God of War (2018)

Release date: April 20, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

God of War (2018) Guide

God of War does a perfect job of explaining itself to players during the gameplay, but you might still have some questions. We are here to help, giving some tips for beginners, detailing the skills and shop systems, telling how to free the dragons and even acquire the famous Infinity Gauntlet.

Gameplay Guide

As we mentioned before, the game is very accessible, but it still contains a lot of secrets and is deep enough to entertain you even after you complete it. These guides cover the basic gameplay systems.

5 Tips for Beginners — these tips will be very useful not only for those just starting their adventures but also for the ones who like to rush through the games’ tutorials. Don’t be deceived by the God of War’s cinematic looks, there is enough to learn.

Skills Guide — your success is very dependent on Kratos’ skill set and your ability to use it correctly. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Dwarves’ shop — God of War also has crafting and trading systems in place. Although those are quite simple, make sure to not miss any of the important parts.


How to Free Dragons — the dragons here are not displayed as side quests and often hidden in the farthest parts of the open world. This detailed guide will tell you the rest.

Secrets and Easter Eggs

How to get the Infinity Gauntlet — Yes! There is a reference to the Avengers in God of War and it is not a stupid one. The gauntlet here is a powerful weapon of North mythology, which you will enjoy using in battles.


Coded Message from the Developers — Collector’s Edition of God of War contains a runic message left by Santa Monica Studio. Here you will find its decryption.

John Davis