Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)

A full guide on how to move around the house and escape from it, where to find the items needed and how to deal with Granny 


Granny is a horror game released on iOS and Android in 2017. The aim of the game is to escape from the creepy old lady’s house. To do so, you have to find certain objects and use them in a specific order. This is complicated by Granny herself — the player must not be caught.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-1
House plan


The player goes around the house in search for different items. The items are used to unlock various safes and activating or disabling objects in the game. While doing so you must beware of Granny — the monster of the game. When Granny sees or hears you, she starts chasing you. And, if she gets to you, you get bumped on the head with a bloody bat and come round the next day in the same room where the game started. Besides, you will drop the items you carry, but don’t worry — they will remain in the same place as well the progress you’ve made.

Granny cannot be killed — you either hide in Wardrobes, Chests and under Beds or temporarily knock her out using Tranquilizer Darts. Granny spawns in the Basement in the blood spot. Any noise you make will lure her to you. This, for example, can be using the objects, dropping the items or knocking over some furniture.

All in all, you have five days to escape from the house (you may get one bonus day on Easy and Normal modes). The days are equal to your ‘’lives’’ — if you don’t get away within the given time, well, that’s the end.


The controls layout is pretty simple. To move, use the virtual joystick on the left, and swipe around the screen to look around. The character cannot jump, but you can crouch by tapping on the icon of the man’s silhouette in the top left corner. To interact with the items and objects in the game, look at them and tap the button appeared. You can operate the doors, drawers, cabinets, and items. However, you can carry only one item at a time, which can be dropped by pressing the Drop button.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-2
The Screwdriver Safe in the Secret Area

Quick tips

  • Use headphones. Yes, it does help. You can hear Granny coming and hide just in time.

  • Look around so Granny won’t catch you by surprise.

  • Remember where you drop the items as you may need to use them once again.

  • Drop items to distract Granny and lure her away from you.

  • Remember the plan of the house in order not to get lost.

  • Beware of the floor lamps, paintings and other things that can fall down if slightly pushed.

Difficulty modes

The game has four difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme. Easy mode makes Granny slower and disables the creaking of the floor making it harder for her to hear you. Playing on Easy and Normal modes you can get a bonus day by completing a side quest.

On Hard and Extreme modes Granny moves faster and additional locks appear on the main door with the Extreme mode making the game darker. Also, extra locks and darker mode can be optionally turned on when starting a game.

Another thing is that the Tranquilizer Darts work shorter with difficulty rising. The game on Easy and Normal difficulties knocks down the ghost for 2 and 1 minutes. Whereas on Hard and Extreme this turns out to be 30 and 15 seconds.


The items fall into two groups: the ‘’keys’’ to unlock the door and miscellaneous items, which you will need on your way to escape. Some items are always in the same place, while the others spawn randomly. Those random can be found scattered around the house in drawers, cabinets, safes, bathtubs, etc. The player can carry only one item at a time.

To unlock the main door, you will need:

  • Cutting Pliers — cut the wires to unlock the main door; one on the door itself, another — behind the panel on the basement wall. Also, use them to switch off the Ventilator in the Attic and get the item behind it.

  • Hammer — breaks the wooden planks on the main door and in the Attic.

  • Padlock Code — a piece of paper with the word ‘’code’’ on it used to unlock the coded padlock.

  • Padlock Key (Blue) — unlocks the padlock on the door.

  • Safe Key (Gold) — unlocks the safe in the basement, which has one of the Keys in it.

  • Master Key (Red) — it unlocks the last lock and lets you finally escape. Use after you have unlocked other locks.

  • Weapons Key (Wooden) — unlocks the weapon locker in the Secret Area with a Crossbow and Tranquilizer Darts.

  • Battery — unlocks the Extra Lock on the door. Appears in the game only on Hard and Extreme modes as well as when enabling Extra lock feature.

  • Secret Lever — opens the Extra Lock on Hard and Extreme modes, or when the Extra Locks option is enabled. It is hidden in the backyard in an orange safe next to the shed. Use the Screwdriver to open it.

