Ultimately, you will find a point of transition to a new location. Go upstream and get to the islanders. Kill them all, including Cera, and then search her corpse. You’ll get -3 to reputation with the natives and find Cera`s seed. Move higher, examine the door and two altars. Put the seed for the mountain gates into one of them and seed of Cera to the other. The gates will open, and the quest will be completed.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

Speak to Constantin

This mission will start after you complete the quest chain The Fate of Constantin. Enter the mansion and talk to the cousin.

A New High King

Head to Glendan and talk about everything. One of three contenders may become a king – Derdre, Ullan and Dunncas. Talk to each of them. In order to have their support, you should complete all the quests in their settlements. However, you just need to get the support of at least one of them and bring him the crown. On the other hand, we have completed all the quests and were able to talk to every leader. Here’s their program:

  • Derdre wants to drive away all immigrants from the island, leaving it to the natives.
  • Ullan says that he wants to live in peace with the immigrants, making his people richer.
  • Dunncas emphasizes that everyone else is either seeking profit or does not want peace. Thus, he wants to leave immigrants on the island.

In any case, each of the contenders is ready to help you (if you have completed the appropriate quests) and agrees that the cure for malichor should be found. We recommend completing the quests of each village leader and then going after the crown.

Go to the indicated place, defeat the monster (if you haven’t done this before) and go to Bedrie. Get to the crown but keep in mind that Derdre will stop you. She will ask for the crown – if you do not give it to the woman, you’ll have to fight. However, Derdre will not die, and you’ll be able to give her the crown at Glendan’s. Go there and decide who deserves the crown. The quest will be completed.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

Face to Face with God

After two days, you can go to the sanctuary. Go upstairs and talk to the deity. Leave the sanctuary and talk to the king.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

Speak to Constantin about the Sanctuary

Return to New Serene and talk to Constantin. Decide whether you will tell him the truth or stay silent. We have chosen the first option. At this point, the quest chain A Cure for Malichor will be completed.

An Ancient Secret

Talk to Constantin about the Ancient Ruins

This task will start after the quest The Battle of the Red Spears. Just return to the New Serene palace and talk to Constantin.

Mystery of the Ancient Ruins

This mission will start automatically after the above-mentioned quest. Talk to Madame de Morange and then go to the indicated location. Move to the right of the ruins, to the mining town.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-13

Question miners and enter the mine. There are several ways to go further. In addition to the monsters, there’s a narrow hole in the gallery but you’ll need 2 points of intuition. In the gallery on the right side to which you can climb using the ladder, you’ll find a broken wall. To blow it up, you need science (1 point) and a bomb. There’s a grate there – you should repair the mechanism to open it. Return to the initial mine and talk to the indicated character. He will provide you with a draft. Find all ingredients or use the other option: get out of the mine and buy a new gear from the merchant in the mining town. It costs 33 coins. Apply the gear and lift the grate.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll get into this cave anyway. Follow the marker and get to the ruins. Come to them, light the fire and look around. On the left side, you’ll see a big monster. Having defeated the creature, you’ll be able to search the chest in the corner and get a legendary weapon. In the nearby, you’ll find a quest chest. Examine the letter that is inside this chest. Go to the opposite side and find a barrel. Inside, you’ll find a rusty key. Follow the marker and examine the second chest to find a seal of the Congregation of Merchants. Once you have performed these actions, return to Constantin to complete the quest.

Reward: 1500 experience points, +1 to reputation with the Congregation of Merchants.

The Prince’s Secret

This quest begins following the completion of the previous quest. Talk to the admiral, then head to San Matheus and talk to the bishop and general Fernando. Leave the general, turn to the left and see a fence. Behind the fence, you’ll see a soldier – it is difficult to bypass him. Ideally, you should have Nauts’ clothes. If you have them, you’ll be able to go past him and enter the port administration. Go upstairs, go through the barracks and find a note in the office.

