Grand Theft Auto 5

Release date: September 17, 2013
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5

A selection of mods that will turn the threadbare Los Santos into something more resembling the Oasis from the movie Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One has recently hit the box office recently. The release really found its way into the gamer community the whole motion picture is a tribute to global pop culture. Where else can you see Freddy Kruger, Lara Croft and Battletoads fighting shoulder to shoulder? Where else will King Kong and Godzilla share the scene with Gundam and the Iron Giant? As it turns out, Grand Theft Auto, which is known for its wide modding options, has something to throw into the pot. So here are the top ten most interesting mods that bring the movie’s universe to GTA 5.

• The list contains no spoilers. All the details were derived from the movie’s official trailers.

• If you are experiencing difficulties with installing the mods, see How to Install GTA 5 Mods.


A virtual world called the Oasis is the movie’s centerpiece. It’s a place where players can spend time in virtual simulations and embark on races and battles. When starting a game, all players choose an avatar — their external appearance, visible to other players. These avatars employ images of famous characters, that's why the Oasis is filled with personages from the most diverse cultural themes.

Therefore, in order to bring Los Santos closer to the Oasis, you should first add avatars, so the game’s standard world can transform and become a bit more like the popular motion picture.

Lara Croft

Apparently, Lara Croft is a frequent guest in the Oasis. She repeatedly appears in the trailers and is a reminiscence of the classic Tomb Raider games. She can be integrated into the gameplay either as a standalone character or assigned as a pedestrian.

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Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5-1


The main character of Mass Effect also appears in the Oasis. He can be seen in one of the movie’s trailers dancing in a club. Along with Tracer from Overwatch, Shepard is one of the few modern heroes in the film dominated by the characters from the 80's. You can also notice a female version of Shepard in the trailers, but only the male version of the Commander can be added to GTA 5.

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Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5-2

DC characters

Some Batman comic books cameos found their way into the trailers as well. Thus, users spotted Deathstroke in the club, while Batman's silhouette was evident in the massive battle scene. Later on, the trailer tails an outright appearance of Harley Quinn and the Joker, difficult to miss. Interestingly, the external style of each character was taken from different games. The image of Harley was clearly borrowed from Batman: Arkham Knight, while Joker’s skin comes from Injustice 2.

We did not limit ourselves to a single character for you to download, so please help yourself to models of Batman, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, and the Joker in the link below.

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Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5-3

T-Rex bites Godzilla

The film didn’t overlook such famous movie monsters as King Kong and Godzilla. Unfortunately, you can’t add them to the game, for there are no appropriate modifications in free access. However, you can settle for another gigantic monster, the Tyrannosaurus. To a certain extent, he is very similar to Godzilla, and therefore will provide a decent substitute.

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Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5-4


Gundam first appeared in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series, released in 1979. Не pops up in the second trailer in a large-scale battle, rushing many game characters. Unlike other heroes, he is tributed with a close up, which, perhaps, speaks of his important role in the plot.

Gundam can be installed as a preset character, or as an add-on to the roles implied by the game, including the main characters. Gundam’s rifle and shield are installed separately from the archive below.

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Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5-5


In Ready Player One, the protagonists are challenged to compete in an epic race with other players of the Oasis. Most of them drive the same cars produced by IOI corporation, but there are some distinguishably interesting examples like the Interceptor from Mad Max and Christina from Stephen King’s homonymous book. And if you add stunt tracks from GTA Online to single player mode, you can start a Ready Player One car chase.

DeLorean from Back to the Future

The DeLorean owns its popularity to Robert Zemeckis’ trilogy Back to the Future. According to the plot, eccentric scientist Doc Brown invents a time machine using a DMC-12 car. Spielberg paid tribute to the iconic trilogy by including the car in his movie with the DeLorean being driven by the main character Wade Watts.

With the mod below, you can add an interactive version of the DeLorean to the game. Moreover, there are three versions to choose from, all of which appeared in the movie:

  • The first prototype of the time machine created by Doc Brown from the first Back to the Future movie.
  • The second version improved by Doc during his visit to the future.
  • The final version of the time machine from Part III.

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Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5-6

Kaneda’s bike

This bike is a reference to the anime Akira, where the main character Kaneda rides the same motorcycle. It’s also the choice for Wade's friend Art3mis in Ready Player One. The movie version slightly differs from the original in stickers, however, the mod one has no stickers whatsoever.

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Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5-7

1966 Batmobile

In the same race scene, you can notice the Batmobile from the 1966 Batman TV-series. This particular Batmobile is of special importance since it was the first to appear on-screen. The mod adds a quality version to the game without replacing other vehicles. Note that you will need special software to install the mod.

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Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5-8

Speed Racer

Another race car from 1966. Mach 5 is a unique racing vehicle from the Speed Racer anime series. A story of a car built by a father for his son Speedy to help him win races. Speedy became an iconic character and is in the top charts of the most admired anime characters.

No surprise Mach 5 featured in Spielberg’s movie, you can see it in the race scene. You will need Menyoo to install the mod.

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Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5-9

A-Team minivan

A-Team was an American TV-series in 1983 about a group of soldiers in the days of the Vietnam War. After they were accused of a crime that they did not commit, the men escape from military prison and take on a fight to clear their names. In the movie, the minivan appears among other unusual cars at the race between the players of the Oasis.

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Best Ready Player One Mods for GTA 5-10

The Iron Giant is the only one missing in our mods list. His glaring occurrence in the movie wasn’t enough for a GTA 5 mod. That’s a shame because he was quite impressive in the trailers.

John Davis