Other items used in the game are:

  • Screwdriver — opens a small safe in the Secret Area containing one of the Keys as well the Secret Lever safe on Extreme mode. It can be found in the hall below the ceiling. To knock down the vase with the Screwdriver, use a Crossbow and Tranquilizer Darts.

  • Crossbow — shoots Tranquilizer Darts, which put Granny out for a while. Also, it is needed to acquire the Screwdriver.

  • Tranquilizer Darts — three darts locked in the weapon locker in the Secret Area. Use them to get the Screwdriver and put Granny to sleep. Do not disappear after using.

  • Melon — a fruit holding one of the Keys inside. To open, use the Guillotine in the Backyard.

  • Playhouse Key (Green) — unlocks the playhouse in the Backyard, where the Cog Safe is.

  • Cogwheel (Brown and Red) — two cogwheels used to open the Cog Safe in the playhouse.

  • Winch Handle — a handle for the well in the Backyard, where some items may be. Using it does not alert Granny.

  • Vase (Blue and Grey) — two ordinary vases not required for the win. However, they can be used to distract Granny by creating some noise. The Grey one is in the Starting room, while the Blue Vase is in the Attic.

  • Teddy — a teddy bear used to unlock the Easter Egg. It is hidden in the Secret Area in the closet behind the boxes.

  • Painting pieces — four in total, when put in the frame in the Basement grant you with a bonus day. Works only on Easy and Normal difficulties.

  • Victim’s Note — a piece of paper left by the previous Granny’s prisoner. Contains a hint about the Melon.


You always start in the same room — the bedroom upstairs. In the bedroom, there is a dresser with two drawers, two tables, one of which has a Grey Vase on, and a Wardrobe, in which you can hide. Remember that starting from the second day the door will be locked. In this case, to leave the room, use the door and drop the Vase in the far corner to lure Granny in. After, hide under the bed, in the Wardrobe or behind the door and wait. When she comes, sneak behind her or wait for Granny to leave. After leaving the bedroom, start exploring the house. Your actions depend on the items you come across.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-3
The starting room is locked on the second day


You always start in the bedroom upstairs. On the same level, you can find two other bedrooms to the left, joined by the Walk-In Closet, and the bathroom to the right. Also, from this floor, you can go downstairs to the First floor, climb up to the Attic and get to the Secret Area.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-4
The main door

In the bedrooms, you will find two beds to hide under and two dressers to examine. Also, items may spawn on the shells. In the Walk-In Closet is the entrance to the Secret Area hidden behind boxes. To enter, just knock them over.

To go upstairs, go through the narrow door on the opposite side to yours. It is the only way up. When going downstairs, keep in mind the paintings — they may fall off the wall if you touch them.

Secret Area

Most of the house can be accessed through numerous secret passages and rooms. Also, Granny does not go in there unless lured by the noises you make. There you will find a weapon locker with the Crossbow, the Teddy, and various other items. The entrances to the Secret Area are hidden behind boxes or metal shields.

All in all, there are four levels in the Secret Area. The very first way to get there is hidden in the Walk-In Closet on the second floor. Push the boxes and go down through a small room with a table. On a lower level, you will find a weapon locker, a dresser and a hidden closet behind the boxes. In the closet may be an item along with the Teddy in a secret room. To open the room, push the button below the ceiling.

On the next level, you will find a room with a piece of meat hanging from the top and the stairs leading to the Basement level. From there you can access the Basement through a tunnel. The Screwdriver Safe can be found at the bottom of the stairs.


To get to the Basement, use either the basement door, which is on the first floor next to the main door, or go through the Secret Area. In the Basement, you will find the Safe with one of the Keys and a workbench with a frame. The Safe is opened with the Safe Key. To the right of the safe is the underground tunnel, which leads to the shed in the Backyard. Push the crates and crouch through the hole into a small room. On the table, you will see the last victim’s note.