Cross the fence from the port side and head to the warehouse. Search the first floor and the second floor until you reach a conclusion: there are no idols here, etc. Move to the port and question several people which are highlighted by ordinary markers. Go to the tavern and get to the inquisitor. Having talked to him, convince him to help by using Petrus (if he is with you) or charisma.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-14

After this, enter the tavern, go down and get to the Coin Guard room through the brothel. The door is located under the stairs, below. Bribe the guard for 80 coins and use the key to open the cell and release the Nauts.

Go to Mother Cardinal palace and talk to her. You’ll get +1 to reputation with Theleme. Go back to the admiral in New Serene, talk to her and then to Constantin to complete the quest. At this point, you’ll learn that the cousin is infected by malichor.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +1 to reputation with Nauts.

The Coup D’etat


The mission will begin automatically following the quest The Prince’s Secret. You heard about general’s conspiracy when you performed Kurt’s quests. Now, it’s getting more serious: the general has moved from words to action. Fortunately, Kurt did not betray you. After the conversation with Constantin, run upstairs through the door to the right from the throne to find de Courcillon. Having warned him, go down to the first floor, killing enemies. Go through the double door on the right from the exit to find the economy minister. Having talked to him, go back to the stairs in the hall but go through the door on the left side. Descend to the basement and find a far room in the library. Constantin and his two advisers are safe.

Go outside and go to the left, to Morange’s house. Warn her and then visit the two messengers at the gates. You should either bribe one of them with 100 coins or use your charisma. It’s high time to deal with the general. Head to the tavern and go down to the arena. You’ll have to pay 50 coins. Kill two generals, convincing other soldiers not to engage in the battle. Move through the tavern to the Coin Guard building. Go upstairs. If you haven’t changed into the guard’s clothes, you’ll have to kill other soldiers when you enter the barracks leading to the third general. This will lead to -1 to reputation with the Coin Guard. Move to the general’s office and read the note on the table. Run to the port, but you won’t be able to catch up with him – the general will escape. Return to Constantin to complete the quest and close the Coup D’etat branch.

Asses the Situation with Constantin

Visit Constantin after the Treason! quest to find out that he is sick with malichor.

The Fate of Constantin

The Suffering of Constantin

Constantin will ask you to find a way to relieve pain. Go to San Matheus and talk to healer Cecilius. Head to the location Wenshaganaw and visit the Wenshaveye village. Talk to the man inside the hut and then to the hunter in the nearby. To earn his trust, you’ll have to repair the weapon.

GreedFall Main Story Walkthrough-15

To do this, interact with the nearby weapon if you have level 1 craftsmanship.

Go to the preachers in the upper part of the map and question them about everything. Then, stock up 4 traps and visit three animal lairs. Having killed everyone (pack leaders will appear at dawn), apply the traps to the nests. Then, move to the place where the villagers have disappeared, follow the bloody trails to the cave and destroy several more animals. After this, a white tenlan will appear. Blow up the nest after you defeat him.

Go to the preachers and talk to them again to drive them away from the location. Then, visit the village and tell two people about their dead family members. You’ll get +2 to reputation with the villagers. Talk to the local healer – after this, you’ll be automatically transferred to New Serene. Watch the cutscene.

Reward: 2000 experience points, +1 to reputation with the Congregation of Merchants.

Searching for Constantin

Go to Magasvar to the camp by the stone ark. Head to Constantin’s camp, then follow the trails (markers will be updated) until you find yourself at the place where you should study several objects. Do this. Then, you’ll have a choice. We have decided to stay at this location and conducted an investigation at the alliance outpost. Go to the upper right corner of the map and talk to the commander at the entrance. You can pay him 50 coins. After this, talk to the nurse in the infirmary and create a burns’ potion at the workbench which is present at the outpost. Give it to the nurse, rewind the time 24 hours ahead at the nearest bonfire and return to the infirmary. Learn what happened from the soldier and then talk to captain Idris. The quest is completed.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

The Dead Man’s Voice

The quest will begin immediately after the previous one. Talk to Daren and convince her to tell the truth, then examine Catasach’s body. Apply level 2 intuition or take Aphra in your squad. Head to the other village and talk to Mev. Go with her to the sacred circle.

