God of War (2018)

Release date: April 20, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

God of War: Skills Guide

An overview of the weapons and skills of Kratos and Atreus, ways to upgrade them and which are the most useful

Leviathan skills

Key Leviathan skills include axe attacks, Hunter-Killer, Freezing Burst, Executioner’s Cleave, Whirling Storm, Pride of the Frost, Permafrost and Whirlwind Sweep. Let’s look at them in more detail.

God of War: Skills Guide-1

Axe attacks are a strong weapon that delivers much damage. Hunter-Killer is a skill that allows you to damage 3 targets with one throw, a very useful ability to have, especially if your enemies are at a certain distance. Freezing Burst provides ice damage and makes your enemies vulnerable to further attacks. The Executioner’s Cleave is a very important attack of significant power. It takes some time to charge the attack but it’s fully worth the wait. Whirling Storm is a blow that can immobilize the enemy, so you can use it time after time to trap your opponent and kill him. Pride of the Frost adds an area of effect attack to the combo and is very handy. Permafrost is activated after you perform a series of strikes and can deal frost damage with each strike. Whirlwind Sweep is useful against multiple enemies but less effective against single, strong opponents.

Guardian Shield tree skills

Key Guardian Shield tree skills are Block Break, Countering Strike, Countering Crush, Guardian Sweep, Guardian’s Justice, Guardian’s Judgement and Shoulder Barrage.

God of War: Skills Guide-2

Blocking skills (Block Break, Countering Strike, Countering Crush) will provide you a chance to block attacks and initiate an attack of your own. Stunning skills (Guardian Sweep, Guardian’s Justice, Guardian’s Judgement) will help you stun your enemies, providing the necessary time to attack them, which is especially useful when you are dealing with strong opponents. The Shoulder Barrage is a skill that allows you to throw your opponents off a cliff – a great chance to kill them.

Blades of Chaos skills

God of War: Skills Guide-3

Blades of Chaos skills include Blades of Chaos, Spear of Chaos, Immolation, Furious Immolation, Chaotic Rampage, Essence of Athena, Essence of Zeus and Essence of Ares. The Spear of Chaos skill pulls opponents towards you. Blades of Chaos allows you to deal with multiple opponents thanks to the increased speed of attacks. Immolation and Furious Immolation complement Blades of Chaos with fire damage. Chaotic Rampage upgrades melee combat and is a very useful skill to have. Essence of Athena, Essence of Zeus and Essence of Ares add 10 points to Kratos’ stats.

Talon Bow skills

God of War: Skills Guide-4

This set of skills improves skills of Atreus who accompanies Kratos throughout his endeavors. Thus, it’s a good idea to have these skills. Atreus Power will allow to increase the power of Atreus, increasing the damage his arrows deal to opponents. Dexterous Shot increases the fire rate of the Talon Bow, which comes in handy when you have to deal with multiple enemies.

John Davis