On the wall facing the stairs is a wall panel used for unlocking the main door. To do so, cut the wires with the Cutting Pliers. The passage to the Secret Area is right of the panel, hidden behind the metal shield. Sometimes, in the room may spawn the Hammer or the Padlock Code.


There are three ways to enter the backyard: the window in the dining room, the secret underway in the Basement or the door in the dining room, which is locked until Granny opens it. If you use the secret underway, you will find yourself in a wooden shed. There may be an item on the table or on the shelf. If played on Hard and Extreme difficulties or with Extra Locks option on, there will be a Secret Lever by the shed.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-5
The locked door on the right leads to the dining room

In the backyard, you will find a well, a playhouse, a chest to hide in, and a Guillotine. The Guillotine is used to cut the Melon and acquire the item contained. Watch out for the Bell Alarm between the Guillotine and the house. To use the well, you first need to find the Winch Handle. This will allow you to lift the bucket and get whatever the item is in there. To open the playhouse, use the Playhouse Key. The Cog Safe inside requires two Cogwheels to be unlocked. Find them and take one of the Keys from the Safe.

First Floor

Your way out, the main door, is in the hall on the first floor. It has several locks on it as well as wooden planks. To the left of the door is a thread attached to the Bell Alarm — when touched, it will alert Granny. Apart from the door, in the hall is a locker, where you can hide, the stairs with a closet under them and the basement door. Besides the escape route, the hall has the Screwdriver, which is hidden in the vase on the shelf high above the floor. To retrieve the Screwdriver, shoot the Tranquilizer Darts at the vase. After picking up the Screwdriver, go to the Secret Area through the Basement and unlock the safe at the bottom of the stairs.

From the first floor, you can get to the Basement, the Backyard, and Upstairs. As for the rooms, there are several: the kitchen, the dining, and the living rooms. In the kitchen, open the cabinets, the fridge, and the microwave. In the dining room, there is a window with a bloody handprint through which you can get to the backyard. Also, check the bookcases and drawers for possible items. In the living room, check the TV table — there may be the Hammer. Be careful with hanging objects and the furniture — if fall, they will alert Granny.

To open the main door, you need the Keys, the Code, the Cutting Pliers and the Hammer. If played on Hard and Extreme modes or with Extra Locks on, you will also need to find the Battery and the Secret Lever, which is in the Backyard.


The top room in the house, which can be accessed through the attic door on the staircase. The main room here has a mannequin, which will make a sound in case it’s dropped, and a chest to hide in. To the left of the entrance is the ventilation passage covered by a metal shield, which leads to the bathroom. To the right are two rooms. Break wooden planks blocking the small room with the Hammer and put one across the hole to get to the room with a cell. Falling through the hole causes the player to pass out.

In the small room, you will find a study with two drawers and a crib. Check the drawers. The door to the bigger room will be locked, so get there using the ‘’bridge’’ you made. Be wary of the camera in the Jail room as it lets Granny see what you are up to. To avoid this, break the camera with the Hammer. If not, the cell door will lock you in. To get out, take the bolts out of the door. In the cell, there is a working ventilator with an item behind it. To retrieve the item, cut the wires with the Cutting Pliers.

Items location

No matter how random the locations of the items may seem, there are actually five variants of their positions.

Variant 1

  • Padlock Key — the Screwdriver Safe at the bottom of the stairs in the secret area.
  • Cutting Pliers — the left drawer in the bedroom next to the starting room.
  • Hammer — the well in the backyard.
  • Safe Key — behind the Jail Ventilator in the attic.
  • Padlock Code — the wardrobe left of the main door.
  • Weapon Key — The Cog Safe in the playhouse.
  • Battery — the vase in the attic.
  • Playhouse Key — inside the Melon.
  • Winch Handle — near the death note in the underway which leads from the basement to the backyard.
  • Melon — the shed in the backyard, where the secret underway is.
  • Brown Cog — inside the microwave in the kitchen.
  • Red Cog — the right drawer in the small room in the attic.
  • Master Key — the safe in the basement.

