God of War (2018)

Release date: April 20, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

God of War: 5 Tips for Beginners

Useful hints that will help you quickly get the hang of the game, kill enemies with ease and gain necessary items

The new approach to game tips has been developed in the last version of God of War. Now they are shown on the download screen. Every time you die, a useful advice appears on it. But in case you miss any, we have collected all basic principles that allow you to quickly orient in the world of God of War.

Look up more often

In the northern parts where Kratos has been brought by fate, there are many buckets with offerings to Odin hanging from the trees. You can knock them down by throwing the axe and gather the loot (usually a small amount of chopped silver). Chopped silver is a valuable resource: you can forge a new armor and improve it.

Moreover, you need to throw the axe at the blocks on which some treasure is hanging, and at levers, which also are as high as possible. Not saying about the enemies, who prefer shooting fire at your character hiding on the hill.

Break up the Nornir Chests

Nornir Chests is an opportunity to increase the health bar and Spartan rage meter. In one chest there could be an Idunn apple (you need to find three to increase the health bar) or a horn filled with honey and blood (you also need three to increase the meter of rage). Each chest is sealed with three rune-stamps. To break them, you need to solve the rune puzzle. There are two types of it: one is with a time limit and the other without. To deal with the last, you need to find the nearby runes and throw your axe at them. Keep in mind that runes are often hidden somewhere above and you can omit them, so don’t you just rush through the location.

God of War: 5 Tips for Beginners-1

In the second case, the runes are drawn on small bells. After you toss the axe at the bell, you need to hit the remaining two before the first stops ringing (it is not necessary to copy the rune pattern carved on the chest). Look around carefully before solving such puzzles. You need to find a spot from which it will be easier to hit at least two bells at once (search for the broken window or break in the wall).

Of course, you can omit chests but you’ll have to pay the high price for your faults during the battle.

Do not forget to upgrade the runic attacks

You can get weak and strong runic attacks (additional magic skills) from common chests, at blacksmiths, and on the battlefield and plug them into the empty weapon slots. Keep in mind that you can plug in only one strong and one weak runic attack at a time. Skills differ both in animation and caused effect (some cause AOE damage in front of Kratos, some hit only one target), and have their own cooldown time.

God of War: 5 Tips for Beginners-2

These skills can be upgraded using experience points. To spend them go to the menu, select the desired runic attack and hold the square button.

Charms are your best friends

Another way to improve runic attacks and reduce their cooldown time is to improve the character’s attributes. To increase character stats, you need to plug special items called charms into the armor. At the beginning, you will find the armor without slots for charms. To unlock them, you need to upgrade your armor in the workshop at least once.

Experiment during the battle

A large group of enemies can deal a lot of damage even in normal difficulty mode. However, in the new God of War there are more opportunities to interrupt their attacks, and the favorite axe of Kratos will come in handy. For example, if you see a draugrue running towards you, throw the axe at his feet and he will immediately fall. Throwing the axе at the troll's arm when he is preparing to set you on fire with fiery coals interrupts the monster’s attack.

Can you see the chasm or precipice? Go ahead and throw your enemies off. Even walls and stones come in handy: if you throw an average enemy at them, you can stun him faster and finish with ease.

John Davis