Head to the battlefield, pick up Catasach’s weapon and kill the scavengers. Search the monster corpses to collect guts (3 portions). Go to any workbench and craft a ritual potion. Bring all ingredients to Mev and wait. After this, you’ll be tasked with finding the trail of the high king – you should complete the storyline quest On the High King’s Trail. The quest will be completed when you open the gates of Vinbarr’s Sanctuary.

The Sky’s Teeth

The mission starts after you open the gates of Vinbarr’s Sanctuary in the same-name quest. Go up the mountain until you meet Vinbarr. You’ll have to defeat the king: he will start fighting as an ordinary man and then turn into a monster. However, only his aggressiveness, range and attack power are boosted. Other than this, he uses only the power of his sword. Once you have defeated him, interact with Constantin.

A New Threat

The Attack on Hikmet

The quest will begin after you return to Constantin after completing the quest Face to Face with God. Go to Burhan and then proceed to the place where the scouts left. Talk to the outpost commander. If your charisma is insufficient to convince him, you’ll have to fulfill his assignment. Go to the cart and talk to soldiers. Follow the indicated markers and kill the enemies. Next, repair the cart (you’ll need level 2 craftsmanship). After this, the outpost commander will tell you about the trackers. You’ll also increase your reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

Go to the scouts, talk to them and descend to the islander camp. Talk to Daren and then help her repel the animal attack. At the end, you’ll face a thug – use dull weapon to break through his armor. Once you are victorious, report to Burhan.

Reward: 2000 experience points, +3 to reputation with the Bridge Alliance.

The Attack on San Matheus

This mission will begin after you return to Constantin once you have completed the quest Face to Face with God. Talk to Mother Cardinal, move to the outpost and help repel animal attacks. You’ll have to deal with three waves. After this, follow the marker and go to another location to find a scout. Having killed the monsters, cure the scout by giving him a health potion. You’ll get a key. Open the chest and grab the info. Move to a new location, kill the enemies and fight against a corrupted monster. This will be a very strong monster. Once you have defeated the creature, report to Mother Cardinal on everything.

Reward: +3 to reputation with Theleme, 2000 experience points, 150 coins.

Talk to Constantin about Your Worrisome Discoveries

When you help both cities, talk about everything with Constantin.

Where Madness Goes

Interrogate the soldier to learn that Constantin wanders somewhere at night. You’ll get a key from the office. Read the document that can be found in the office and then move to a new location and help the exiles kill the monsters. Go upstairs and ambush. When Constantin arrives, go down, kill the animals and follow the marker. Watch a cutscene and defeat the next corrupted monster. The quest will be completed.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

Breaking the Links

The quest will begin immediately after the previous mission. Go to the indicated place and defeat Constantin’s escort. Go down to the cave and get to the far adit to find the notes. Talk to the islanders’ leader whom you have chosen by handing him a crown. After this, head to two different sanctuaries where you should defeat powerful monsters and then place the seeds. When you do this in both sanctuaries, the quest will be completed.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

Together for Teer Fradee

You’ll have to ask five different factions for help: Coin Guard, Bridge Alliance, Theleme, natives and Nauts. Obviously, only those who are friendly to you will agree. This quest is not obligatory since you can complete the mission Breaking the Links without it. Whether you can make an alliance with everyone or some faction will not go with you, you’ll later have to talk to Glendan. Do this. Then, gather your companions at any camp fire. Listen to all of them.

Assault on the Heart

Follow the only route to the mountains. You will need to fight at several outposts and each time one of your companions will leave the squad. Ultimately, you’ll have to fight against the final boss on your own. After the victory, decide what you will do – kill Constantin or establish a relationship with him. Watch the final cutscene.

Reward: 2000 experience points

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