Variant 2

  • Padlock Key — the Cog Safe in the playhouse.
  • Cutting Pliers — the well in the backyard.
  • Hammer — in the basement left of the stairs.
  • Safe Key — the Screwdriver Safe at the bottom of the stairs in the secret area.
  • Padlock Code — in the basement left of the stairs.
  • Weapon Key — the toilet in the bathroom.
  • Battery — the Closet where the Teddy is.
  • Playhouse Key — the Safe in the basement.
  • Winch Handle — the secret room with the Teddy.
  • Melon — the fridge in the kitchen.
  • Brown Cog — the cupboard near the backyard window in the dining room.
  • Red Cog — behind the Jail Ventilator in the attic.
  • Master Key — inside the Melon.

Variant 3

  • Padlock Key — inside the Melon.
  • Cutting Pliers — on the table in the secret room with hanging meat.
  • Hammer — the right drawer on the first floor.
  • Safe Key — behind the Jail Ventilator in the attic.
  • Padlock Code — a small drawer on the first floor.
  • Weapon Key — the fridge in the kitchen.
  • Battery — on the floor in the secret room with hanging meat.
  • Playhouse Key — the Screwdriver Safe at the bottom of the stairs in the secret area.
  • Winch Handle — the Safe in the basement.
  • Melon — the well in the backyard.
  • Brown Cog — the shed in the backyard.
  • Red Cog — the left drawer in the bedroom next to the starting room.
  • Master Key — the Cog Safe in the playhouse.

Variant 4

  • Padlock Key — behind the Jail Ventilator in the attic.
  • Cutting Pliers — the Safe in the basement.
  • Hammer — the shelf in the Walk-In Closet on the second floor.
  • Safe Key — the Screwdriver Safe at the bottom of the stairs in the secret area.
  • Padlock Code — the top right cupboard in the kitchen.
  • Weapon Key — inside the melon.
  • Battery — the left drawer in the secret room.
  • Playhouse Key — the left drawer on the first floor.
  • Winch Handle — the bottom left cupboard in the kitchen.
  • Melon — the blue glass cupboard in the room left of the main door.
  • Brown Cog — the left sink in the bathroom.
  • Red Cog — the well in the backyard.
  • Master Key — the Cog Safe in the playhouse.

Variant 5

  • Padlock Key — inside the Melon.
  • Cutting Pliers — the left drawer in the small room in the attic.
  • Hammer — the well in the backyard.
  • Safe Key — the secret room with the Teddy.
  • Padlock Code — the locker in the bathroom.
  • Weapon Key — the Safe in the basement.
  • Battery — in the top right cupboard in the kitchen.
  • Winch Handle — the shelf in the bedroom next to the starting room.
  • Melon — in the bathroom on the second floor.
  • Brown Cog — behind the Jail Ventilator in the attic.
  • Red Cog — the shed in the backyard.
  • Master Key — the Cog Safe in the playhouse.


Apart from the Granny herself, the player must beware of several other things. First of all, the sounds you make. These come from dropping items and using most objects as well as knocking over the furniture and pictures on the wall. Another way to draw Granny’s attention is to walk on the creaky floors, which can be encountered around the house.

Speaking of the traps, these may be the Bear Trap and the Bell alarm. Granny sets the Bear traps anywhere in the house, so be careful when walking around. If stepped on, they will hold the player. To release yourself, hold the Bear Trap button. Another way to activate the traps is to throw some object onto them. These can be all items except for the Painting Pieces, the Code, and the Victim’s Note, which are too light. Both actions will alert Granny. The Bear traps also make a sound when set up, so the player will be aware of them.

The Bell Alarm can be found in two places in the game: on the first floor near the main door and in the backyard between the wall and the Guillotine. They cannot be disabled and will alert Granny when stepped on.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-6

The Teddy is an item required for summoning Slenderina and activating the secret ending. The Teddy is located in the Walk-In Closet in the Secret Room. If you pick it up, this will trigger Granny and she will chase you wherever you are. To turn Granny back to normal, get rid of the Teddy or put it in the crib in the Attic.

Easter Egg

The Teddy is not essential for the escape, however, completing this side quest opens another Ending. To do so, find the Teddy and toss it into the crib in the Attic. This will summon Slenderina, from the previous developer’s games, and should you escape, you will see her in the ending.

You can find the toy in the Secret Area on the level with the weapon locker, in the closet behind the boxes. To open the closet, push the boxes, get in and press the button below the ceiling. Bear in mind that picking up the Teddy triggers Granny and she starts chasing you wherever you go. Even the hiding places don’t work. However, if you drop the Teddy, she will act normally again.

Granny update 1.4

In May 2018, the developers released one more update for the game, which expanded the game area and added a few new items including a shotgun.

As always, you start in the bedroom on the second floor. Go down into the basement and find a door leading to a lower location. Don’t even try to speculate on what might be behind the door: below is not a bunker or a vault but a garage with a car in which you can hide. To unlock the trunk you will need the Car Key. If you try to open it, the bumper will fall off and alert Granny. Hide in the locker or the car and wait for her to leave. If you open the garage door, you will see nothing but a brick wall.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-7

There is also a steam room in the garage. Open it, throw something inside to lure Granny in and hide. Wait for her to come into the steam room, close the door, lower the bar and turn the switch on. The steam will disable Granny for 30 seconds. So the effect is the same as that of the Tranquilizer Dart.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-8

In the corner, you will see a table with a shotgun draft and three bullets. To assemble the shotgun and use it, you must find three shotgun parts scattered around the house. If you found the Car Key in the toilet and the Weapon Key in the trunk, then the parts should be in the following places:

  • The barrel is on the TV stand in the living room on the first floor;

  • The stock is in the shed in the backyard where the secret underway is;

  • The trigger can be found in the small room in the attic behind the wooden planks.

Take all the parts to the garage and place them over the draft to assemble the shotgun. The shot will knock Granny out for 30 seconds. Unlike the Tranquilizer Darts, bullets are consumed when shot, which means you can use the shotgun just three times during the game.

What’s new in Granny 1.5?

A new update was finally released, having some unexpected things:

  1. Now you can escape from Granny using a car that you can assemble.
  2. On the third floor, a room with a new opponent – huge spider – has appeared. It’s probably the Granny’s pet.

Besides, there’s a new Practice Mode during which Granny is not at home. Once you get out of the house (through the door, or using a car), you’ll be informed that the game is over, and the developers will offer you to try to complete the game once again but this time with the Granny’s presence.

How to escape using the car

If you want to get away from the house with a car, you should fix and fill it up. Find the Gasoline Can, Car Battery, Spark Plug and the upper side of an Engine. Set the engine by tightening the belts with a Wrench. You’ll also need the Car Key and the Blue Key to open the gates.

Now the items are arranged equally. You’ll need the Green Key (which is hidden in a room with the spider on the third floor) to open the playhouse. For this room you’ll need the other special key with four prongs. You’ll be able to open the door with it and get to the attic and see the spider. Take your time.

First, you should find a piece of meat and then go upstairs and put it onto the plate which is in the corner, otherwise the spider will kill the main character. Take the Green Key, open the toy house, find some gears, and open the drawer inside the house to get the Blue Key. Use the latter to open garage gates and raise them by clicking the handle.

Finally, get in the car and ram though the wall three times to escape Granny’s house.

  • Note. You can neutralize the spider with a crossbow.

Item locations

You’ll find the items at random locations.

A new secret ending, or why do you need the book

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-9

The Book is a new item, and you’ll find it in a random location. We found it inside a big closet on the first floor, right next to the desk. Go to the second floor and enter the room with a bed and a bookcase – it’s not the room that was at the beginning! There is a picture on the right wall. Move it, pull the lever which is hidden in the niche, and the bookcase will move aside.

This allows you to get to the room with the stand and the pictures on the walls. Put the book onto the stand, and you’ll see Granny enchained to the wall.

What’s new in Granny 1.6?

In this version you’ll be able to set the graphics level – low, medium and high. A whole new game mode – Nightmare – is available now. It changes the game world making the atmosphere gloomier – the walls, floor, ceiling, and furniture are covered with blood.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-10

The door under the stairs now has an electronic lock that can be opened with a Remote Control. You may find it on the second floor behind a small bookcase, for example. In case you forgot: the bookcase can be moved aside by pulling the lever which is behind the picture (in that same room). The Remote Control is on the floor, alongside the book stand. Open the door under the stairs, and you’ll find the Pepper Spray – a new weapon against Granny – in the room.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-11

It can make her blind for a while. She will lose track and won’t be able to find you. At the same time, the old lady will be guided by the sounds. The effect lasts for about 25-30 seconds. You can use the spray for five times only.

What’s new in Granny 1.7?

This version has an expanded game world. So, when you go to the yard, look behind the playhouse to find the lattice. Move it aside and jump down into the sewer.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-12

There you’ll find a metal door that leads to a stand-alone house with a fireplace, Granny’s portrait and cage with a raven. Inside the cage you’ll find the Remote Control, but you’ll not be able to take it because the raven would be pecking your hands. You may assemble the gun and shoot the raven and take the item.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-13

Look at the nailed boards: you’ll need a hammer to get them out of your way. You’ll find a package of Birdseed. Put them into an empty bowl which is on the barrel opposite the cage. The raven would fly out of the cage, and you’ll be able to take the Remote Control. By the way, there might be another item inside the cage.

Note. There is a secret door to the right of the place with the nailed boards. It leads to a niche with a hooked piece of meat.

Go back to a metal door in the sewer. Go past the door on the left side of it, walk around the corner on the right and find a hole in the wall. You’ll see a red ‘’flag’’ through it which is on the other side of the door. Shoot the flag with the gun in order to close it and open the door. There is a desk in the room with a Freeze Trap on it. Just throw it onto the ground and be careful: the trap can be activated by you stepping on it. There is a skeleton next to it and the Winch Handle, Battery, or any other item.

Granny Walkthrough (Version 1.7)-14

Another update is a changed car model in the garage. Only the exterior has changed: you still need the same parts to fix the car and escape from Granny’s house.

The endings

The game has four endings – two bad and two good (one of them is a secret ending).

The first bad ending

You have five days to get out of the house. Basically, these five days are the five “lives” of the main character, i.e. you’ll die after the old lady catches you for the fifth time, and you’ll have to start the game over. You’ll also see a cut-scene once you’ve been caught for the last time: you’ll see the first of the two possible bad endings where Granny throws the character downstairs, and the latter becomes her dinner after getting into the blood pool.

The second bad ending

This ending takes place randomly. You’ll have the same situation as in the previous case. You’re more likely to have this ending on Extreme mode. This time you’ll see how Granny attaches the character to a guillotine in the yard and beheads him.

The third good ending (Standard)

You’ll have this ending only if you perform all the actions, find all the items, open the main door, and escape the house when you still have some “lives” left. The old lady would be standing in the doorway with a frowny face holding a bat in her hands.

The fourth best ending (Secret)

For having this ending, you’ll need to find a secret area near the locker with Tranquilizer Darts. Then look to the right, and you’ll find a white button on the top left. Press it to open the secret room and find the Teddy.

The Good and the Secret Endings

Take the bear, go upstairs to a child’s room and put the toy into the crib. The ghost of Slenderina will appear (it’s from the previous games of the same developer). Then, take the same actions to escape from the house and you’ll see the ending where Granny is sitting on the porch with the Teddy, and Slenderina will be standing behind them. The old lady doesn’t have a bat in her hands and looks really satisfied, so this ending can be considered the best one.

John Davis